BBAD on Vice


Published July 2012

Recently the guys from VICE have been at B-BAD events and doing interviews with the fighters for a documentary called RULE BRITANNIA BARE KNUCKLE.

Well it is finished and as usual they have done a great job. Go take a look at other work by the VICE Team at

Hopefully I won't get in any shit for putting this here but we will find out soon enough I guess


  Once regarded as something that happens exclusively in Guy Ritchie films and on gypsy sites, bare knuckle boxing is fast becoming a thriving scene in the UK – the ultimate British bloodsport.

When Clive Martin embeds with the bare knuckle boxing elite, what he discovers is not dissimilar to Fight Club; IT technicians, builders, lifestyle coaches and even a solicitor, all throwing their unprotected fists into each other's faces. It's a subculture of honour, pride and violence.

As the UK prepares to play host to the first US vs UK bare knuckle title fight in 150 years – the biggest event the scene has known since it went underground in the 19th Century – Clive tries to find out if violence is a cause or effect for these angry young men.

@thugclive / @rhysophocles / @Graham_Johnson 

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