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Published September 2015
Promoter Zeki Hussien
Box Smart Gym run by local Pro Boxer Zeki Hussein held his first boxing promotion this weekend at The Lordswood Leisure Centre in Kent. I have used this venue along with my White Collar Fight Club partner for our shows and it a nice size with a bar and helpful staff. Add to that it's location and plenty of parking and it is perfect for a show of about three hundred plus people even after you have stuck a boxing ring or cage in the middle. So that is the venue all good I expect you want to know about the show.
Show time can be a bit of a pressure for promoters especially with drop outs which is something far too common in the world of combat sport. So afterwards I had a quick word with Zeki and asked for his thoughts on how the show went he had this too say: 
'I thought the show went down well everyone there enjoyed it and got behind the fighters. I wish I could have got more bums on seats but as a first show I can't complain... I learned a lot about the spirit and togetherness of my boys that I train! And that's priceless! Watch this space Jon!'
Indeed I will.
On the night there were eight fights, less than scheduled but as most people know nothing is certain until the show is over. This did not spoil the show in any way and although a few more people would have been nice, purely for the financial side, the crowd were enthusiastic and numbers were not really all that bad considering it was a first show and on a Sunday. The fights were as follows:
Fight One - Gary Hudson v Toby Mathews
Fight Two  - Josh Mann v Owen Stone
Fight Three - Steve Harding v Troy Mathews
Fight Four - Micah Burch v  Mark Toulson
Fight Five - Dre Daley v Jason Kay 
Fight Six - Ravi Salhotra v Bert Watson
Fight Seven - Ryan Philbrook vs Troy Mathews
Fight Eight - Ashley Isherwood vs Toby Mathews
Bold Denotes The Winner
Time Keeper Joe Potter   Judge Mike Mills  Ref Slick Evans
It seems a bit pointless really writing about the fights as the video is below this but I must take this chance to say despite having to pull out at the end of the first round well done to Josh Mann for putting up a good effort against the more experience Owen Stone who was very generous in his comments towards Josh when we were watching the video playback.
Also of note was the Ashley Isherwood v Toby Mathews bout with both fighters getting stuck in. Expect this show to get better each time Zeki should be very pleased with his first step into fight promotion. Jon P

Josh Mann and Owen StoneWinners Announcement
The Fights


Box Smart can be found on their Facebook page or in person at The Oriental Arts Centre in Gillingham
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Jon P 14/09/15

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