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Published December 2014

You should already know about the charity I am involved with here if you are a regular visitor to this site. But if you don't I will give you a quick run down and tell you what this page will be doing. On December 22nd 2012 a young man was murdered. His name Leon Cairney. Now this young man was not a gang member or trouble maker but an ex soldier who had served in the kind of place most people would not dare to tread. While he was there he witnessed his friend being blown up by an i.e.d. (Improvised Explosive Device). He left the army after this and took up employment. I personally do not know anything about the lad who stabbed him but he could have just as easily been a normal lad from a normal family who for whatever reason chose to carry a knife. The result is not only his life and Leon's has been destroyed but the lives of all those involved.
So why Team Choose Lives Not Knives?
I have been speaking to Stuart Armstrong who is the man heading up the charity started by Leon's father Steve Cairney and is driving things forward and gaining support so things keep moving and don't loose momentum as things often do. So between us we decided we would have a page on here for the team.
Who's the Team?
You, me, anyone who is supporting this campaign. I will be building this up as I go so keep coming back as I will be updating this as soon as is possible.
First up we have LLoyd Walton young boxer who recently flew the flag at his boxing match against Paul Marshal. Lloyd is a new trustee for Choose Lives Not Knives so we will be seeing more of him in the future. Sadly he lost the bout against Paul Marsh but he will be fighting again in 2015 and flying the flag.
Second was filmed on an iphone. I have had a bit of a mess with it but the quility is not so good.
The original can be seen by clicking Bledi Metaj (TCB / Lives not Knives)

Mission Statement – November 2014


The mission of ‘Choose Lives not Knives’ is to raise awareness in the UK or the dangers of knife crime by the use of media and education.


Our vision is to provide every high school pupil in the UK with information on the dangers of knife crime, and to raise awareness in the general public and media, If the ‘Choose Lives not Knives’ campaign can save just one life then our vision has truly been achieved.

People Who Are Supporting Choose Lives Not Knives include
Stephen Cairney - Founder and Trustee

Stu Armstrong - Patron

Dan Chapman - Trustee

Lloyd Walton - Trustee

Lloyd 'Machine Gun' Walton
Steve 'Stealth' Siddle
Bledi 'The Albanian Assasian' Metaj
Dan Chapman (MMA)
James Mulheron (Made for the Cage British and European Heavyweight Champion)
Scott Midgley (BKB)
Michael 'Mad Dog' Ord


Paul Charters
Albert 'Coco' Smith

Nightclub Events Manager
Louise Moet
Design Work

Neal 'Mumble' Savage

Joe BBAD - Owner BBAD Promotions ltd

Jon Pepperell - Owner Cage Amateurs UK

Andrew Wile - Boxing Promoter (Team Reps)

Paul Green - Radio Northumberland

James 'Gypsy Boy' McCrory - BKB British Heavyweight Champion  
Featured In

                 The Stirling Observer                           Newspaper/Media 
                The Daily Record and Sunday Media      Newspaper Media
           Radio Northumberland                       Radio/Media
                   The Argus                                          Newspaper/Media


Find Cage Amateurs UK on Twitter also Cage Amateurs UK can be Found on Facebook and on YouTube and Google