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Published October 2012

First Bare Knuckle Boxing show for me and I can tell you for nothing I wont be getting in that ring in the near, middle, or distant future. All the boys that fought have balls the size of a bull elephant. Well done win or loose you guys are real fighters.

We attend all form of combat sport and men that do the hardest sports Cage, Boxing (gloved) or Boxing (non gloved) to name three are always the most decent people both in the arena of there chosen sport and out. There are of course exceptions to these rules but so far so good for us.
Boxing audiences, gloved and bare knuckle are enthusiastic so the stage is set for what should be a good evening.
Paddy and James
Headlines such as "Two Men In One man Out" and the odd audience participation have given Cage Fighting Shows the image of something out of Mad Max. For anyone reading this who is not aware, Cage Fighting or Mixed Martial Arts as those who now realise the "Two men in" thing was just a product of someone trying to sell a few newspapers, is a fast moving dynamic sport. Kicking, punching and grappling are all allowed (This is a very simplified explanation of a very technical combat sport) the risk of a fighter falling from the ring and seriously injuring them selves were very real. The cage stops this happening as there are no gaps between the ropes unlike a traditional ring which is open and not really suited to Mixed Martial Arts.
Now bearing in mind the cage or "safety device" situation, you can start to imagine what we were thinking when invited to the B-BAD Show. Extra batteries for the camera, warm clothes and Wellington boots in hand we headed off for a cold wet afternoon in some barn in the middle of a field somewhere, with images like you see in those windmill fests on YouTube lasting half hour or so a fight where the fighters end up with next to no injuries despite the large number of blows being exchanged between the fighters.
Nothing could have been further from the truth.
In reality we found ourselves at a well organised show complete with hot running water and electricity and certainly not in a barn. For the sake of an ongoing relationship with B-BAD I confessed to Andy Topliffe, the Promoter, what we had initially expected and was met with a fair bit of merriment but with that out in the open it need never be mentioned again.

James 'Gypsy Boy' McCrory v Dave Radford

So faced with resistance from the authorities and the public being badly informed of the facts by a biased media you know what an uphill struggle Promoter Andy Topliffe and partner Claire Monaghan, Claire being the daughter of the legendary Bare Knuckle Boxer Paddy Monaghan, are going to have getting this into the mainstream. Cage Fighting has managed to shake off most off the myths and resistance. Andy and Claire have all the same kinds of resistance and probably a few new ones to face but are determined to see this through until B.K.B. is considered as normal as the other events you see up and down the country that take place in the world of combat.
Sadly there were only two fights for reasons outside of the promoters control but both of these were great fights and the next show will be bigger and better. B-BAD is a young show but having spoken to Andy Topliffe he has learned some things from this and will be putting plans in place to make the next one even better. All shows have problems of one kind or another but knowing the work Andy and partner Claire have put into this promotion these will be ironed out very quickly. Warriors all thanks for having us there.
A Few Thank You's
Thanks to Paddy for a great interview, indeed thanks to all the guys for the interviews, thanks to the audience for allowing us to be there and at times get in there way. The ladies from the Monaghan family a delight to meet you all, Andy did enough interviews to keep Sky TV in footage for months in fact respect to everyone there.
Venue was excellent if I didn't live so far away I would be spending time there when I fancied a night out.
James "Gypsy Boy" McCrory took the B-BAD Belt in his bout against Dave Radford after Dave had to retire due to extensive damage to his eye and was straight away challenged by Danny Draper. James accepted the challenge and the fight will take place at the next B-BAD  Show in February in the New Year. 
Seth Jones battled with Mathew Thorn with Seth having control from the start Matt being knocked down by Seth a couple of times. Mathew was not out of the game and returned the compliment by knocking Seth to the floor. Seth finally took the fight in the second round.
We headed off home eyes well opened to what BKB really is and it was nothing like we expected. Paddy told me that fights often took place with crowds of 2000 plus people at organised shows. Now that is an audience any show would be proud of. Jon P
Andy Topliffe promoter of B-BAD Promoter gives us his view of the action.
Dave and James started the fight by pushing the knuckles together then passed in a circle sussing each other then straight in as men Dave delivered the first hard blow to James's eye and one to his rib while James returned with a shocker punch to Dave's temple then the two fighters delivered blows to each other for 4 mins straight when Dave was caught by a horrific blow two his left eye and hit the pit although he was stunned at first saying "I can't see to well in my left eye" recovered and got to his feet at the 7 count. Then he thundered about 10 shots into James and the two carried blows which made thunder slaps which ecko'd through the crowd and room. The Fight eventually ended with Dave being counted out due the the cut above his eye as he was unable to carry on due to his vision being affected.
Andy Said
"The fight between Seth and Matt was a barrage of blows and hooks from the go. Matt showed amazing spirit and courage against Seth. Seth fought hard as Matt's training had  pulled off and was such an interesting bloody fight to watch.Two warriors well done".
Dan Towers From Cage Amateurs UK Writes
B-BAD was held on October 27th 2012 at Harry's Place, 7-8 Edward Centre, Regent Street, Hinckley, LE10 0BB. 

