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Published March 2014

Finally made it after a real bad start on PPV. Back to good old Youtube the way I like doing video to be perfectly honest.
I'm going to rework the fights and break them down into individual fights. There was a lot too be said good about the show but there is also a lot bad especially the main sponsor Lou Lou Holloway not really being mentioned.
The scrum round the pit was unreal including people leaping into the pit when James won nearly hitting the paramedic and floored Jason Young. To be fair Andy Topliffe was mightily pissed off at this.
But let's not sound like I am putting the show down I am sure on reflection Andy would have done things a little different and in the future when he is not trying to do just about every job possible he will have time to concentrate on the little things.
I have said it before and will say it again what ever anyone thinks he has done seven shows and this was the best one I have seen.
A few old faces fighting including Mathew Thorn who fought the best fight I have ever seen from him sadly loosing to Jan 'Slovak Hammer' Juko. Mat had stepped in as Jan's opponent had dropped out. Mathew broke his hands but was gutted he had to stop but I make the ref right doing what was right for Matt. Matt lives to fight another day.
Another face was Ross Chittock who I first saw at B-BAD 3 having his first fight after stepping up when Seth Jones was left without a fight. This was a very different Ross I saw tonight finishing Tony Caulton off easily. Fair play to Tony for getting in there and having his first fight. What is forgotten is that match ups are not easy to make due to the lack of people available. Anyone who has ever held a show will know that sometimes a miss match is on the cards. But try telling a fighter this when they don't give a shit and want to go for for it.
Donald McPhee and Jacko Jackson had a tear up of a fight for the third battle of the night bringing us to the final fight of the evening.
Fucking shocking. Half past midnight it finally began. Thank fuck we didn't do a live broadcast having being talked into a feed being put up at 12.00. It was a stupid idea from the start but what is done is done with everyone getting their money back costing me £100 to do so.
Things started well with Jason chain punching James out of the pit. This seemed to start a lot of stops by the ref but the ref is the man in charge and he had to make his choices in a split second and it is not for people in there arm chairs to sit in the warm and say what they would have done.
For me Jason looked on top of the game but James is a big lad and can take some heavy blows of which Jason was happy to deliver many. I can't say Jason looked in any trouble most of the time but in the 3rd round in the blink of an eye James landed a big one which spoiled Jason's night as hell dropped to the ring floor like a fallen oak tree.
James is a big favourite of the fans but I hope people will watch the footage and give Jason the credit he deserves.
So we have to say thank you to a B-BAD World Champion, Mr James 'Gypsy Boy' McCrory, a great runner up Jason 'Machine Gun' Young and lastly the third man in the ring Mr Shaun Smith. Finally a massive, massive thank you to the lady who made this all happen by sponsoring the show and bringing Jason Young all the way over from the U S of A our very own Lou Lou Holloway.
On a side note Seth Jones challenged James for the title as soon as the fight was over and James has accepted.

Mat Thorn v Jan Juko by Cage Amateurs UK

Tony Caulton v Ross Chittock by Cage Amateurs UK

Donald McPhee v Jacko Jackson by Cage Amateurs UK

James McCrory v Jason Young by Cage Amateurs UK

B-BAD 7 Bare Knuckle Boxing by Cage Amateurs UK
B-BAD Title Belt

James McCrory On Facebook

Just to set the record straight.....

Jason 'The Machine Gun' Young, the guy who has travelled from the States to fight James Gypsy-Boy McCrory for the B-BAD Promotions Atlantic Belt on the 22nd March at Camalot Castle the home of Dave Courtney. I have 100% respect for Jason as a fighter and as a man. A lot of stuff has been wrote about Jason in the past week, and to be honest has been uncalled for. I've know Jason for a few years and we have talked many times before this was all arranged.

I'd like to ask people to stop with the 'bitching' and the bullshit they've been writing and let the man alone.

Whoever wins on the 22nd, we will still remain friends and I will hold Jason as a close friend as myself and Dave Radford are after our battles.
Best of Luck to Jason for next week and we'll shake hands before and shake after, whoever wins.

God Bless.
I have seen various fight game people state James is 2nd in the world as a Bare Knuckle Boxer be that true or not it is not for me too judge but having met James it wouldn't matter if he was top or bottom this man's integrity is second to none.
James will always be a great champion

The day is drawing closer to B-BAD 7 and the fight we have all been waiting for between the current B-BAD Champion James 'Gypsy Boy' McCrory from the UK and the contender from The U.S.A. Jason Young. The fight is being sponsored by Cage Amateurs UK and The White Collar Fight Club courtesy of our very own Louise Holloway.
The venue again provided by Dave Courtney at his home which he fondly calls Camelot in the Capital City of England, London. Dave's place is rather different to the other houses in this quiet street and will be a great backdrop for the show. 22nd of March is the day it's going to be happening more information will be put up as I get it.

Fight Card

Matthew Letts vs Jan 'Slovak Hammer' Juko

Donald 'The Highlander' McPhee vs Jacko Jackson
Main Event Title Fight

James 'Gypsy Boy' McCrory vs Jason 'Machine Gun' Young
Followed by

Ross Young Blood Chittock vs Tony Caulton

B-BAD has moved on big time since the first event we attended back in October 2012 For those that haven't take a look at the interview we did with Andy before the battle began
We caught up with him again after and more relaxed Andy gave us his thoughts about the day along with Danny Draper and Ian Draper

The American Eagle has Landed

Saturday 8th of March found myself Jon P and Louise Holloway head to London Heathrow to greet Bare Knuckle Boxer from the USA Jason Young to the UK to fight for B-BAD Promotions new title belt against James McCrory at B-BAD 7 being held on 22nd March 2014 at Dave Courtney's place in Plumstead London.
After realising we didn't know which terminal he was coming into we eventually made our way to terminal 5 to welcome him to England. Perfect Planning Prevents Practically Piss Poor Performance but what happened next we didn't see coming and with Louise having spent nearly £2000 to get him here (total costs including accommodation, raffle prize, airport taxes ) a lot was at stake.
In the end all turned out all right with Jason being given an extension to his passport visa by the good old boys in immigration. One last thing to add to the comedy of errors we walked straight past Jason when we arrived back at the airport to pick him up.
Make no mistake Jason has come to WIN and to leave his mark on UK BKB. No Less!

Jon P Interviews Jason Young by Cage Amateurs UK
Jon P, the guy with the perfect face for radio, doing his first video interview heads off to Allhallows to catch up with Jason Young. Special thanks to Donna Pepperell for transport.

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