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This is a small look into how we came to be Cage Amateurs UK 

Cage Amateurs UK first came into being as a website on 15th March 2012 from an idea conceived by my friend Daniel Towers. Dan had been trying to convince me to attend a local Mixed Martial Arts promotion with no success for some time, so when he asked me to help him by filming some interviews I don't believe either of us ever realised where it would end up. With little more than a bucket full of enthusiasm and little else we set out to produce what was to be a site about Amateur Cage Fighting starting our adventure at Combat Sports Academy in Strood talking to the boss Lee Johnstone and some of the fighters one of whom became a referee for us when we dipped a toe into promoting our own show. This was Mr Lee Ambler who unknown to us would become the star of one of our videos which went viral totalling millions of views both on our YouTube channel and just about everywhere else across the internet. 

We pretty much realised from the very start that due to our personal interests in other styles of fighting we needed to expand our original idea and started to include other combat sports such as Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Gloved Boxing, Bare Knuckle Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Karate and WrestlingWrestling we were not sure about as most people think of Wrestling as the W.W.E. but this is just the sport entertainment side of things and anyway it was our website so we could put on it what we want. So we did.

We have worked with many promoters and promotions including : 
B-BAD Promotions, Fury M.M.A. Monaghan’s Prizefighters, Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing and Raging Bull to name just a few.

The original idea was to focus on the amateur side of things where we would do written interviews, a review of the show or both but this changed almost straight from the word go to include photographs and soon after video and with Dan relentlessly arranging shows to attend and conducting countless interviews we were kept busy every weekend generating piles of content but leaving me with the headache of having to learn real quick how to build a website.

We were learning the whole thing from the bottom from building the website to editing the video and everything in between. Feeling quite pleased with what we were doing we started to spread our wings putting our work on Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Daily Motion and the usual social media sites including of course Facebook. We had also decided on a blog on Wordpress where we post the blog of our friend “The Infamous Informer” with his interesting and unique take on the W.W.E. and Dan Wilkinson aka "The Jobber Blogger ( Retired ) reporting on rivals T.N.A. it makes for great reading for the growing army of Wrestling fans we were starting to collect on our travels. What we had overlooked was that all these extra sites also needed maintaining and we ended up spending more time together than we were with our respective partners.

From day one we have tried to produce everything on the website ourselves or from content produced by close friends rather than copy from other internet sites. Having forged some close ties in the early days with George McCann (Love 2 Fight), Ben Farelly (Addicted M.M.A.), Steve Grey (Power Up Productions) and Phil Doherty (Martial News) we was not short on good sound advice when we needed it and for which we remain grateful to this day. I am pleased to say we have pretty much achieved our original content philosophy be that written interviews or reviews of shows, images or video.

We have not gained fame or fortune, rather it has cost us thousands of pounds, but our content has featured in Newspapers, on other Websites in Books and on Television. We have had stories or videos in the form of complete written pieces and videos or as supporting clips used by many other writers and featured by Vice TV, ESPN, The Daily Sport, The Mirror Online, The Lads Bible and a book about legendary Bare Knuckle Boxer Dave Radford entitled “Blood Is Only Red Sweat” written by Nick Towel.

We even ventured into the world of Boxing promotion holding five White Collar Boxing shows locally under the name of White Collar Fight Club. These shows were attended by an average of 350 - 500 fight fans and although small were well received by those attending. This was pretty much where me and Dan Towers went our separate ways as Dan was enjoying the promotion stuff where as I was happy letting other people have all the grief of running a show and continuing as we were. This left me to give up or carry on alone. The content slowed up but I would gain a new Cage Amateur now and then but people do not realise the amount of work involved and generally don't last long.

That was until Dan Cousins came along resulting in a new enthusiasm in me kick starting things again, although we have elected to have a slower work rate than before.

Now entering the sixth year and having started with no experience, no equipment and no website I feel we have done “not bad” for ourselves. Totalling over 520 YouTube videos with over 5 million views, 250 pages on the main website and another 250 on Wordpress add the hundreds and hundreds of photo's I think I can safely say we have bought something to the world of Combat Sport.

I would like to thank all of those people and promotions we have featured over the years, the people who have allowed us to use their content in one form or another the friends we have made on the way and those Cage Amateurs either retired or still bringing you what we feel is “The Best In Combat Sport.”  Thanks Jon Pepperell.

Special thanks to Andrew Juby who took me too shows while I was between driving licences saving me from the trauma of my previous train journeys.

Cage Amateurs UK are or have been:

Those That Have Served
Jon Pepperell
       Dan Towers
Michael Grant
Jon Pepperell
Daniel Towers (Founder)
The Infamous Informer
Dan Cousins
Lou Lou Holloway    
Miss Carnage
Daniel Cousins
Lou Lou Holloway
KC “Carnage” Kendall
 Dan Wilkinson
The Jobber Blogger


People who have contributed:-Andrew Juby, Kris Megaw, Stu Armstrong, Phil Doherty ( Martial News )

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