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Published May 2014
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Kc: Hiya Brad! Hows things?
Brad: Yeah I’m good thanks. Its nice to be back home again and able to relax.
Kc: Obviously you are aware of our competition at Cage Amateurs UK, and thank you for agreeing to do this, and donating a signed t-shirt for us. I hope you know that every question today has been sent in by C.A.U.K. fans – and I’ve read through them, shocking! We may have to censor a few (laughs).
Brad: No that’s Ok, I’ll answer them. Its all good.
Kc: In light of your most recent fight last week,there have been a few questions that keep coming up time and time again – so I’ll start with them andget them out of the way. Firstly, what do you think about the refs decision not to give a warning to Claudio for his multiple eye pokes?
Brad: It was a bad decision. He should have got a warning after the first 2 eye pokes. A third eye poke is taking the piss. There were 4 eye pokes altogether, 3 which actually needed looking at.  I found it hard to get back into my rhythm after each eye poke, so it was like I just couldn’t get into the fight properly.
Kc: Do you think they were intentional?
Brad: No. I really don’t. They were done whilst he was backing off. He didn’t come forward much. I don’t think he wanted to come forward towards me!!
Kc: At the prefight Q&A session, eye pokes were mentioned, and there was a mention of different types of gloves. What is your opinion on this?
Brad: No. I wouldn’t like to see different gloves. I don’t think there’s much anyone can do unless we fight with bowling balls on our hands! I cant see there being a type of glove that would allow full movement but restrict finger poking.
Kc: What do you think (regardless of the eye pokes) about the decision? And do you think that you did enough to win without the point being taken off as many people think it should have been?
Brad: I respect the decision, but after watching the fight back, and how I felt in the fight, I don't agree with it. Especially watching that low blow back – I knew it was a body shot. But watching it back you can see it was a body shot. Even the ref knew it was a body shot and told me to fight on. But I had a little doubt during the fight, as you do. I only blame myself – I should’ve ploughed into him then. I can only blame myself for that. But I’ve learned from it, and that’s all you can do. Put it this way, I don’t think the fighter … won the fight. He just wanted to hug me and lie on me.
Kc: How did you feel before you walked out into the arena? Does it make a difference that you were in your home country?
Brad: I felt great. I was well prepared. Yes it does make a huge difference. But I’ll always have prefight nerves.  I think they serve a purpose though, so I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Kc: what were you like just after walked back to th changing rooms loss?
Brad: Very disappointed. Angry, not upset. Angry at myself, and him (Claudio). Disappointed at the refs decisions. Sensei Stu was savage. Then I had to go to the hospital.I had to have an MRI on my eye just to make sure.
Kc: I heard you missed most of the after party because you had to go to hospital!! How bad was it? Are you ok?
Brad: Yeah, my eye was sore, I needed an MRI. I get the results soon. I might even need an operation on my shoulder too. I was there with Claudio! We saw each other there. I was there because he gauged at my eye though – he was there because I smashed his face in (playful laugh)
Kc: If you could fight anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Brad: America. And soon.
Kc: Do you have a prefight ritual / routine / superstitions?
Brad: None. Because what if, just one time, you cant do it? It would really mess you up.
Kc: If you could fight that fight again, would you change anything?
Brad: I would work a bit more on instinctive wrestling. I could’ve had it, the fight. But I didn’t follow my instinctive wrestling.
Kc: Do you miss the normal life / being a normal guy?
Brad: Yes sometimes. When your mates are going out etc. When they’re going out, enjoying themselves, and drinking. But I’m going to see the Wurzels with them very soon, so that will be good.
Kc: Who would you like to fight - dead or alive (it doesn’t need to be an MMA fighter)?
Brad: Who winds me up – who gets on my nerves … not the tax man, too obvious. London congestion charge – I would beat him up. The film ‘Lawless’, with Tom Hardy, the bad guy from there … ahhh whats his name?? (thinking sounds) Him!  I would beat him up.
Note: (Having never seen the film, Kc researched the story line and still isn’t sure who Brad means. But she has decided – from the write up – that both “Deputy Rakes” and “Mobster Floyd Banner” needs teaching a lesson, so will be arranging this for Brad when they meet up next at PainPit, in Newport, Wales).
