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Published May 2012
10th Legion Fighting Championship
This was the first Mixed Martial Arts show we had ever attended and didn't know what really to expect. Thanks to Alan Orr and Phil Doherty for making this happen for us. I believe we did this way back in May 2012. What we did notice was the large amount of fans from Europe. The reason became clear when french fighter Jess 'The Joker' Liaudin took to the cage to fight for the Title Belt.
This Event 10th Legion Championship Fighting XI was held at The Scala Club in Kings Cross London and did not disappoint. The Large crowd of fans both from the UK and abroad were treated to a great fight card the evening being finished of with a Champion Ship Competition between Jess " The Joker" Liaudin and Juan Manuel Suarez. Jess retained his Title and even had time to sign autographs and have pictures taken with the gathered crowd of fans after the fight. Combat Sports Live TV were on hand to record the action and transmit via there website for those unable to make it too the venue For Free may I add and the large screen gave a great close up view of events as they progressed.
Ben Conway vs Will Beckwell

Both fighters landed some early punches. Conway lands a big body kick both fighters hit some nice low kicks. Conway slips to the mat and his opponent lets him to his feet. Ben Conway wins shortly after by TKO.
10th Legion Fighting Championship

Josh Kaldani vs Mohammed Chaudrey ( Boxing)

Kaldani lands some big early punches and nearly connects with a left. Kaldini the stronger in the first round.
R2 The fighters come out attacking both landing some great head shots Mohammed being the stronger of the two.
R3 Mohammed strikes early, Kaldini lands a great head shot rocking Mohammed, Josh takes the win by unanimous decision.
 10th Legion Fighting Championship
Daniel Burke vs Celso da Silva
R1 Silva comes out firing and takes Burke to the ground. Silva lands some knees to his opponents head then being disqualified for use of this technique as fight was under NASC Rules
10th Legion Fighting Championship
Roman Boiko vs Marco Redie K1

R1 Roman connects with a massive punch flooring Marco. Back on his feet Marco lands some solid low kicks .
R2 Roman comes out very strong, Marco lands a big kick but slips falling to the mat. Roman lands a big punch making Marco bleed from the mouth at which point Marco picked up the pace attacking relentlessly.
R3 Marco lands some solid punches as both fighters start to feel the strain. Marco the stronger in the last couple of minutes but it was not enough as Roman wins by a unanimous decision.
Arnold Quero vs Jack Grant

R1 Both fighters come out strong with the fight going to the floor. Quero applies the  Guillotine choke to his opponent and wins by a submission.
Gianluca Scottoli vs Paul Kingdom

R1 Starts off strong with a good take down. Back to there feet Kingdom lands some solid punches just falling short with a spinning back fist. Kingdom takes Scottoli to the mat attempts a choke but Scottoli manages to break free and apply a triangular choke winning by a submission.

Fadi Jameel vs Ben Ford

R1 Ford lands some early blows taking Jameel down top the mat attempting a choke. Fadi breaks free almost managing an arm lock then picks his opponent up slamming him to the mat. Fadi  replies with an arm bar taking the match in round 1.
Konmon  Deh vs Colin Wilby

R1 Both fighters start strong with the fight going to the ground. Back on there feet Deh land a great knee to the ribs of Wilby then a forceful slam into the side of the cage by Deh on Wilby, shaking the cage results in both fighters on the ground Wilby defending well.
R2 Wilby lands some early head shots but Deh lands a massive right taking Wilby down. Wilby holds guard on the ground Deh then lands a huge elbow followed by a rain of hammer fist blows to Wilbys head. Wilby guards well.
R3 Wilby comes out strong with some massive head shots and a great low kick , Deh then gets the take down but Wilby defends with a great head lock. Back on there feet Deh shakes Wilby with a big punch and follows up with another take down. Deh wins by unanimous decision.
10th Legion Fighting Championship
Marek Idzikowski vs Ramon Silva

R1 Ramon gets a take down early on and takes control attempting an arm bar but Marek escapes but Ramon then attempts another arm only to be lifted up and slammed to the ground by Marek. From is back Ramon lands some great elbows from the floor.
R2 Marek gets an early take down and locks on a guillotine choke and wins via submission.
Samba Coulibaly vs Duncan Young

R1 A big take down by young lands Samba hard to the ground. Back on there feet Samba takes young down, grounds and pounds take the match by a TKO.
Maxim Lonov vs Hayden Critchfield

R1 Fight goes to the ground early with Maxim attempting a rear naked choke but Hayden slips taking the fight to the ground.
R2 fight goes to the ground early with Hayden keeping control from above but Maxim manages to grab the arm and win via arm bar submission.
Jess Liaudin vs Juan Manuel Suarez

R1 The main event of the evening starts with Jess pinning Suarez to the cage. Suarez applies a guillotine taking Jess down but the experience allows him roll out breaking free. Suarez attempts to regain control with an arm lock resulting in Jess slipping away yet again and attempting an ankle lock.
R2 Suarez strikes early but Jess gets a good take down followed by a great head shot. Jess the stronger of the two gains top control and grounds and pounds with the referee finally stepping in the stop the fight saving Suarez from any more punishment. Jess wins by a TKO. After the fight Jess tells the crowd how happy he is the keep his title hoping everyone enjoyed the fight and despite not having fought for 14 months he felt ring rust was not an issue and he would love one more crack at the U.F.C. Jess finished off by saying how much he loves London and then was seen to be mixing with the his gathered supporters to sign autographs and pose for photos.
Alan Orr 
This Event was organised by Alan Orr and was very well received with a great crowd including the gathered party of European Fighters and there fans.

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