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Published January 2014
CWA LogoSo the day had finally come and 2pm on a Saturday in January found me at Gillingham Railway Station buying my ticket to Chelmsford and the 'Battle for British Hearts' charity wrestling show being held at the Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre by the guys over at The Charity Wrestling Alliance. This is the second show Promoters Karl Edward Trotter, Grant Mitchell and Julian Cassar and if the organisation involved was to reflect the quality of this show everyone was going to be in for a good evening. A good evening of wrestling it certainly was.
It was good to see a couple of familiar faces in the form of Kevin and Lisa from Dropkixx when I arrived and entering the venue things were in full swing with the ring crew and others running around getting things in order for the 7.30 start time. Karl arrived shortly after me, looking worried, as only a promoter can on show day, introductions were made to others involved and then it was a case of sitting back and waiting for the start of the show. Well for me it was but just about everyone else was working away as the minutes fell.
Show Time! The worse thing about promoting a show is the age old question. Will people come? At this point all your hard work and the work of everyone involved can amount to nothing. No such worry's here, as come, they did.
I won't go into too much depth about the fights as the footage from the show will be on here and on CWA's youtube channel filmed by myself and CWA's in house camera op.
Starting things off we had a singles bout which turned out to be a nice clean fight that got the show on the road with an insight into what the large crowd could expect from the evening. This bout was outside of the official card giving these two young guys Johnny Royal and Jonny Cruickshank a bit of experience. In my opinion they did themselves proud and I am sure we will see them again.
ScotsmanSecond up it was a tag team match between crowd favorites The Flying Scotsmen who I have seen wrestle before and challengers Darrel Allen and Sam Irving who were new too me. Our friends from north of the boarder are skilled wrestlers who stick to the rules the same could not be said of the Allen/Irving team. This was demonstrated by them attacking the Flying Scotsmen while their backs were turned which started the proceedings. 
After the initial shock the Scotsmen rallied and drop kicked there opponents out of the ring leaving them in a heap on the floor. Being the kind of guys they are the Scotsmen then dived over the ropes landing on them in an effort to assist them back into the ring. A finer example of sportsman ship you would be hard to find. The rest of the bout continued in a fairly equal exchange of moves until good prevailed.
Next back to singles and Big Cat Mafia member Brad Beck was up against 'Nemisis' Tony Kemp. Beck being accompanied by the big man himself 'Hughmungus' it was pretty much a given fact that some sort of trouble would ensue. 'Hughmungus' spent much of the fight complaining that the referee's count was slow or that he was having trouble with his eyesight. Beck did somewhere between little and zero to get the support of the crowd and abused them from the  safety of the ring.
Big lads these two but that did not result in a slow match and one or the other of them could be seen on the top rope on more than one occasion. Don't believe that good always wins this was one such example of it not.
Accompanied by Panthrax we had Mark Hendry against Dynamite Danny Morocco in this fast paced singles match up. It must be a little unsettling when the guy you are fighting has someone with him ringside. Morocco need not have worried as Panthrax was kept busy by barracking from the crowd.
CWAHendry did not have things all his own way with some great moves from both guys.
After a disasterous back flip off the top rope landing on nothing Morocco took control even having time to attack Panthrax and Hughmungus who had appeared ringside before finishing off the bout to the delight of the crowd. Unhappy at just being slapped ring side Panthrax entered the ring to get revenge on Morocco not giving him a chance to celebrate.
I must admit by this time I was gasping for a cigarette. Now..any children reading this I would like to point out that Cage Amateurs UK does not endorse smoking and it will certainly mean you wont grow big and strong and become a finely tuned athelete like these guys. 
As luck would have it.
I had finished growing by the time I started smoking and having no desire to ever be dumped on my head or any other miss fortune I had no need for the athletic stuff either. Anyway I digress.
JezabethTime for the eagerly awaited match between Bacardi, Rebel Yell and Jezabeth. Barcardi entered the ring first looking quietly confident having beaten Rebel Yell at the last CWA show. Next up full of energy and niceness Rebel Yell skipped her way round the ring to the delight of the crowd. By contrast the final of the three, Jezebeth, entered in a far less friendly manner. Spending most of my time walking backward while filming I swear her day would have been improved had I tripped over smashing the camera and breaking a limb. Nasty piece of work this one.
Bout started. Small problem, three people in the ring being a triple threat match. Problem sorted, Bacardi and Jezabeth beat up on Rebel Yell. Quiet the master stroke until it came to taking the fall thus winning the match. The temporary alliance fell apart as both Bacardi and Jezabeth wanted the win and started fighting each other.
Jezabeth ended up outside the ring but instead if getting back in to monopolize on the beating Bacardi was dishing out to Rebel Yell, no doubt tasting victory again, she opted to give a group of children in the front row grief. It must be said at this point as long as she is messing someones day up she is just as happy either inside or outside of the ring.
Meanwhile Bacardi was not having things all her own way resulting in Rebel Yell taking the win. Jezebeth was not at all happy and could be heard screaming her displeasure long after the others had returned to the locker room.
