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The People Behind Cage Amateurs UK

Back in March 2012 Dan Towers asked me if I still had my camera and if I could do a piece of film for him as he was going to do an interview with his friend Lee Ambler over at local gym Combat Sports Academy in Strood Kent. The camera I thought had been repaired, but not tested, had in fact not been and this pretty much set the way things were to go from there on in.

Through a combination of borrowed equipment, hard work (As everything we were doing was totally new too us and from scratch) and good luck things pretty much went from strength to strength. Add the fact that Dan will stalk you till he gets an interview and we were on our way to various shows and the interviews both written and video started to come thick and fast. We never intended to compete with the guys like Addicted M.M,A. Love2Fight or the pro video guys such as Steve Grey or Dapper Grappler who's work we still admire and who have all given us advice in the early days and the fact we somehow slew away from the original idea, thus the name Cage Amateurs which Dan came up with off the top of his head intending to do Mixed Martial Arts, we headed of into the world of Combat Sport.

Phil Doherty and Martial News (No Longer in Operation) soon became a regular spot on Cage Amateurs UK and with our piece going onto their website it to helped spread our work around.
Over the next 5 years 9 months, the three and a half on my own but with Lou Lou and Miss Kendall for a while, we attended such shows as

Cage Fighting


10th Legion

Fury M.M.A.

Night of the Champions

Lion Fighting Championships

Martial Arts Tournaments

The M.A.A.S.I.F. ( Martial Arts All Styles International Federation )


Monaghan's Prizefighters

Walid Ali Promotions

White Collar Fight Club

Original Fight Club

Box Smart Gym


Brave Soul Boxing

Boxing Bare Knuckle

B-BAD Promotions
Paddy Monaghan's Night Of Unlicensed Fights

Raging Bull

Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing


Dropkixx Promotions

The British Wrestling Reunion
Charity Wrestling Alliance

While all this was going on we were filming interviews at the shows as well as the fights themselves, taking photo's or snaps as we called them and doing a write up or at least borrowing one off of friends like George McCann or Adam Parrott.

Apart from the Pro guys no one was really doing the video side of things so by the time the others had cottoned onto the idea we already had miles and miles of footage under our beltDan Towerss. Chuck in some audio stuff we did although, that was a bit of a five minute wonder, and we had had a go at everything. 

We even got accused of stealing an audio interview we actually recorded ourselves but I have a feeling that the change over of details that we never received so we could post the interview had not been communicated to the correct person from the other site so they believed we had received the information and done the dirty on them which we hadn't.Jon P
Things have changed a lot since the first interview and we don't do as much so as I am doing a new website and still blundering along I will be retiring a few things from the site. In May this year we did our own White Collar Boxing Show and raised so money for a local family but it is a fact you can only do so much so other things have to give somewhere down the line we have another show coming up soon but to be honest after the site has been completed I am going to spend more time with the wife so I will be going back to what I enjoy and what we started off doing and hitting a few local dojo's and getting back to doing proper reviews with all the trimmings.
As luck would have it we have a new Cage Amateur who came to Glory MMA 2 at Hastings with me and did a nice write up of the show so I can concentrate on getting some film and 'snaps' of the shows. My personal feelings are if you just stick a load of video on the page all you got is a budget version of youtube. So that's us and I thank you all who we have worked with over the last 36.

Lou Lou Image
We have had some success with photo's in a daily newspaper a mention in a book about bare knuckle boxer Dave Radford and video on ESPN 2 a Japanese TV channel and video used in a VICE TV documentary. Another one of our own shows produced a video clip exceeding 1 000 000 views world wide and we are pretty much jogging along nicely.

Last but not least we have a couple of great bloggers in the human form of the jobber blogger and the infamous informer who write weekly about TNA and W.W.E. wrestling Good stuff.

