Carl Kinslow


U.C.M.M.A. Light Heavy Weight Champion

Published October 2013

Carl Kinslow in the cage

Kinslow, 28, from Rochester, Kent currently trains at Combat Sports Academy in Strood. The Academy is owned by Black Belt BJJ specialist Lee Johnstone. His training partners include Heavyweight Dayman Lake, MW Clayton Mclean, BJJ Fighter Lee Ambler and many others. The Academy formerly known as Medway Submissions, was one of the first gyms in the county to specialise in all aspects of Martial Arts. It's a well known professional training ground for fighters at all levels.

Kinslow according to google has a record of 6-5-1. This does not reflect his skills and he admits he's had some very low points in his career where he felt mentally drained and did not want to carry on fighting.

He said:

I went through a bad stage a few years back where I was feeling very insecure and negative about my fighting. It has been a long process and even though I kept losing, something inside me made me carry on."

I remember seeing Kinslow in his early fighting days at the local Adrenaline shows and he "was" probably negative about his fighting, but not anymore.

I have met a lot of fighters but very few have the positive energy that he does. When chatting to him you can immediately feel his energy pass to you, which is not something many people can do.

Kinslow added "I do not listen to the negative comments or the positive ones.Carl Kinslow Walk On I stay grounded and focused. I have set my sights on Jon Jones as this is the weight I am comfortable at and at the end of the day if I do not aim for the top it would be pointless to carry on. I used to fight much smaller and have moved up in weight gradually. I am very happy at this weight. I do not like having to kill myself trying to cut weight and I think it is a very unhealthy thing to do in the days before a fight."

Kinslow beat Ben Smith on his way to the title glory, and he says this was one of his tougher fights - he won by KO. More recently he defeated Prezmyslaw Mysialia via decision in the build up to the Chapman fight.

He said:

"Smith was really strong. My fight with Mysialia was my most enjoyable I loved it, I was disappointed when it finished because I wanted to keep fighting it was that good."

As usual the U.C.M.M.A. press conference went down with a bang. Chapman was seen pushing Kinslow at the stare down and promoter Dave O'Donnell had to jump in to calm down the feud.

Kinslow said:

"He called me a mongoose and I jokingly asked Dave what that meant. When he pushed me away I knew he was nervous. I knew I was going to win that fight and the belt is now in my living room exactly where i pictured it when i found out I had the title shot. He caught me on the jaw with a good punch but it actually looked worse than it was, there was no point in that fight that I was hurt or thinking I am in trouble. I have nothing negative to say about Nick (Chapman) as he was a gentleman after the fight."

Carl Kinslow In The CageKinslow has not been matched, so will not defend his title at the next U.C.M.M.A.
However Chapman is being matched. I have read some negative comments about Chapman mainly saying that he is a built up fighter and his name is bigger than his skill. I'm not so sure, I find these comments a bit unfair. All Chapman suffers from is lack of time in the cage. He's had three fights cancelled on the bounce which even to the most mentally strong must be disheartening. This was his first fight in about nine months. Yes, he did rise up the ladder very fast and seemed to appear from nowhere, but he's as dedicated, if not more than most professional fighters. 
Chapman is also a big ticket seller and a great promo guy which makes him a Promoter's dream.

With a rest from the next U.C.M.M.A. I asked Kinslow what is next?

He said:

" I do not really know I just waiting for Lee Page at C.S.A. to tell me what is going on. I know I am boxing on I.B.A. over in Essex in December but past that I will just wait to be told by my management team."

Kinslow watches motivational videos on his heroes everyday to keep that positive energy flowing. I asked him if he would consider T.U.F. as a route to the U.F.C.

He said:

"I would not go down that route. I want Dana White to notice me for me not because I auditioned through a reality TV show."

Kinslow is proof that if you are strong in the mind you can achieve big things. His outlook is very positive and he is a very deep intelligent person who I believe will go the distance.

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