Alex Montagani


Alex Montagnani is an MMA fighter from London who fights on Fury MMA

Published November 2012
Name Alex Montagnani
Age 24
Trains @New Wave Academy
Hometown Streatham London
Record 4-0-1
Hi Alex and thanks for the your time my friend
Please tell us how you first became involved with Martial arts?
A/ I was brought up being involved and around Martial Arts, my dad is a Judo and Aikido Black Belt 3rd Dan, a BJJ Brown Belt and had done many years of Amateur Boxing. But it was not only my Dad, my Mum, Sisters, Uncle and my cousin are all involved in forms of Martial Arts, so it's in my blood.
You train with guys like Max Nunes, how important is it to you to have guys like Max around you?
A/ It's very important, training with Max who is a great fighter and a lot of the guys at New Wave, people who are great at what they do will only help improve your game.
Tell us about the fights you have had to date?
A/ The fights I have had so far each and every one have been a great learning curb and I have been improving on what I need to.
We have had the pleasure of seeing all of your Fury MMA fights, what do you think of the Fury shows?
A/ I think it 's a great show and a good stepping stone for up and coming fighters who want to then get on to bigger shows.
What do you do outside your life as a fighter?
A/ Spend as much time as I can with my loved ones, watch as many films as I can and totally chill out.
How often are you training?
A/ As much as I can really.
What is next for you?
A/ Hopefully big things I'll continue 2013 as I ended 2012 Strong!
Anyone you would like to thank that has helped your career this far?
A/ Yeah thanks to New Wave Academy, Ross Dimmok Croydon MSA, Max Nunes and all the guys who help me prepare for fights, Impact LPA, DynamixSports, Booostoxygen.
Thanks so much Alex and we will see you at the next Fury
In the mean time here's Alex in action

Published 18th November 2012

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