This bought the first half of the show to a timely end with more to come shortly.
More from the Big Cat Mafia as their leader Tigerdor entered the ring for his bout with the very popular Mountain Stew. The imposing form of Hughmungus could be seen close behind his boss. This was always going to be a good bout but with Hughmungus ringside snarling like a rottweiller whose bone you have just taken off it you kind of knew Mountain Stew was going to be at a disadvantage. Then it happened. Tigerdoor refusing to stop attacking Mountain Stew after he had pinned him, the referee to interveened and was promptly dropped. In the strange minds of the B.C.M. i am sure this was chalked up as a victory against both Stew and people who stick their noses into their buisness. Even if that someone was the ref just doing his job.
Finishing on a positive note Tigerdor is a very snappy dresser even folding his tie up and handing it to Hughmungus before the bout started. Now that is class for you.
Tag team time. First into the ring was Muscles Mansfield looking like a collection of paint tins had exploded in his wardrobe and the more conservatively dressed Honest Earnest Stirling. My favorite next, the Cornells. This duo spend as much time bickering with each other as they do fighting their opposition. A couple of East End wide boys they should not be underestimated despite their at times bumbling antics. Mansfield was left on his own by his wrestling partner Honest Ernest who suddenly returned to the locker room or more than likely to the car park to rob peoples cars while they watched the show. 
I will leave the video to speak for it's self but I have been asked by Freddie Cornell to point out that although it may have looked to the untrained eye as if they attacked the ref they were in fact trying to attract his attention when he fell to the floor. In their efforts to help him it may have looked as if they were kicking him. Hmmmm thanks Freddie even to the trained eye it looked like you knocked the ref down and made an uprovoked attack on him. 
Even as they left the ring these two could be seen snatching kids blow up hammers from them and throwing them away leaving the child to run and retrieve them.
Panthrax into the ring against Dow Jones for this one. Before things had even started Pantrax called Dow Jones Willy Wonker which was taken up by the crowd resulting in Jones climbing out of the ring and storming over to the mic to complain bitterly. Finally returning to the ring things got under way. Things started off well for Jones but with him now paying more attention to the crowd than he was to Panthrax who had now sneaked up behind him. Narrowly getting away with being pinned Jones rolled out of the ring until Panthrax had had enough of his shinanigans and jumped out of the ring himself and proceeded to chase Jones until he rolled back in but continued rolling until he rolled out of the other side. 
Dow Jones
Panthrax was getting the worst of thing for a while until the ref was distracted by Hughmungus at ringside allowing Panthrax to trap Jones against the corner post. It looked like the tide had changed with things going back and forward for a while. Panthrax threw Jones to the mat but instead of taking advantage of the situation he started to encourage the crowd to shout Willy Wonka at Jones who proceed to roll from the ring and head back to the mic to complain about the chanting. This was a mistake as the referee had started to count which resulted in him being counted out. Not taking this lying down he complained that he believed the count to have been 17 rather than the traditional 10. What with the rate of inflation he may have had a point.
So we reach the last bout of the evening a title match between Lazer Lagden and 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm. This was always going to be a cracking match and a fine way to finish this great evening of wrestling by The Charity Wrestling Alliance raising funds for The British Heart Foundation.
The Big Cat Mafia were out in force for this one with five of them lining the apron. Both being great wrestlers the action was promised from the start. 
It was a very two and fro match with each fighter being in control in pretty much equal amounts. The BCM watched on and Hughmungus as expected could not resist remarking if things were not to his satisfaction.
The count went from one wrestler to the other with the referee struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing positions. At one point all three in the ring stopped for a couple of seconds to try and regain their breath.
Plenty of action that I can't really do justice too by just writing about so get yourself over to You Tube and enjoy the video filmed by CWA. 
I think all will agree that this second show was a great success well done to everyone involved and thank you for having me along.
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Johnny Royal v Jonny Cruickshank ( Dark Match )

The Flying Scotsmen v Darrell Allen and Sam Irvine


Brad Beck accompanied by Hughmungus v 'Nemesis' Tony Kemp 

Mark Hendry accompanied by Hughmungus v Dynamite Danny Morocco 

Triple Threat Match - Bacardi v Rebel Yell v Jezabeth

Tigerdor Acompanied by Hughmungus v Mountain Stew

Muscles Mansfield & Honest Ernest Stirling v The Cornells

Panthrax v Dow Jones

Lazer Lagden and 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm

The battle of words starts ahead of the battles in the ring. Here's a few of them from the Charity Wrestling Alliances YouTube Channel 
First off Jonny Storm has a message for Lazer Lagden

Lazer Lagden responds to Jonny Storm

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CWA World Wrestling Championship Match.

Lazer Lagden vs “Wonderkid” Jonny Storm

Flying Scotsmen vs Darrell Allen and Sam Irvine

Brad Beck vs “Nemesis” Tony Kemp

Tigerdor vs Mountain Stew

Mark Hendry vs Dynamite Danny Morocco

Panthrax vs Dow Jones

Bacardi vs Jezabeth vs Rebel Yell

Muscles Mansfield - Honest Ernest Sterling vs The Cornells

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