Billy Burton


   Published  March 2015                 
BBAD New Era
After chasing him and his Huskies halfway across Scotland, we finally caught up with him!

Q: Hi Billy, firstly, thanks for talking to us. How long have you been a fan of BBAD  Promotions?

A: I joined BBAD well over two years ago.

Q: What made you decide to join the fight roster?

A: Well, I sat quiet for the first two years, but as it grew, I felt a desire to be a part of it. I was already friends with some guys in BBAD so the gentleman they are they put me on the right path to the point where I'm not sitting here now as a fan, but as a new fighter being interviewed for the BBAD New Era fans.

Q: Do you have any previous fight or boxing experience?

A: I always fought as a kid, I think most people have! Most of the time, it was to defend others, but I also had a bit of an attitude, basically a pain in the ass when bored, so I'm not totally blameless for them all LOL. But when I got to about fourteen and egos starting growing in lads, reputations were starting to be made, I decided I wasn't going to be attacked and bullied, so I started self training and lightly working out. As the fights came to me over the years I realised that I actually loved fighting, if it was for the right reasons, and I was good at it. Having sisters didn't help, always someone bigger I'd have to try sort out on their behalf, sisters eh, ha ha ha ha! My younger sister was worse arrr LOL!

Q: So considering that you have not fought in competition or in the name of sport, how do you view yourself as a fighter?

A: I don't think I'm the hardest guy in the world, but I'll fancy my chances against any street thug, any size, any time! By doing Bare Knuckle Boxing I want to fight with the best of the best, win or lose, I'll walk the walk. Many friends, and I'm not shy in saying it, talk absolute bollocks. They talk a good fight, they think a good fight, but when it comes to it, they have no bottle! Anyone who takes it from the streets to the pit or ring is a real man to me.

Q: So is there any particular fighter within BBAD or the New Era that you admire?

A: A classic example is Matt Thorn. If the man was six foot three and sixteen stones, he would be an animal to the world! He has a monster of a heart does Matt, he inspires me! So does the two famous James's (McCrory and Quinn) I also think that Donald McPhee, (The Highlander) has the heart of a warrior. There are also lots of new lads coming through that are sticking close to one another, becoming a family, that's how BBAD will be massive, as it should be, and well deserved.

Q: A lot of fighters have a nickname, have you chosen on for yourself yet?

A: Yes, I do have one that I might use. But first I need to get a couple of fights under my belt before I use it on a card. 

Q: Talking of fight cards, you are fighting on the Newcastle 'Legends will be Made' card in less than a fortnight! What do you know about your opponent, Alex Sammon?

A: I know nothing about him, all I'm hearing is he's a tough guy, and when I've spoken with him, he's been polite and positive- total respect to the guy!

Q: As this is your first fight, how are you preparing for it?

A: I'm training with pads, shadow boxing, sparring, weights, and general stuff daily. But I do a lot of training alone, training my mind, I don't care about getting hurt, or losing, I'll be fine after the fight, as long as I fight good and hard! Then it's just the best man on the day who comes out on top! No one goes to lose, so I'm aiming for a win!

Q: How are you going to win this fight then, do you have a fight plan?

A: Sorry guys, but I would rather keep my boxing abilities to myself at the moment! I don't want to give anything away yet, I don't want anyone to know my style until I fight! Hopefully it will do me proud like its always done; I'm not a bad loser, ain't ever been beaten by one man alone, or even felt beaten! All the best to Alex if he wins, and I really mean that.
Q: It's a sell out crowd at the NE6 suite, how many fans do you think will be rooting for you?

A : I'll have loads of people shouting my name no doubt, I'm happy about that, I want to give them a good show. I've only fought street style, but I've taught myself boxing for many years now, just hope its enough! Do you think you can predict the outcome?
Q: Is there anything that you would like to say to Alex Sammon?

A: I wish Alex a safe fight, a lot of fighters really want to hurt their opponents, in a way (don't care who's says different), I'd rather win quick and simple, less hurt to the guy as possible. But in spite of the fact that a fight will be stopped before any really serious injury takes place, I know people will always get hurt to some extent. I'm not afraid of it, and I'm sure they're not. Safe honest fight is all I ask, and if he whoops my ass, he's promised me crisps with my pint after the fight!
Q: Before we wrap up, is there anybody you would like to mention or thank?

A: Wanna thank Joe and all the other guys at the top that help run BBAD New Era and for giving me a chance. I definitely want to thank you two for this interview. Stevie 'Carnage' Cairney, Paul 'Duracell' Bunney and also Ju Midnite for taking my corner and sending me out fighting properly. Proud of him, thanx Ju!

BBB: Well we wish you a safe and successful first fight against Billy, thank you for your time! The Beatdown would also like to thank Andy's daughter for her help with editing! 

Kris and Andy

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