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Published March 2015

The BBAD Beatdown Team consisting of Kris Megaw and Andrew Juby speak to young fighter Billy Hawthorn who will be fighting Paul Bunney at BBAD Promotions 'Legends Will Be Made' show in Newcastle on 21st Feb. Billy who started boxing at the age of 8 has fought both gloved and ungloved for BBAD but is looking forward to his bout with Paul ungloved as he prefers this style of fighting. Jon P

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BBB: Thanks for talking to us Billy. We know that you have boxed from an early age, how did you get into boxing in the first place?
BH: I first ever started boxing when I was only 8 years old! I trained with an old travelling man called Terry Coulson he was ranked 3rd in the county amateurs. His training was a lot of old school training, none of the shit that you see now. If you sparred, you got his no tip tap, so I trained until I was allowed to fight at the age of eleven. It all went from there really.

BBB: So when did you get your first proper amateur fight?
BH: I had my first amateur fight as soon as I was allowed, like I said, I was eleven years old. I kept getting beat to be honest, I lost my first 5 fights then after that I started winning. I went on to fight in the Golden Gloves, then the school boys, and then just before I quit I was in the junior ABA's. I won silver in all of them, then like I say I quit ha ha!

BBB: Well you are definitely here now, so when did you start fighting again?
BH: I came back and started unlicensed fights from aged 18 and I'm still doing it now, as well as starting the Bare Knuckle fighting and enjoying every bit of it! I love to fight, I love boxing, loved it since I was a little lad and probably love it till the day I die LOL!

BBB: You have fought both Bare Knuckle and gloved for BBAD, which do you prefer?
BH: I've fought with gloves since I was eleven, and love it, but the BKB is more me as you get in and have a good old fight lol, but yeah, I prefer the BKB!

BBB: You were recently interviewed by our American friend, Alex Neely, and unfortunately did not know much about your opponent for your next Bare Knuckle fight on the 21st February at the BBAD 'Legends will be made' event. However, we have just released our interview with Paul 'Duracell' Bunney. Now that you have read it, and know a bit more about him, is there anything there to help you on the night?
BH: Well like you say, I've read Paul's interview, and now I know a bit about him, but my actions won't change. I come to fight and I still will come to fight. No disrespect to Paul by that, but I come to win no matter what!

BBB: You will have a lot of fans making a lot of noise for you in NE6, will that help you to beat Paul?
BH : Yeah you're right, I will have a lot of people shouting, but all them people will also be shouting for Paul as will both be in there fighting. The crowd doesn't bother me, coz as soon as I'm in that ring, all I hear is the ref! I tend to block the crowd out in case it distracts me for my fight, but like I say, I will have a lot of people there supporting me. I hope they show the same support for my opponent Paul.

Billy HawthornBBB: A gent as always! How do you feel about the show being broadcast live on PPV?
BH: It excites me to know that people all around the world will / could be watching me fight! I love people watching me fight,as I know I give them there money's worth lol but yeah, really excites me!

BBB: Every fight we talk about has the potential to be the fight of the night! Apart from your fight with Paul, and the title fight between Craig and Michael, do you have a particular favourite on the Newcastle undercard?
BH: I'm looking forward to watching Stevie Cairney and also Scott v Donald. I also think Ord vs Chittock will be a good watch, but mostly Stevie Cairney. Really looking forward to see him fight!

BBB: Our good friend Neil Speed, owner of, is sponsoring the Fighter of the Night award, what would it mean if you were to be nominated fighter of the night?
BH: It would be great to be nominated. I've won fight/fighter of the night a good few times, but it would be nice to have a Fight of the Night award on a BKB fight, as like I say, I've done it in the boxing, so would feel great to have the Fight of the Night with Paul

BBB: What's your prediction for the fight? How long will it last?
BH: I'd like to say I will win. Obviously I tell myself I'm gonna win and all that, but as people who fight know, you can't predict it as anything could happen. However, the fight will end by stoppage or a K.O.

BBB: Do you have a fight plan?
BH: I'd like to say I have got a fight plan, but that is my coaches job, to come up with the way I fight. Anyway, as soon as the first punch is landed by either fighter, all your plans go the window and you just get stuck in lol!

BBB: Who is coaching and cornering you for this fight Billy?
BH: I train and get coached by a man called Jimmy Johnson, but in my corner will be Jimmy and a good friend of mine who I've known since I was a boy. He's called Shaun, and they will be in my corner as they were last time.

BBB: Do you have anything you would like to say to Paul?
BH: Yeah, 'Thanks for taking the fight with me, and hope to have a pint with you after our fight!'

BBB: Well you might want a pint, but he wants a large rum!
BH: If Paul wants a rum then I'll gladly buy him one for getting in that ring with me and having a fight!

BBB: Brilliant. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Billy. Before we finish, Is there anybody you would like to give a shout out to?
BH: I'd like to thank Joe for letting me fight, also like to thank my gym for the help to get ready, and obviously I've got my family and close people who help me outside the gym who I'd also like to thank. And once again Paul for fighting me! 

We look forward to watching you trying to flatten the Duracell! have a good fight Billy, and stay safe!

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