Kc: What do you feel about the current state of M.M.A. in the UK?
Brad: Its getting better. The level is definitely improving. I think it will eventually need a regulating body, but not until it’s a big enough scene. I think it is ok at the moment, its not that big. It needs to get much bigger to warrant that.
Kc: What is your favourite UK M.M.A. event?
Brad:Apart from Total Take down?? Because they’re the best. Cage Warriors.
Kc: Bare knuckle boxing is making a big mark here in the UK – what are your thoughts on that?
Brad: Stupid. Don’t like it – its not a nice sport. Its got a bad name. I wouldn’t want anything to do with it.
Kc: When you’re not training, what do you like doing in your spare time?
Brad:Which is never!!  Nothing other sport wise. I go to the cinema. I like going to the cinema.
Kc: What was the last thing you saw in the cinema??
Brad: The last thing I seen in cinema?  Pompei. Ride along. The New Riddick – that was so bad!! SO bad it was good (laughs) its like “no wayyy!” (laughs). Haunted house. I used to go every week with the guys from M.M.A. Lab. I cant remember, I’ve seen so much.
Kc: What was your favourite Christmas present, ever?
Brad: OHHHH – I had a Coffee machine – in the UK. It’s a good one!
Kc: Why walk in to a Wurzels song? Will you always come out to that song?
Brad: Who asks these questions??! (laughs) They’ve obviously never been to a Wurzles gig!! They’re big! I’ve had many a wobbly leg there (laughs).
Kc: How do you find life in the States different compared to life in the UK?
Brad: Its more relaxed in America.  I go there to train. So its wake up, train, relax, train, sleep, train … I live in a house with fighters, we all like fighting. Its like a holiday … In the UK its back to reality. I still train, but its real life. And I train with the fat messes at Dragonslair, and Stu … (laughs and laughs)
Kc: Did you ever think that TUF would be the stepping stone to UFC that it was?
Brad: I had a feeling I was gonna get a chance. I was confident.
Kc: Do you keep in touch with anyone from T.U.F.?
Brad: I saw Bola this weekend. I keep in touch with Normal Parke too. They’re cool guys.
Kc: What are your weakness(es) and is there anything you feel you need to work on?
Brad: Wrestling and Jui Jitsu.
Kc: Who do you admire in the U.F.C?
Brad: Admire?? I’m not gay. Britney Palmer – someone I like to look at.
Kc: Is there any 1 person you admire, or who has been the most help in your career?
Brad: The entire team behind me. I’m not going to go through all their names again, I always miss somebody! They all know who they are …
Kc: Is there anyone who you could not have gotten to where you are now without?
Brad: Dragonslair MMA. G4 MMA. Gary Cross
Kc: Are you happy fighting at the weight you are?
Brad: I'm happier. I might consider back down to 170lb. Who knows.
Kc: Is there anything you feel you need to improve on in your stand up?
Brad: Kicking. Yeah, my kicking is pretty poor. I don’t use them enough.
Kc: How and when did you get in to combat sport?
Brad: Back in 2007, kickboxing. Then MMA properly 3yrs later, in 2010. I wanted to get into marines but I wasn’t fit enough, so I took up martial arts and found out I was really good …
Kc: Is there a person or club that you haven’t trained with yet, that you would really like to train with?
Brad: Jacksons, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Kc: What is your favourite finishing move –
Stand up?  - Liver shot.
Grappling? – RNC. Oh, and power guillotine.
Kc: I know there was a lot of discussion about the London U.F.C. – about Bruce Buffer, Joe Rogan etc. not being in the UK. What are your thoughts on that - Would you rather the American style U.F.C. came to the UK for the U.F.C. shows?
Brad: When you grew up watching those people, its nice to be a part of that. I like being a part of the U.F.C. I watched when I was working towards my dream of fighting in the U.F.C.
Kc: Do you think there should be a separate UK U.F.C crew?
Brad: I don’t really want to say a lot on that.  As I said, it would be nice to be a part of the UFC as everybody has watched it for years, since the beginning. But I also like the thought of giving the best people in the UK opportunities too.
