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Published January 2018

UBKB Fighter
Leading up to the next Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing show on March 10th 2018 at The Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester I take time to grab Chris "The Scalp Snatcher" Wheeldon for a quick chat. Chris has been fighting for a while now including fights against people such Andy Roberts and Scott Midgley to name but a few. Following his last bout against Andy Roberts he went into this bout "The Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing British Cruiserweight Belt" against Lee Rumens which he won in 1 minute and 20 seconds. This of course makes him the champion and being the champion there are always people wanting to take the title. This time it is Red Brown who wishes to do so. So we sat down and had a chat about the fight and a few other bits and pieces.

Chris thank you for taking your time to take part in this interview lets get straight down to things.


Jon P: You are currently fighting for the Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing promotion and have a few fights under your belt both within the organisation and out. How many altogether?

Chris: Hi Jon thanks for taking the time to interview me. My current Bare Knuckle Boxing record is 6 wins and 3 losses with my next fight finally taking me into double figures. 

Jon P: Which one was your favourite and why was that?

Chris Wheeldon Takes The BeltChris: My favourite fight for me was against Leon Coker in Wales a few years back. The fight itself only lasted a mere 17 seconds but I felt so loose and relaxed that fight it almost felt like I was floating around the ring. 

Jon P: Going back before you started bare knuckle was you involved in any combat sport previously or was Bare Knuckle Boxing your first involvement with the fight world? By that I mean arranged fights in a controlled environment rather that street fights which generally are just bollocks in my book.

Chris:I had no prior involvement in any combat sports up until I stepped up as a Bare Knuckle Boxer Jon. I've always had a keen interest in BKB. I spent many hours watching documentaries and reading books so when the opportunity finally arose for me to try my hand at it I naturally jumped at the chance and haven't looked back since.

Jon P: I have got to ask this before it slips my mind but I was browsing through Facebook and you have declared yourself a pescatarian. What is a pescatarian and will your new walk on music be bright eyes? Just pulling your chain mate.

Chris: Ha Ha a pescatarian is a diet void of any land animal Jon so basically a vegetarian diet with the addition of fish/sea food. I made the choice a few weeks ago now and I've decided it's a diet I will continue to use. The health benefits you gain from not eating land animals far out ways any benefits you gain from eating them. 

Jon P: Having a few years on the clock I am not into this modern healthy eating stuff and eat what I want (I am kind of hoping I don’t drop dead with some kind of food related problem before this is published). As a fighter you take your diet more seriously. I guess this has prompted your change of diet what do you feel the benefits will be?

Chris: It's never to late to start making better food choices Jon (wink wink) ha ha. To be brutally honest Jon this is the first fight prep where I'm sticking to a really healthy diet usually I just wing my diet and I still come in highly conditioned and ready to fight. I've decided to up my game this fight and see first hand if and what the benefits will be. It could be a placebo but I already feel like my energy levels are a lot higher then they have been in other fight preps.

Jon P: The standard of BKB has certainly risen since I first saw a show. I think the days of just stepping up doesn’t cut the mustard and with this fighters need to pick up their game. Would you agree?

Chris: Yes Jon I would certainly agree with that mate. It was watching the standard a few years ago that gave me the confidence to give it a go. When I first started if you was physically fit and could have a go you was in with a chance. As times gone on all the original lads have had no choice but to evolve with the sport or get left behind. 

Jon P: Bit of a corny question but let’s do it. Living or dead who would you like to have a few beers with in your local and why would you find them interesting? This doesn’t have to be a fighter by the way.

Chris: Ha Ha God that's a tough one. Off the cuff I'd probably pick someone who was a bit of a character like Albert Einstein. I would imagine that old Albert would of been a barrel of laughs after sinking several pints. 

Chris Wheeldon CelebratesJon P: Away from the ring what does the day find Chris Wheeldon doing?

Chris: I've recently started venturing into the world of personal training. I've spent over 20 years frequenting gyms with 3 years of that dedicated to the fight game so I've got a wealth of experience to aid me and I really enjoy pushing people past there limits. When I'm not in the gym I'm at home with my family. 

Jon P: Your next fight is against Red Brown. His last fight against Ross Priestner on U.B.K.B.4 was a tidy little fight but this time he is going to be trying to take the gold. On a scale of previous fight and the guys you have gone up against how do you think Red shapes up? That is no disrespect to Red but you have some nice fights and it was a 1 minute 20 second win last time will you be throttling back for this fight or will you be stopping Red’s plans to take your belt before he gets any ideas of putting it round his waist. Will you be hanging his scalp up on the trophy shelf in quick time or play a longer game?

Chris: To be honest Jon I don't know to much about Red so my opinion is solely on the merit of his last fight. I actually liked the way red fought in his last fight he made it look effortless and looked like he was really enjoying himself in there. I think our styles are actually quite similar open styles so they should complement each other quite well. But with that said I'm quietly confident and feel like I've got the tools required to get the job done on the night.. so if you want to loose your bread be a fool and bet on Red ha ha ;)

Jon P: In the future could you see yourself promoting a show?

Chris: No it's definitely not something I've personally given any thoughts towards Jon. I'm a fighter, I fight.. I'll leave the promoting to the promoters mate 

Jon P: I have seen some video you have put together and in a past conversation you have said to me you fancy writing. When you come to the day that you don’t fancy fighting anymore do you see yourself going into one of the previous mention areas? If so would that be fighting or something totally different?

Chris: It's funny you should mention that Jon because one of my goals for this year is to write a book about my experiences as a fighter. I would love to get the book published at some point but my main goal is to get everything written down in words first before I look any further. 

Jon P: Thank you very much for the chat I really don’t want to keep you too long as you have work to do rather than have me taking it up. There are many more questions but the is also always room for another interview later. Maybe I could even persuade you to do some with other fights lol. But that is for another time.

For now is there anyone you want to say Hi, thanks or go soak you head too?

Chris: Cheers Jon always a pleasure mate. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who have chose to support me on my journey thus far. From my beautiful wife Emma, to Shaun and Amanda of U.B.K.B., to everyone that has helped me to train to become a better more rounded fighter, to everyone that has bought tickets and took time out of there weekends to come and show me your support on fight night. Without you guys my journey would never of been made possible so a great big massive thank you to you all.

Once again thank you for your time Chris and I look forward to seeing you on March 10th 2018 at The Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester for your title defence.

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