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Published February 2016
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Saturday 30th January 2016 is Raging Bull's first show of the year and as usual takes place at the Eyres Monsell Working Mans Club in Leicester. Now if you are wondering who Eyres Monsell was rest easy I am about to enlighten you. If you wasn't though, I am going to enlighten you anyway. Just stay with me here. He was the previous land owner who's land the Eyres Monsell estate is built on. He was also a Conservative member of parliament and a Viscount none the less. So there you have it. If it is wrong blame Wikipedia I am just trying to fill a few lines here.
Ok then and down to the show in hand.
The Plan You may know but usually I travel by train to such shows which would normally result in a bit of a story about how things have gone wrong at some stage. Well not this time. I took time in the week to get everything sorted out so I didn't have the last minute rush to get every thing together and also have a helper, Dan,( by strange coincidence in my normal job he is my boss ) who is going to run one of the cameras for me which may turn out to be a good thing or the worst idea I have had since not using the train to get to Leicester. Plus he is going to drive us up to the show which will save my old mate and totally top man Andy Juby a massive diversion to pick me up. Happy days.

Totally different set up for me this time and only time will tell as to how this is going to come out. Three cameras and an extra body to work the extra one. I also had invested in something called a Flycam which is supposed to give any moving shots a smoothness not possible with a shoulder mounted camera.

Let me tell you. This bastard contraption is fucking heavy and trying to hold this thing with one hand is no easy feat unless you are built like a power lifter. I am not built like a power lifter. I can only say that by the end of the evening I was blowing out of my arse. Have not checked the results yet so unsure if the thing will ever see the outside of my house again. Only time will tell.

The Hotel Arriving at the Premier Inn we presented ourselves at reception only to find Lou Lou booking herself in. We arranged to meet her for a drink in the bar after she had got herself ready but women being as women are this was not too happen as her idea of getting ready quickly and mine varied greatly.
Dan and I checked out the room, had a beer and went too find Lou Lou. As you already know she was nowhere ready so we said we were off to the venue to set up the rather large amount of equipment we had with us.
A five minute drive took us to The Eyres Montell W.M.C. and we headed in to find Jay and to get set up. As it turned out there was no Jay as he was in hospital and would be unable to attend. Not a big problem for us as we connected with the guy in charge a Mr Josh Guy and started to get sorted.
Stevan Miller Image
All went well the only complaint I have is not about the show but about the Premier Inn. The Premier Inn at Fosse is huge. Now I like a smoke but fuck my old boots we must have had the room the furthest from the smoking area which was at the entrance to the building.
Now personally I can not give a shit about all these bullshit laws that say no smoking here or no smoking there but good manners did require me not to have a sneaky one out the window which resulted in having to walk what felt like the length of the M1 for a smoke.
Don't smoke then I hear some self righteous individual say at hearing this, to which I reply 'kiss my cold white arse I will smoke if I want too' and anyway they are good for you especially after walking what felt like 10 mile to have one which for me is equivalent to a years exercise.
The Video:At long last having been somewhat under the weather and punching well above my weight with three cameras I have finally got the job done.
The Show: Right there were seven fights including an exhibition bout of K1. Somewhat strangely I have never attended a K1 tournament but certainly wish to in the near future having seen this exhibition fight. Being an exhibition bout it was deemed a draw but getting the nights proceedings to a healthy start.
Next up a gloved bout between Ali Taylor and Aaron Allen neither of whom I had seen fight before but plenty of action left the crowded hall wanting more.

Into the only bare knuckle bout of the evening this was to be between Stevan 'The Killer' Miller and Preet Somaiya. It seems Preet's opponent Tony Goward had dropped out an unusual thing and Mr Miller stepped in so it was going to be a tough one. Fuck Preet's luck is all I can say but fair play for going ahead with the bout. It must be said Mr Miller is a big lad and I would not have wanted to be in Preet's shoes. On a side note Cyril, I have no idea why Stevan is also called Cyril or Cyril is called Stevan apart from Stevan 'The Killer' Miller has a better ring to it than Cyril 'The Killer' Miller either way a nickname he is not keen on. Triva aside Mr Miller somewhat unsurprisingly took the win in the first with Preet not wishing to continue.

The next four bouts were all gloved with a vocal crowd of supporters for one fighter or the other the noise at times was rattling the old red volume bar on the camera.

A familiar face Dave Quince was in action in the fourth bout a OIBA Title defense and with Dave having travelled from my home area of Medway I expect he was extremely disappointed when his corner threw the towel in in the first round giving Arek Drezek the win.

Number five was between Junior Gold and Jay Alley a good battle between the two fighters going all four rounds.

Keeping the action coming thick and fast next up we had Josh Morrall and Ashley Edwards going at it tooth and nail.

The final bout of the evening was between Marcin Drezek and Lucas Baker and had the added excitement of being a title fight. Both fighters gave it everything but Lucas was deemed the winner of what was a great battle.

Stevie Gold was in attendance this time in the ring announcing the bouts instead of being in one, referees were Barrington Patterson and another gent who's name eludes me but will insert here when I find out.

The Results:

Bout One - K1 Exhibition Bout

Bout Two - Gloved - Aaron Allen v Adie Taylor

Bout Three - Bare Knuckle - Stevan Miller v Preet Somaiya

Bout Four - Gloved OIBA Title Defence - Dave Quince v Arek Drezek

Bout Five - Gloved - Junior Gold v Jay Alley

Bout Six - Gloved - Ashley Edwards v Josh Morrall

Bout Seven - Gloved Title Bout - Lucas Baker v Marcin Drezek

Lucas Baker Takes The Title Image
Lucas Baker climbs the ropes to clap his supporters

Well on with the video and my attempt with three cameras. Not sure if this will be the normal run of things I guess time will tell. Lastly thanks to Dan for running one of the cameras while I wrestled with the Flycam and a Panasonic camera I have never used before and thanks to Jay Wann and team  especially Josh Guy who was running things in Jay's absence at Raging Bull for having me along. 


The End So there you have it look forward to seeing you next time

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