Kc: Do you think we need to create U.F.C. job opportunities for the top UK people?
Brad: British jobs for british people!!! – Dan hardy done a good job – legend.
Note: (CONFESSION! Due to personal circumstances, Kc never made it to interview Bradley Scott where it was originally arranged to take place, at a fight night called  TotalTakedown in Wiltshire, so thus far has been a telephone interview after waking Brad up, and interviewing him in bed, whilst he continued to sporadically yawn).
Kc: There was a show last night held in Calne, Wiltshire, called Total Takedown. The results of the fights were published today, and it mentions you in the results. What do you think about your latest defeat against the far superior Ben Hughes??
Brad:His boxing was far superior. I was forced to shoot in and try and take him down (laughs).Clown. (seems to be an affectionate name that the Dragonslair team have adopted for me over the years).
Kc: Sticking to Total Takedown, what are your thoughts on the fights? Did you agree with fight of the night / submission of the night / TKO of the night?
Brad: Yeah, pretty much, I agreed with them. It was a fantastic night, great atmosphere. The crowd were really good, really supportive of their fighters. It’s the 2nd Total Takedown show, the first one was really good too. But it seemed to be bigger this time. Louder.  There were about 400 fans there, but that number is going to increase for the next show they hold because of the demand they’re getting.
Kc: What was your favourite fight from Total Takedown? Why?
Brad: Joe Ackerman or Danny Scott. They were entertaining.
Kc: There was a guy called Marc Clarke at Total Takedown who shaved his head and his beard off for charity. How much did he raise?
Kc:Would you ever do that?
Brad: Uummmm, Yes. Why not.
Kc:What charity would you chose and why?
Brad:Cancer Research, because everybody has been affected by it.
Kc: When is the next show? Will you be there?
Brad: It is June. I hope to be there, but I might not be. It depends on training.
Kc: Is there anything you would like to add about Total Takedown?
Brad: I think I mentioned it earlier, its going to need a bigger venue soon. It was a sell out both times.
Kc: Omg Brad, I’m so sorry for these next questions. They’re very personal! But I’ve got to ask them as they were sent in by the CAUK fans!! But as I mentioned before, you don’t have to answer any if you don’t want to. I’m glad I’m not in the same room as you, (laughs) I’m going red already! On that note – lets make a start.
Kc: What was the name of the first girl you kissed??
Brad: Oh my god I cant remember! I’ve been a stud muffin for a very long time – she’ll remember though. I was only about 2 …or 3!
Kc: Ok! First meaningful kiss … or snog!
Brad: Oh, I was probably in the Army cadets … probably about 12yrs old. I do not know. She does though (laughs).
Kc: Legs, ass or tits?
Brad: Ass (I’m hoping he was answering the question and not just calling me names!!)
Kc: Favourite position?? (Cringing)
Brad: North south (laughs). Well that’s how its known in MMA. Its also called the Mounted Turtle.
Kc: It was steak and BJ day a few days ago. Are you taking part in chicken lickin day?
Brad: Whats that???! No I’m fucking not (laughs)
Kc: Favourite ring / card girl?
Brad: Britney Palmer
Kc: Will you ever be a ring boy again? And was it as scary as fighting??
Brad: Oh yeah!! Hahaaa. It was a good laugh … but NO.
Kc: Thank you so much Brad, you’ve actually answered ALL of the questions!! So which one was YOUR FAVOURITE QUESTION???
Brad: One of the funny ones. I always answer loads of serious questions. I like the personal questions – the one about the first kiss. That was a good one.
Kc: Brad. I hope this reads as it was meant – you’re known for your dry, but playful sense of humour! And now you’re known for your heart and sportsmanship too. DON’T DO THAT AGAIN lol. Next time – no mercy.
This interview will be written up and published within the week, and the competition winner will be announced at the same time. 
I will see you in Newport at the biggest show that Wales has to offer – PainPit!! Where I will pick up the t shirt you have so kindly autographed and donated. 
Thank you again for your time, and I will now let you get back to sleep with those final questions fresh in your mind (add girly giggle!).

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