It is a lovely venue with some beautiful artwork for sale displayed across the walls. The owners were more than happy to have the first public invitation BKB event at the venue and what a great venue it was.
Andy "Real Deal" Topliffe has been organising the show with partner Claire Monaghan since the first show back in April. He is a genuine man who has such a passion for what he is doing. With Claire behind him, they have made history with this event. As on every show the day itself caused many problems for the promoters. There were twelve fights booked, but on the day we had just four B-BAD warriors to fight. We are making a DVD of the show and it is available now.
Seth Jones Paddy Monaghan Andy TopliffeSeth Jones beat Mathew Thorn in round 2 by TKO. Seth is a quietly spoken man, he is in his last years training to become a lawyer. If you saw Seth walking down the road you would not for one second see
"THE PREDATOR" that we saw this past Saturday. He has a great sense of humour and you certainly wouldn’t think he was a fighter. As soon as the ref said lets go, the man I had been chatting with had a different look in his eyes. I was scared by them eyes and he gave Matt Thorn some serious punishment. He beat Matt but he told us in the after fight interview that he just wanted Matt to stay down because he was exhausted.

In my 25 years of watching all styles of fighting, I have never seen anyone who can take punishment like Matt. I saw him get four massive body shots, one after the other and he did not go down. Matt will be a champ one day and I think anyone who fights him will be very aware how tough this man is. Matt is gaining experience all the time. Well done both you guys

Title fight for the BKB belt

Main Event James "Gypsy Boy" McCrory vs Dave "The Beast" Radford

Dave Radford has been in the cage with Brit UFC superstar Michael Bisping and in the ring with former middleweight Nigel Benn.
Dave is currently having his book written by journalist Nick Towle. He was a friendly guy and he gave us a great interview. His opponent James McCrory is a very descent respectable man. James landed some great shots to Dave’s eyes and the fight was stopped early as Dave was deemed unfit to carry on by referee Andy Topliffe.  
James was handed his new belt by none other than Paddy Monaghan. All the fighters got a B-BAD medal and photos with Paddy and Andy.
UK BKB Belt 
The night was superb. Andy and Claire deserve so much respect for the work and effort that was put into the show. Please buy the DVD as it contains some great footage and the interviews are awesome. B-Bad will be back in February; Danny Draper is to be McCrorys first title defence. Tickets info will be up soon. Join B-BAD on facebook
Harrys Place Can be found at

So here it is all the pre fight interviews from B-BAD 2 including THE LEGEND in BKB that is Mr Paddy Monaghan talking to 

Cage Amateurs UK's Dan Towers

Interviews with:
Bare Knuckle Fighter Dave Radford
Bare Knuckle Fighter Paddy Monaghan
Promoter Andy Toplife
Bare Knuckle Fighter Mathew Thorn
Bare Knuckle Fighter Seth Jones


The Fights

James McCrory vs Dave Radford by Cage Amateurs UK

Bare Knuckle Seth Jones v Matt Thorn by Cage Amateurs UK
Recorded Saturday 27th October 2012

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