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I thought it was time to split the gloved and ungloved boxing apart in an effort to make things easier to find. Only time will tell if I have managed to achieve this. 

What is Bare Knuckle Boxing? Well it depends on how you look at it. Is it still bare knuckle if you wear hand wraps or not? If it is in a ring rather than 'The Pit' does that take away from the whole bare knuckle thing? Who sanctioned it first? Does sanctioning actually mean anything? Arguments that will rage on for sometime I'm sure. 

Wikipedia says about Bare Knuckle Boxing or as it is commonly called BKB:

Bare Knuckle Boxing (also known as Bare Knuckle, Prizefighting, or Fisticuffs) is the original form of closely related to ancient combat sports. It involves two individuals fighting without boxing gloves or other padding on their hands. The difference between a street fight and a Bare Knuckle Boxing match is an accepted set of rules, such as not striking a downed opponent.
We first came in contact with BKB via BBAD Promotions back in October 2012 but since then the former owner Andy Topliff sold the company to Joe Smith aka Joe BBAD who has taken the show further along the line with the aim of getting the sport recognised by the wider population. Other promoters include James Quinn who after a bit of a poor start has resurrected his Knuckle Promotions and Andy has restarted his 'Field Rage' Promotion. Quietly in the background Jay Wann has been running his shows of mixed gloved and ungloved bouts and holds a show of high quality I hear through various sources. At the time of writing this it should be said that Jay is the only promoter who runs his own gym, has his own promotion known as 'Raging Bull' and has also fought the well known Bare Knuckle man 'The Leicester Bulldog'.
Up until now I have had BAD Promotions and The New Era BBAD Promotions Ltd under separate headings but with Stu Armstrong (The Stu Armstrong Interviews) Kris Megaw (The BKB Lowdown) and Andy Juby and Anthony Henenessey (The BBAD Bulletin)  all writing about BKB it has ended up with a situation where one particular fighter gets written about on numerous occasions and placed under different headings. Hopefully by just putting everything about a fighter under their own name things may be clearer for everyone.
Also as a website we tend to put anything over two years old in the archive until now i have not done this with Bare Bnuckle but as you read this I will be putting any old shows or fights in the archive but with a link from here so anyone one wishing too will be able to find them.
When we first became involved in BKB we were the only people involved who were putting fights and interviews online where as now the media groups are finally catching up as are the news papers. We have featured on many web pages and images taken by us have been used in the Daily Sport in a book about Dave Radford and also on Vice TV's documentary about Bare Knuckle Boxing. Video is also featured on various web pages some without credit which I am strongly considering getting removed
September 2012
Bare Knuckle Boxing  A written interview with Andy Topliff plus a 45 minute audio interview.
Andy Hillhouse  A written piece about Andy prior to his fight on B-BAD 2.
Daniel McStay   A written piece about Daniel prior to his bout on B-BAD 2.
Andy Topliff  This is a written interview about Andy and B-BAD 2's fight card which as you can see on the night changed massively.
Mathew Thorn  Written interview ahead of his bout with Seth Jones at B-BAD 2
October 2012
B-BAD 2  This was the first Bare Knuckle Boxing show we had attended and consisted of two bouts.  The first included fighters Seth Jones and Mathew Thorn. The second was between James 'Gypsy' Boy McCrory and Dave Radford. There are also video interviews with Andy Topliff, Paddy Monaghan, Mathew Thorn, Seth Jones, Dave Radford, James McCrory and Andy Topliffe with referee Danny Draper and his Father.
November 2013
Danny Draper  A written Interview with Danny prior to a his upcoming Bare Knuckle Boxing bout.
February 2013
B-BAD 3  B-BAD 3 was held at Jay Wann's Gym in Leicester and includes two bouts. The first was Ross Chittock against Seth Jones and the second Mathew Thorn against Josh Mundy both Ross and Josh having stepped up on the night. There was a third bout for the evening but James McCrory's opposition did not turn up on the day leaving a very pissed off James. Video Interviews include Mathew Thorn, Andy Topliff and Dave Courtney, James Quinn and Andy Topliff.
March 2013
Quinn Promotions   A written piece prior to James Quinn's cancelled show. We interview James and Mark Greener who were due to do a demonstration bout.

December 2013

B-BAD 6   B-BAD 6 at Dave Courtney's place in London. Bit of a write up I get James Quinn's coat. Also the famous  Leicester Bull Dog v Decca Heggie  battle  that set Decca on what turned out to be a rather rocky path. There was supposed to be another fight but truth be told I fucked it up. Oh well shit happens.

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