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24/11/2018 New film comlng out early next year by writer and director Sammie Lei. Roofied 3 The Lethal Dose is the final part of the trilogy and my old mate Stu Armstrong is in it. Only seemed right to have a chat about it, so we did. Roofied 3 - The Lethal Dose.

18/11/2018 It has been a bit on the quiet side round here lately and it does not look like anything is going to change in the near future. Not till the New Year at any rate in February to be perfectly precise which is when Andy Topliffe is holding his Pit Fight show followed the next month by Seamus Devlins show right up North. By my thinking that will give us something to do. Happy days.

27/08/2018 The video is now up having been nicely finished by Stu Armstrong and is now on the U.B.K.B. YouTube channel. Meanwhile those of you who like a read you can see how the day went at U.B.K.B. 5 by taking yourself over to the Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing section here on Cage Amateurs UK. 

18/08/2018 Congratulations to my niece and partner Dan on the birth of their son. Talk about excited my cousin Martin is coming to visit from New Zealand. Good days in the family. 

18/08/2018 Finally finished the video for U.B.K.B. 5 on August 4th not like I said the 5th. I could have changed the date on the last post but hands up I am a total twat. Twat aside what a wicked show it was. 

22/07/2018 Only two weeks to go until U.B.K.B have their 5th show and again it is at the Bowlers Leisure Centre but this time in the bigger hall. I can't wait.

The great decorating saga still continues with me seemingly ground to a halt. Progress has gone to rat shit, that said I have built a shed and sorted out a ladder for the loft so all the equipment I had in the front room has now been relocated to the shed.

19/06/2018 That is one room decorated only the rest of the house to go. Jay Wann has announced that his show has been put on hold due to illness. What a pisser having already booked the hotel that's me £80 quid down.

12/06/2018 While I have been trying to keep the wife happy by getting round to doing the decorating, long over due some may say, my old mate Stu Armstrong has been a very busy bunny. He has been over to Smythy's Gym in Warrington and has been speaking to some of the fighters who are due to fight on U.B.K.B. 5 on August 5th at the usual venue which if you don't know by now is Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester. Here are three excellent interviews which will be staying here under the Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing Banner So take your pick, sit back and enjoy Luke Atkin, Ross Priestner or Paul Stredder a new face to U.B.K.B. but one I am sure is going to make his mark.

11/06/2018 Well it seems we are one of the top ten wrestling blogs according to Feedspot. Which is all very nice but the credit must go to the infamous Informer who writes it. I shall bask in his reflected glory.

16/05/2018 Had a great evening at Rouge 1 in Coventry and caught up with some excellent people. Until Monday when I came home from work only to find out that Stevan Miller had passed away. Gobsmacked and saddened by the news to say the very least. Thoughts with family and friends.

05/05/2018 With the day getting closer for Rogue Elite 1 I decided to ask Stevan Miller, Boss of the Elite Team, for a chat, which we did while he was boarding an aircraft. Never done one like that before but here it is. Mr Stevan Miller talks to Cage Amateurs UK.

02/05/2018 Latest interview is now complete. The man with possibly the best walk on Music and who is going to be fighting on May 11th on Rogue Elite 1. Mr Seamus "The Celtic Cobra" Devlin. Read on here if you so wish.

02/05/2018 Stevan Miller and Rogue Elite have their first Bare Knuckle Boxing show on the 11th of this month at Sport Connexions in Coventry. This should prove to be an excellent night out, yes night out I am not doing anything at this show so will be able to watch the action.

20/04/2018 Bit of news about Stu Armstrong who is no longer with BKB (The Show) not the sport. Stu is now with Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing as the man to take care of the press and media. Hopefully will catch up with him at their next event for a bit longer than the last time which was all a bit of a rush. Congratulations on your new position mate.

17/04/2018 Bit of news Josh Foreman the current British Light Welterweight Champion of U.B.K.B. or Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing, has decided to call it a day with regard to Bare Knuckle fighting. It must be said I did not see that one coming. All The best though Josh.                                                                              

7/04/2018 Happier news after the Jake problems myself and my brother Richard ended up in London to see the band 'The Sex Pissed Dolls'. A good night was had by us both and we are looking forward to the next gig on the list.

Jake's funeral took place at 1.45 pm on Thursday 29th March at Eastbourne Crematorium and was well attended by family and friends. Everybody was invited to the Kings Head pub afterwards it was here I got too meet Jake's stepfather and his mother. Not for one second can I imagine how both of them must have felt, especially hard for his mother I would think. My thought will be with them. The family asked for anyone who can to send whatever they can to The Academy of Hard Knocks / Rise up against Bullying which has been selected by the family and will keep Jake's memory alive. If you can afford a few pounds please click on the link. The Jake Heasman Memorial Fund

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