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Published April 2012
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Ultimate Conflict 2 was held at The Mandalay Hotel, 36-40 London Road, Guilford. It was a top line up as usual from the guys at Colosseum Sports Ltd. The beautiful Aphrodite Ring Girls Lucy Diamond, Daria Merc, Laura Williams, Ejay Smith, Sadie Mensah, Charmaine Johnson, Kirsty Williams and Emma Smith all kept the night lively from the start and they all performed great. The Ring Announcer was Bret Freeman who always does a great job, he was accompanied by Cherelle Jay who was interviewing the fighters after there bout. The ref was Leigh Remedios who kept a close eye on proceedings with the Fight Medic Micheala Parker (A&E Nurse and owner of Fight Medics UK) looking after the fighters health. Cage Amateurs U.K. were there and managed to get interviews with fighters Tolly Plested, Denniston Sutherland and Steve Dossett. Long time practitioner, founder of Spirit Combat and respected Martial Artist Brian Dossett was at the venue and kindly added to the list of Interviewees with Referee Leigh Remedios completing this collection of great interviews. A collection of photographs and reviews of the fights under their belts Cage Amateurs U.K. believe we have a great combination that will give a picture of the day that you will enjoy as much as we did.


WC Boxing- Gavin Crouch (Team Fury) took on Louis Kamara (Maximus Gym). Round 1 Louis strikes early with some good head shots and Crouch replies with some sweet body shots. Louis caught Crouch with a heavy right which knocked him down. Crouch hit back but could not connect. Round 2 both fighters come out with a ferocious speed and great attacking. Again Louis catches Crouch with a Leg shaking Right hook. Both furiously exchange blows and when the bell goes I have it a round each. Round 3 Louis comes out with some great shots a couple nearly finishing Crouch but he held on well. Louis got the decision with a well-deserved win.

CSMMA Ultimate ConflictMMA Semi Pro- Michael Maroudas (Team Fury) took on Mark Keggy (Independent). Some furious punching from early on. Keggy was defending really well but Maroudas finished the fight early via choke hold.
MMA Semi Pro- Nathan Jones (Combat Company) take on Matthew Dakin (GBMMA).Nice early punch lands from Dakin then Jones gets a great take down and his held off at half guard. Dakin defends well. Dakin breaks but Jones gets a ground and pound but again Dakin defends well. Jones gets a Choke on but the round ends. Dakin gets a great early take down but Jones secures a Head lock and gets the submission.
MMA Semi Pro- Lennie Scudder (1st Gen) take on Steve McDonald. Lennie got a great early victory via submission in Round 1.

WC Boxing- Kirsty Davis (Ipon) takes on Anna Ayres (Maximus Gym). Anna starts well on her debut but the experience of Davis showed early as the she won by TKO in round 1.
K1 Pro Feather - Alan Cooper (Independent) take on Jamie Trankle (Maximus Gym). Some great early kicks from Cooper. Some big blows exchanged. Both cut but Trankle starts finding his rhythm. Cooper fights back and gets knocked down for a second time and this time it is all over. Trankle wins.
K1 AMM- Clive Charles (Pete Mercer Gym) takes on Max Holloway (Combat Company). These two battled for Three Rounds. Both did great and were very attacking even in the last round. Holloway got the decision and won the fight.
MMA Semi Pro- Josh (Wee Man) Bangert (Hemel Martial Arts) take on Josh Lappin  (Colosseum). They get tight to the cage early on. Bangert gets a great early takedown. On the ground Bangert holds strong and attempts to Ground and pound but Lappin defends well. Lappin gets a big slam and grounds and pounds. Bangert holds guard. Both come out strong in round two. Lappin defends well and lands a guillotine which Bangert breaks from. Wee Man had a big following. Weeman controls well on the then gets an Armbar just as the round ends. Wee Man won on decision.
K1 Pro- Hovo Tadevosyan (1st Generation) takes on Marcus Powell ( Red Dragons). hey both come out strong with Hovo landing some early big kicks. Hovo attacks the whole first round with Marcus having to defend well. Round two Powell becomes more attacking with Hovo doing some good defending. Hovo lands a good spinning heal kick but Powell a lot more active in this round. Round three. Hovo strikes early with Powell getting a few combinations going and some great Knees being exchanged. Hovo gets the decision wins via Decision.

Clive CharlesHW Boxing- Ian Hawkins (Monster Gym) takes on Sam Hamerston (Independent). Big Ian started with a few nice jabs then from nowhere Hamerston KO’d Hawkins with a Massive hook.
K1 Pro Middle- Earl Brown (SWS Gym) takes on Dave Rintoul (GB MMA). Rintoul strikes early and gets a guillotine but Brown shows extreme strength and pulls of a massive slam to break the hold. Brown goes down and Rintoul gets on top. Brown lying on his stomach starts receiving some heavy blows to the head and the fight is stopped and Rintoul wins via T.K.O.
MMA Pro- Reece Watson (Hemel Martial Arts) Takes on Steve Dossett. Dossett came to the ring with a Cowboy Costume. Early blows from both. Some great exchanges from both sides. Some big Knees landed on Dossett. Dossett lands a nice right but it’s
returned with a Devastating Kick to the ribs from Watson. Watson wins via T.K.O.
K1 Pro Middle- Jimmy ”Justice” Miller (Independent) Takes on Karl Langley (Independent). Justice was told about the fight the day before so great of him to step in. Was great start from both? Langley lands some nice lower leg kicks. Justice defended well but Langley was stronger in the first. Round two Jimmy lands a nice jab. Some good combinations from Langley. A big right catches Justice followed by a devastating Knee that saw Justice go down and could not get back up. Langley wins by T.K.O. in round two.
Colosseum did a great job with the Event. There was a good crowd on the night and as usual at M.M.A. events there was no trouble outside the ring. This is one of many events that Colosseum are promoting and I know the guys are working very hard to arrange more this year. If you have not already joined Cage Amateurs UK and Colosseum Facebook groups please do to be kept up to date on future Events. Well done to everyone involved it was a great night with the top names in M.M.A. on the card.
First Published Approx 2nd April 2012

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