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Published March 2015

I decided that Chris had enough time to rest after his recent victory, and wouldn't leave him alone. Having finally found time in his busy schedule I had a good chat, and what a lovely fella!
Christian Evans
Q: What fight experience do you have, how did you get into boxing?

A: My Grandfather was a good boxer, so it's in my blood. I started boxing when I was nine years old and when I was about fourteen I started boxing for the Welsh Amateur Boxing Association where I had 28 recorded fights, with 23 wins and five losses. I've also done quite a few exhibition fights etc, I guess about 50 fights in all.

Q: So how long since your last fight?

A: My last gloved fight was about seven years ago

Q: That's quite a while, why so long?

A: I stopped because of family commitments we started a family, and I needed to work to support them.

Q: So why Bare Knuckle, why not maybe say White Collar or surely with your experience you could train up and turn pro?

A: A lot of it can be a bit corrupt with biased local decisions etc, plus I don't wanna be journeyman, don't get me wrong. I could turn pro tomorrow, I just fancied proving to myself that I've still got it.

Q: So how did you hear about BKB or BBAD and what made you choose to fight for BBAD Promotions instead of another promo company?

A: I was well aware of BKB I've been watching Bare Knuckle and Pit Fights for years. I saw the group on Facebook and joined it, kind of went from there really.

Q: You mentioned that you stopped boxing in the Welsh Amateur Boxing Association to meet family commitments, what's different now?

A: I've got a good little business doing scrap and rubbish clearance etc, and my son who is now eight years old means the world to me. He loves me fighting, and I gChristian Evansave him my medal from my win at Newcastle, he won't let it out of his sight!

Q: Good lad! About that fight- you made your BBAD debut against Jay 'Monster' Strickson at Newcastle in front of a packed house of 519 fans, and scored your maiden BBAD win in style. How did you feel just before you climbed through the ropes for your first fight?

A: I was nervous and scared LOL! I remember about six o'clock a couple of hours just before the fight I said to my trainer 'lets leg it', but he wasn't having none of it!

Q: Good job you stayed LOL. Jay Strickson is very popular both as a fighter and a member of the BBAD family. How hard was the fight for you, and did it make a lot of difference that the crowd were predominantly supporting your opponent?

A: We had a bit of banter before the fight on Facebook and that, for which we later apologised. So I wasn't really sure about the fans but either way, once you get in the ring and the bell goes, you're on your own.......

Q: Can you talk us through the fight?

A: Not much too it really. I wanted to use my boxing skills, so I came out boxing, but Jay came out swinging and a had no choice but to swing back. I gave up trying to box and decided I had to mix it upand that was it really!

Q: What went through your mind when Shaun Smith raised your arm and declared you the winner? Did you see the towel go in from his corner?

A: Yes, I saw the towel come in and was a bit relieved really. I only had 2 days training for this fight and it was hard work! It was a really good feeling when the ref grabbed my wrist and raised my arm into the air!

Q: Would you like to say anything to Jay?

A: Absolutely, I would like to send him my regards, wish him the best and say keep it up because you are gonna go a long way Jay!

QWell where will this lead to now? A lot of people underestimated you before your fight with Jay. What will a fully fit Christian Evans be like? Could you see yourself going for a belt in the future?

A: Yeah definitely, I really do BIG time.

Q: Your next fight for BBAD will be at the Nottingham show, 'Rumble In The Forest' at Colwick Hall on 16th May, against Billy 'The Bossman' Burton. Billy also won his first Bare Knuckle fight for BBAD against Alex Sammon at Newcastle. Did you see his fight, and what do make of his style?

A: I think he will be quite awkward to hit, its a bit tricky to work him out at this time!

Q: So how will you beat Billy when you fight him in May?Shaun Smith With Christian Evans

A: I'm not going into that, but I will win!

Q: There is a considerable weight difference at the moment between you. What is your normal fighting weight, and will you adjust for the next fight?

A: Not too sure about what my best weight will be, but I hope to average around fourteen stone, and get down to 13'7 or even 13'5 at the most for May.

Q: Just for the record books, what is your height and reach?

A: Height is 5'11, my reach reach about 71''

Q: What training will you be doing between now and May. Will you train as you did on gloved boxing, or will you change the way you train for Bare Knuckle?

A: Well for the last 3 weeks I've been training 3 days a week, all aspects of gym work and, I will gradually up it.

Q: Do you have a regular Gym, Coach or Cornerman?

A: My trainer and corner man is Steve G. Evans (no relation just very good friends LOL), and I've been training at the well respected Gavin Rees' Gym.

Q: Will your previous boxing experience be an asset to you in Bare Knuckle Boxing?

A: Absolutely, Big Time!

Q: We have heard Billy Burton say that he is a natural fighter, and he has only shown 20% of his skill so far. Boxing wise, can you match him if he gives 100% against you?

A: I will match him no problem. If Billy gives me 100%, I will match him 150%

Q: We might catch up with you for a few words just before the Nottingham show, meanwhile, is there anything you would like to say to Billy?

A: Yes obviously train hard, be ready, I wanna wish him all the best, tell him to make sure he's ready for a war cos Hell is coming!

Q: Look's like this is going to be one hell of a fight between you two! Is there anything else you would like to say before we finish?

A: Well thanks to you guys for the interview, huge thanks to Aaron Popeye Watts, who has spent a lot of time on me and pushed me hard Obviously I want to thank Joe for the opportunity, also Scott Midgley for his friendship and support. I would also like to say to the fans, get behind me guys, watch this space, you are really gonna get your money's worth because I'm gonna batter f**k out of anything that's put in front of me!

I would also like to give a very special mention to Gemma, my wife, who supports me so much in everything I do.

BBB: Well we think that's about it then Christian. Thanks for your time, Congratulations on your first win, and we anticipate your return to the ring in May!

CE: Thanks guys.

Let's make this exciting new fighter welcome to the BBAD family fight fans!


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