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Andy Hillhouse

Bare Knuckle Boxer

Andy Hillhouse
Andy 'No Fear' Hillhouse, is 36 and lives in Glasgow, Scotland. He trains at the Griphouse.. He is an MMA fighter with a 3-6-0 record. He is fighting on B-Bad, which is the BKB ( Bare knuckle boxing) event on October 27. Andy talks about why he is going BKB and how he trains.
Andy thank you for sparing your time to chat with C.A.U.K.

Q/ How did you first get into the World of Fighting?
A/ It was my pal at the time, he asked if I wanted a fight and of course I said yes, it turned out to be cage fighting which was taking place in Glasgow, 5 months later, so I had to join an MMA gym and get training
Q/ Tell us about your MMA career?
A/ I have not got the best record in MMA,  due to my ground game, I am more of a brawler, I like to trade blows and unfortunately, I got took to the ground in most of my MMA fights, which resulted in referee stoppage.
Q/ What do you think of B-BAD holding the first fully legal shows in the UK?
A/ I think it’s great and about time B-BAD got put forward just like MMA

Q/ How is preparing for BKB, different from preparing for MMA?
A/ Personally I don’t think there is a difference,  because you still have to have a high cardio level.
Q/ What is your main training routine over a week period?
A/ My weekly routine consists of jogging, bag work and Thai boxing classes,  4 times a week, each session lasting an hour. I step this up closer to my fights
Q/ How do the weight classes work in BKB and what weight will you be at?
A /I am coming in at heavy weight not sure of the categories
Q/ Are any guys you know on the MMA circuit interested in BKB?
A/ Some fighters that i have spoken to are interested but would like to see and know a bit more about it before taking part in it.
Q/ What kind of diet would you have over a week period?
A/ In a week to week basis my diet varies depending on the endurance of my training to satisfy myself.
Q/ What do you know about your opponent at B BAD on October 26th?
A /  Don’t know anything about my opponent except he is a wing chung fighter,Ii am not bothered who i am fighting
Andy, what a great interview. Thanks for the time and we will see you at BKB
Interview Approx 3rd October 2012


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