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The Noble Art Part 13

Published July 2016

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23rd July 2016 was the date and Leicester was to be the place. Leicester seems to be where I end up whenever there is a Combat Sport show to be done. So far it has been BBAD and Raging Bull but this time I was to add a new show to the others in the form of Brave Soul Boxing a promotion run by Dom Cunnington and his wife. It is a well established show as this was number thirteen which was bound to be unlucky for some. It certainly was but most of the bad luck landed on me and my and my fellow Cage Amateur Dan Cousins.

It should be said that things started off well. We double checked the time we were leaving the Medway Towns and adjusBrave Soul Boxing Promoters Dom and Stacyted it accordingly to arrive in good time and to be set up before the doors opened at 5pm. This was not to be the case as we arrived at 5.30 having got stuck in a 19 mile tail back of very slow moving traffic on the M25.

On arriving things continued to go down hill fast as it started to sink in that I had left two tripods and a flight case of camera bolt-on's at home the flight case containing among other things batteries for the cameras. First off lets see what was what. The venue was Club Republic in Leicester and was an excellent venue which lent it's self very well to having a boxing ring stuck in the middle of it with good views of the action from all sides. More importantly the beer was a good price and with plenty of bar staff there was not any wait at the bar. Not that we was taking advantage of the bar but if we were it would have been perfect. The DJ was on time with the walkout music and had the microphone switched on at all the right times. That may sound a bit on the stupid side but I have seen ring announcers have to run out of the ring ( on this occasion it was a cage ), run up to the DJ booth and get the guy to turn the mic on so he could get on with calling the next fight. Not once did he have to do this but many times. So the moral of the story is not all DJ's are great at keeping things moving at a fight show. This was not the case at Leicester.

This is the first time I have met this promoter and I must say he is a top man, and a top woman, by that I do not mean he lives as a man by day and a woman at night but more so that he is the joint promoter with his wife being the other half of the promotion team.

Dom is a fighter himself, or should I say retired fighter although that all changed at 'The Noble Art part 13' as Junior Gold's opponent had dropped out on the morning of the show leaving him with no fight. Dom stepped into the ring having not swung a glove in anger in four years for an exhibition fight with Junior. Junior, dad of Stevie Gold himself a bare knuckle fighter who is now looking at going into gloved boxing with the aim of turning pro in the future, is less experienced than Dom but has recently had a couple of bouts and is a big fella who would certainly get your attention if he was to clump you one.

Dom is also part of 'The Urban Boxing Academy' when he is not promoting a show and works as a bricklayer so he is a are busy man, too busy to be messed about with people dropping out after having said they will fight. This seems to be a universal problem and on that subject I personally would be at a loss to say how it can be dealt with.

All was not lost and there was to be eight fights with a raffle in the interval which was after bout four. It was a raffle worth going in to with some great prizes for the lucky winners. All fighters gave it there best with fights seven and eight being of particular note. There were a few names on the card that I recognised which was good to see, and I am sure Dom was grateful to the fighters and gyms for giving the show their support including The Urban Boxing Academy, Rogue Elite and Leicester Legends. 

Also adding some entertainment during the interval was the Toxic Girls. A duo who light the ring up with a display of what you can do with a bottle of inflammable liquid a mouth to blow the liquid out of and a flaming torch. Spectacular for sure but not one to try at home. There was some irony to seeing the girls having a smoke before they did their act. On reflection it was probably a wise thing to do I dread to think what may have happened if you had one after.

I won't bother doing a blow by blow account of the fights as the video will speak for it's self. That just leaves me to say it was a good show well worth attending if your are a fight fan and talking of which the fans of the fighters were on form supporting there fighter and generous with the opposition. Look out for the next show on our  Show Dates page.

Jon P


Fight Card


Preet Somaiya
Jordan Burton
Will Newton
Josh Tait
 Dom Cunnington
Junior Gold
Shane Ward
Isaac Gibbs
Kasper Kummer
Morgan Howard
Jonny Abbot
Jamie Leishman
Keelan Cayless
Kristen Walker
Lucas Baker
Andrew Cosnett
Interval entertainment was by The Toxic Dolls here's a bit of footage from them. You can find them on Facebook @toxicdollsUK
So there you have it apart from a few thank you's from Dom. Thanks to MC Billy O'Keeffe,  Ref Gra Burt, DJ Matt Smith, The Medics, Judges Tony McKenzie, Stuart Dunn and Nico Chambers. Whip lads Clive and Simon Read, Pete Hughes and Kev Botrill and anyone else who has been missed.

Review written by Jon Pepperell

Camera's - Jon Pepperell and Dan Cousins

Editing - Jon Pepperell

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