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Looks like things may well pick up again over here at Cage Amateurs UK Towers. Lou Lou is back with us scribing some stuff so we can look forward to some real good interviews in the near future. Never has a more motley looking crew been together in the world of combat sport in such a long time. Happy Days. 

You may have had some problems getting either the cageamateursuk.com or striketapandgrapple.com websites for a while now. Hopefully and I say hopefully it should be ok as after getting another website with the idea of moving everything there I have realised it was a massive fuck up and now have reactivated this one. Only problem being it is now costing me double, but there you go. I am also going to be going through the site and hope to standardise it a bit and sort out any links that have died over time. We will have to see how that one goes.

Update On Tim Hague

Since the piece I wrote below there has been a sad turn in Tim's situation with the Canadian fighter passing away at 34 years of age. Thoughts go out to his family and friends at this time. Andrew Juby who Tim and Manager Wayne stayed with during their time in the England has written a few words about Tim and Wayne's time with him and his wife. Read Andy's thoughts.

Ultimate BKB

If you can see this then things have gone to plan but somehow I think your not reading this. Click Here for Ultimate BKB at Colwick Hall

Tim Hague

Was kind of sad to hear about Tim Hague this morning. According to various News outlets Tim is in a coma after being knocked out in a boxing bout and I quote " Former UFC heavyweight Tim Hague has been declared brain dead after suffering a knockout loss during a boxing match last night (Fri., June 16, 2017)."

Some of you may remember Tim came over to the UK two years to arrange a fight with BBAD fighter Michael Ferry. That never happened with Canadian Hague preferring to fight in an MMA bout in Russia, which he lost. This didn't go down well with the UK Bare Knuckle Boxing community and he left having less fans than when he arrived.

That aside no one likes to see this kind of thing happen but if nothing else it brings back into focus how dangerous these kind of sports are.

Site Stuff

As you can see there is nothing on this page. Fear not there is plenty too look around on the site while I get my shit together and sort the site out. As you may know, may not know or couldn't give a shite I was going to let Cage Amateurs UK go but after some thought I realised I enjoy doing it and wanted to keep something I have spent the last five years on and carry on with things.

My biggest fear is I don't want to make more come backs than Status Quo so this is it whatever happens. I digress what I really need to say is that Saturday I was at Shaun and Amanda Smith's show in Nottingham so I will be launching with their show very soon.

Thanks for keeping the faith

Jon P.

p.s. Anyone who writes about any Combat Sport who wouldn't mind me putting their stuff on this site give me a shout I will be very greatfull.