Daniel Towers Founder of Cage Amateurs UK. Man of many an ideas who has been known to disappear for days then re appear with those words Your not going to like this. Considering we only live next door to each other it was a sure sign something was about to happen when he vanished for those few days. He has also been known to bring the odd blogger or two back from his travels or a rock band in the way of Tonbridge based band Where's Billy back to Cage Amateurs UK towers. Dan is now longer with me. We started White Collar Fight Club which I left after show 4 but continued to film the show until at show 6 Dan decided to give it up.

Jon P that would be me. I'm happiest when I am doing something with video but have done one interview on camera but to be honest I wasn't keen on it although it did get over 2300 views on youtube. I am currently running the site on my own with input from my friend Stu Armstrong, Kris Megaw and Andy Juby respectively.
My lack of organization does not help me at all but I manage to blunder along without too much trouble with everything involved with running the site.
Miss CarnageLou Lou Holloway latest and prettiest addition to Cage Amateurs UK. Mum, Novice writer, Woman Driver but MMA nut and mental as anything. Lou Lou can be found at just about every Fight Show there is. Got a feeling she's a perfect addition to Cage Amateurs UK and will certainly be a shot in the arm. Recently through talking via facebook Lou Lou arranged for a young girl who is currently undergoing chemotherapy to come down from Newcastle with her family to attend the Original Fight Club Boxing Show as guest of honour where she received gifts from Mini Mouse. Lou Lou is now longer with me which is a shame as she did some great interviews and was always a laugh to be with.
In March 2014 we hit the two year mark and were also joined by a long term friend of ours who you will know as KC 'Carnage' Kendall. This worked out rather well as she lives in Wales an area we have pretty much neglected. It has got to be said she has got off to an amazing start especially with her first piece which let us into a rather troubled past. Add the fact she is also a female cage fighter and she is perfect to join us. I'm not sure why but Miss Kendall drifted away but we are still in contact via Facebook messages.

Dan WilkinsonFinally. Although not full time with us Dan Wilkinson aka The Jobber Blogger has been letting us use his work for sometime now. His in depth view of T.N.A. Wrestling or TOTAL NONSTOP REWIND, makes great reading for wrestling fan or non fan alike.
Hailing from Lincolnshire when Dan is not scribbling away at his blog you can find him over on Facebook 
He also writes under the name of Divine Diablo, I have no idea so don't ask, and like our other blogger The Infamous Informer is considered one of Cage Amateurs UK by the rest of us. Since starting with his blog and then us Dan has started full time work which has left him with little time for blogging and sadly he has given up his weekly write up. A loss to me for sure but TNA are going to be missing out on the work of this talented writer.

Our Second honorary Cage Amateur is our other blogger Michael Grant aka The Infamous Informer. An equally as brilliant Blogger in his chosen organisation which happens to be the W.W.E. his style is totally different to Dan Wilkinson's but no less informative or humorous.
Michael Grant
I once wrote I am not sure if he is brilliant or mad and to be perfectly fair I am still not sure at this time. Either way he delivers a great read every week so miss it at your peril. Michael is still with me and every week he produces a blog off W.W.E. madness. I don't watch the wrestling but would not miss his weekly thoughts for the world. He is a busy guy with his finger in many pies. Long may Wolverhampton's most wanted reign.

You can find him just about everywhere it seems and can be recognised by his unique ending to his blog








Dan Cousins
More recently I have had pieces written by other people that I have used on Cage Amateurs UK which have really helped me out during times that I have not been up to much so I would like to that Kris Megaw, Stu Armstrong and Andy Juby for their help.
The very latest Cage Amateurs UK  member happens to be my boss at work. Kind of strange way too get a new team member but sometimes the best people come through the strangest of avenues. Dan follows in the usual Cage Amateur tradition and actually has no idea of what he is doing and is learning as he goes.
So far we have only done two shows together but hopefully he will be around for sometime. This may be considered strange what with the demise of the web site. The facts of the matter are that I have paid the server for another so we may as well do something with it.
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