The AHK In Charlies Corner


Charlie recently wrote a open letter to youngsters involved in crime

Published November 2015


What would I say to youngsters who are about to take the road to crime. Simple. Put the brakes on, stop and think. The facts are simple, it’s a road to hell, don’t do it. You can’t ever get that time back. Its lost, forever gone, a waste of life.
Imagine it for years, decades, try and work out the damage and pain it will have on your family life. It’s actually horrific. I’ll tell you what it does; it destroys lives and turns people into heartless souls.
When you’re young you think it’s clever, it makes you feel tough, you’re with the boys doing your porridge. Big tough guys, but your mothers at home crying her eyes out. She has to save up every month to visit you in all weathers, she has to be searched and security checked to get in to see you. Your mother is just another statistic of you crime spree, she’s a victim too. Imagine her visiting you for 20yrs; 30yrs. imagine the stress, the worry, the pain. Her son’s throwing away his life. It hurts her. Then she dies broken heart'd and you’re still in prison. You wasn’t there for her, you never was. You may be refused to attend her funeral. Then when it’s all over, who visits you then? Then if and when you get out, you go to visit the grave, what can you say?
This is only a small part of the prison world, it’s cold and cruel and wicked. There is no glamour or achievements in a prison cell. Then you need to think about the violence, the rapes, the suicides, the depression, the madness, it all rubs off on you. Years and years of emptiness, hopelessness, being told when to eat, when to get up, when to go on the exercise yard, when to shower. Being told who you can see, who you can call, when to shit, when to sleep. Being controlled. Crap food, crap clothes, crap bedding, a crap life. This is what comes with crime.
You may get a short sentence, you may get a long sentence, you may get life. Whatever you get, you lost your life. No birds, no luxuries, no sweet smells, just a lot of porridge. That’s what you’re looking at, a boring existence. Soul destroying.
Is crime worth it? Let’s say you make a million quid, and you serve 10 yrs, is it worth it? 10 yrs of nothing. Believe me money can’t buy a life and the truth is very few in prison made much money; most crimes are pathetic, committed by idiots. Prisons full of idiots. We have to be clowns, to keep coming inside. 


All for what???? If you follow in my footsteps, you’re following a madman. So think, it’s your life, your shout. It’s one hell of a gamble.
Look you mother in the eyes and ask yourself, do I really want to put her through hell? Do I really want to throw away my freedom? It’s you choice and only yours.

Do you expect girlfriends to wait for you? Don’t be deluded. They don’t. Why should they, you’re a loser, that’s why. Whilst you’re inside, she’s out having a party and who can blame her. Your mates all have a job and earning a wage, going on holidays, buying nice clothes, enjoying life. You’re banged up in a stinking cell that smells of stale piss. The walls are filthy, the beds lumpy and smelly. You’re behind that steel door, coz you’re a loser!
You may have a son, a daughter, what about them? You betrayed them. They needed you. You chose crime, now do the time. See what you lost. By the time you get out, those kids are grown-ups. You lost out on fatherhood. You walk out of prison to a world that left you behind. Your hairs grey, your eyes no longer shine. You’re a bitter old man. That’s your future, that’s if you make it out. Lots don’t. They die in prison. They may get stabbed up they may die of stress, bad diets, some turn to drugs. It’s a crap existence. Do yourself a favour; turn your back on it. Life’s so precious. Priceless. Enjoy it.
So that’s my truthful opinion on why crime don’t pay. If after you read this and you decide to step into the world of crime, then don’t be moaning and crying when you get your collar felt and you land in the big black pit if doom. So many youngsters come into this world whinging and moaning poor me, blaming the world, human rights crap. Well you broke the law; accept what you are, a criminal, a convict, a big time loser.
Welcome to the funny farm, your strait-jacket awaits.
P.S, Do it for Mum, say no to crime.

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