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Rebecca Davies


Published February 2014

This is the second time we have had the pleasure to have Beccy on Cage Amateurs UK the first time being through the pages of The Martial News, which can be read here is you so wish. This time we speak to her via Lou Lou in this interview with a very nice lady who I have had the pleasure to meet in person back in August 2012
Rebecca Davies
Name:  Beccy Davies
Age:  44
Location:  Cardiff
Trains:  Dogs Of War
Fighting Weight:  60 kg
Record:  0-1-0

My name is Beccy Davies. I am 44 and I live alone with my dog in Cardiff.
I have a daughter, a Grandson and Granddaughter. I also have a boyfriend who's name is Robin Barratt.
Although I qualified as an animal nurse years ago and never lost my love for animals, I took on work as a bouncer and stayed doing the doors for nearly 20 years. I also work in an adult shop called 'Passion'.
My door work was mainly defending and keeping safe both the customers and my colleagues, as well as myself and I was known for putting everything I have into my job.  
I took this mental attitude into training when I started Mixed Martial Arts 3 years ago. Defending myself on the door was a totally different ball game to fighting in the ring or cage but it still helped having had the years of experience.
I've been with 'Dogs of War' gym in Cardiff for the whole time and love their unique way of training. It's definitely a good fight club and though I was the only active female fighting out of there a few females would pass through.
I also trained at Eagles Muay Thai in the same gym and loved it there.
My record 0-1-0 fighting at 60 kg
I never had sponsorship but I was given free kit by a really good friend, Simon Telford.
My most memorable fight was a Thai Boxing Inter Club competition last year. Both Mixed Martial Arts females went in hard and I learned a lot from it.
I admire every single person that fights, no matter what art, the preparation and hard work takes guts and determination. I admire the humble kind fighter who Rebecca Daviesalways have time for the amateur ones.
Rosi Sexton for one, she will always be a unique role model.
I still work the door, but there will be a time when I can't due to my back problems. So my plans for the next year are to get my back sorted and set a different goal, probably still sport related.
I don't use Facebook much for M.M.A. as I can't compete, but I gladly promote other events and will always support the boys at Dogs of War fight family.
I would like to say a massive thank you to Sam John for always treating me the same as the boys and making me the person I am now.
I didn't always like the way he was sometimes, but it worked!
To Jamie Rogers for being the ying to Sams yang, always kind and humble and always there for all of us. These two men had a big influence on me when I was training hard and they never let me quit.
Also the team who are like brothers to me, especially Dave Addicott who always kept my spirits up even when he was battering me!!!
On a more, and very personal note. I lost my mum 8 years ago which broke my heart, and then 15th of June last year, a month before my debut  M.M.A. fight, I lost my dad. That totally broke my heart and my spirit too.
My dad was the man all us kids looked up to, and he was my hero. He was the toughest, kindest man and that period of my life when he died will haunt me forever.
I tried to carry on training and preparing for the coming fight, but the weight cut went totally wrong and I ended up letting my opponent down at weigh in missing by a small weight, but missing all the same.
My daughter and the Grand kids are what kept me going, my daughters have always been amazing and my Grandchildren are my world.
I still go sparring on a Wednesday at Dogs of War and try to go on a Friday if I am not working the door.
If I had started M.M.A. 20 years ago I would obviously be in a different place now, but that is life and you can't have regrets. I love boxing and sparring so will carry on until I can't physically do it any more. In the meantime I will be watching and following all the fantastic female fighters (especially the UK ladies) and I will be shouting and supporting them because I admire them all !!

At the end of the day I can say that no matter what got in my way, I kept moving forward... and that's good enough for me :)
Good to have you back on Cage Amateurs UK again Beccy thank you for the interview. 

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