Christian Roberts


Published July 2015

It has been a couple of months since we last had any scribings from the virtual pen of Mr Kris Megaw but he is back to stay and he is kicking things off with the man who managed Decca Heggie when he fought Stevan Miller. Christian Roberts no longer manages Decca as he wishes to fight in bare knuckle boxing himself. Kris catches up with him ahead of this event. Jon P

Kris Wrote:

I have managed to catch up with BKB Promoter and Ex Manager of Decca Heggie ahead of his own BKB debut.

Christian RobertsQ. So Christian thanks for taking time out of training to talk to us, how did you first get into Bareknuckle boxing? 

A. Well I basically watched fighting on the net before attending the odd show, then I met Decca “The Machine” Heggie at an event in Bradford, then a few days later I was asked to manage him and so it began.

Q. So how did it come about that you would be Manager for Decca Heggie?

A. Well Decca and myself chatted at the Bradford show, Then he added me on my Facebook page, we exchanged numbers then his father rang we had a meeting and I was appointed manager at Team Decca.

Q. How did it feel to be asked to be manager of such a high profile fighter?

A. It was very daunting at first. I have a good fight knowledge in BKB so I knew I could take him forward.

Q. I’m sure you did that. You then left Team Decca after the title fight with Stevan Miller, what made you decide to call it a day? 

A. Well a few things really, The main reasons were firstly I felt as a manager I had done my job. When I met him he had no fan page and people regarded him as a fake and a coward. When I left he'd had the fight of his life lots of fans on his page again and I had made sure he had established himself as a top class BKB fighter. He was back where he belonged at the top end, secondly I wanted to fight and knew I couldn’t do both manage and fight.

Q. There were some strong rumours circulating the pages that after leaving Team Decca you were heading to B-BAD as some form of coach alongside Shaun Smith. Was there any truth in these rumours and what exactly happened? 

A. I was approached and was spoken too about such a role, I have massive respect for Mr Brown and Shaun Smith but talks broke down.

Q. What made you want to transition from manager of one of the top fighters in the UK into a BKB fighter yourself?

A. I had a good amateur career as a gloved fighter and I had never really thought about BKB, but having been involved in the build up to the Stevan Miller and Decca Heggie war, it Re-lit the fire inside and so I decided I would love to compete again really.

Q. Why Bare Knuckle, why not get back into Gloved boxing? 

A. I think at the of 41 I have a had a good gloved career and picked up my fair share of wins. I wanted to get into BKB where there are no real age restrictions, I feel I have a lot to still offer the game. To promote a company I feel you need to have not just knowledge of fighting but also fighting experience.

Q. We have seen all over social media the C.M.S. Promotion has been launched. Could you tell the fans all about it and how it came about? 

A. It’s a funny story really. It was just after I left team Decca that a very good pal of mine Michael Mason got in touch and said he was popping by, well he came and stayed above my pub for a few days and it was in the middle of a good drink we decided to invent C.M.S. Promotions. We created it on the back of a Ladbrokes slip, woke up the next day and recruited a very good clever businessman Gerry Dooley who also owns a pub by mine and has been a personal mate for the past 12 years or so. We got the wheels in motion and now it’s almost time for our very first show. So Gerry, Michael and Myself are all very proud.

Christian Roberts and Decca HeggieQ. I’ve met Michael before and I know he does a lot for charity, a lot of the fellow big promotions do raise funds for charity, is this something we can expect to see from C.M.S. and do you have any charities in mind?

A. The first of our C.M.S. events is going to be having two charities, The Leeds Renal Unit which did an amazing job looking after Michael's daughter Mia and the second charity will be Choose Lives not Knives in memory of Stevie Cairney's son Leon who sadly lost his life to knife crime. We have now bought a Social Club in Haydock which has a capacity of 500, every event C.M.S. hold there we will be donating £500 to a local charity and also working alongside the previous charities I mentioned.

Q. There’s been some posts lately about promotions working together, is this something you guys at C.M.S. support and do you think it could happen?

