Cliff Sainsbury


Published  May 2015
peep magazine
This time on Stu Armstrong's Radio Northumberland show he speaks too Cliff Sainsbury. Cliff is already involved in the boxing world as a photographer but along with the rest of the peep team will be stepping into the wider world of Combat Sport. Stu Armstrong is joining the team as the Bare Knuckle correspondent so we can look forward to more of the same from Stu but with pictures. You decide for yourselves which you prefer, with or without pictures. Only joking Stu. This interview was first run on Radio Northumberland on the Stu Armstrong Interviews show featuring some of the biggest names from the world of combat sport. 

Nothing has been removed that has changed the interview in any way but it has been tidied up to help it flow more smoothly.

I will be watching out for peep in the future as it reminds me of another combat sport site I am familiar with. Peep describe themselves as A Photo Jounalistic publication focusing on North East Boxing / BKB / K-1 / Social Documentary and Interviews and you can catch peep at various places including their website at as usual you can catch Stu Armstrong on his website at

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