A. Overall yes I love the idea, I really hoped that all BKB promotions would be under the same banner which would then show the fans who the real top fighters are in the UK. C.M.S. are willing to work with any other promotion.

Q. This will be C.M.S. Promotions first event and it will also be your debut BKB fight. There has been lots of negativity surrounding the fight as it is a fighter who has been known to “NO Show”. Could you tell us about the fight, how it came about, and what we can expect to see from your Debut Bout? 

A. Well my manager and partner Kim Chadwick and myself approached Ben “The Hand Grenade” Kirk on Facebook which he took immediately. I believe everyone deserves a second chance and Ben is no different. I knew he would show all along as I’ve got to know him, he has had reasons in the past but now he is ready, he is a top bloke who I have a lot of time for. As for what you can expect to see from the show, well fireworks, I will be very much turning up expecting a war and a blood bath it’s one not to be missed I can assure you that.

Q. How has training been? Without knowing to much about Ben's fighting career have you made any changes to your regular training regime?

A. I’m training with a really decent camp it’s a very hard camp. I’ve not made many changes to my usual training regime, my only real concern is the weight difference between me and Ben, he has three stone on me. I’ve been around the block a few times and know that BKB is a different game from gloved boxing, I am training hard for the bout!

Q. Will this be a one time fight for you or are you planning on returning to the ring again after your debut?

A. It’s my debut, I very much plan on going on In the game while I leave Mike Mason and Gerry Dooley to run C.M.S.. While I’m fighting my partner Kim will manage my affairs.

Q. Now obviously you managed Decca as we already talked about, is there a chance we could see you two tear it up in the ring together at some point?

A. Well never say never, clearly I need fights first and ring time, me and Decca are still good pals and speak often on here and on the phone. But I would be lying if I said I don’t want to mix it with the top boys eventually. So never say never.

I now have some quick fire questions:

Q. If you could fight one BKB fighter who would

 it be and why?

A. Decca Heggie, I really like the way that he fights. Obviously I would need a good few fights first, I think this is a fight the fans would like to see, like a teacher vs his student.

Q. You’re in the ring with your opponent, do you want to end the fight as quick as possible or make it last and inflict as much damage as possible? 

A. I like to go into every fight to fight a full fight. I appreciate the fans want too see a good long fight but if the chance was to come about and my opponent was rocked I would obviously take the win and knock them out.

Q. If you could change anything in your time in BKB what would it be and why?A. I would rather have got a couple of fights in myself before becoming a manager.

Q. Who is your favourite Bare Knuckle Boxer to watch?

A. Dave Radford, I seen him fight Seth Jones at Bradford and he has a wicked Right hand on him.
Scott Midgley, He is a really exciting fighter and doesn’t give a shit.
My good friend Billy Hawthorn, He is a great fighter and been a good friend.

Q. What is the best fight you have ever seen in BKB either live or on the web?

A. Stevie Gold Vs. Nel Nelder it was an absolute war, I was ringside and got covered in blood, the fight could have went either way at anytime!

Q. Who will be in your corner for your debut fight? 

A. Michael Mason and Paul Jones

Q. In your opinion who do you think won the Decca vs. Miller fight 

A. I’m not being biased because I was Decca's manager, but I definitely think he nicked it, I think the last round was a draw, I scored the fight 3-2 and obviously 1 round drawn.

Q. Christian in closing is there anyone you would like to thank or mention? 

A. Right, I would like to thank Mike Mason and Gerry Dooley my co owners of C.M.S. Promotions, I would like to thank again Mike Mason and my partner Kim Chadwick for managing me, but most of all a massive thank you to Kim my partner because without her none of what I do would be possible. She is a real superstar and my best friend. Last but not least I would like to thank the fans of BKB for their kind inboxes of support and there support in general.

Finishing up I would like to thank Christian for taking time out of training to give me this interview!

Kris Megaw, “The Bareknuckle Lowdown”

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