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Published February 2015

Back with another interview the greatest double since Ant and Dec, Mr Kris Megaw and Mr Andy Juby, collectively known as BBAD Beatdown are this time talking to Craig The Hammer Amer ahead of his title bout at BBAD Promotions show in Newcastle on the 21st of Feb. Craig will be trading blows for the title against Mike Ferry and is sure to be one to watch out for. Craig is in popular demand having spoke to Stu Armstrong so without any more waffle from me I give you BBAD Beat down Interview Craig Amer. Jon P


New Era
The hard hitting heavyweight took time out from training to have a chat about his upcoming fight for the official UK IBKB Heavyweight Title fight under the BBAD Promotions banner at their 'LEGENDS WILL BE MADE' event next week....

BBB: Thanks for talking to us Craig. Let's get down to business- who do you think your next challenger will be if you beat Michael Ferry on the 21st?

CA: Well I heard Jon 'Chopper' Stone, but he won't last a round with me or Mike....

BBB: Do you think that there is anybody around at the right weight that would present you with a problem?

CA: Everyone is a problem really! I would rather fight a good fighter than a bad one. If I lose to a bad one, that's me fucked lol. Losing to a good man ain't a bad thing.....

BBB: With the new IBKB in place, and the possibility of promotional companies from America signing up, is there anybody stateside that you would like to fight?

CA: I'll give anyone a go really. I'm not the best fighter, but I'm game, and will give them one hard fight.

BBB: Would you travel to America to fight?

CA: Yeah, if I can get in, got a bit of a bad past though lol!

BBB. I'm not going to go into your past, but would you say that fighting as a sportsman has helped you be a better man?

CA: I think now I'm older it has. I was a bit of a shit when I was younger, always fighting for the wrong reason.

BBB: How long do you see yourself competing for? Have you got an age in mind, or will you let your body decide for you?

CA: Well I'm 36 now, I've got two snapped biceps an that ain't stopped me, so I'll keep on for a good few years yet!

Fight PosterBBB: Now about your fight with Mike....I'm not asking you to predict the outcome, or disclose your fight plan, but do you think that you will both come steaming out, or will you test each other a bit?

CA: If we both come steaming out it will be crap, just be a slug fest. We both bang hard, so someone will drop..... but I would like to think we will use our experience and box.....not just scrap...... but we will see what happens

BBB: That's exactly what we are hoping for! You are both primarily boxers, like you said, and the fans are going to go nuts if the fight goes a bit of a distance! Can you see it going the whole distance?

CA: I can't see it the full seven rounds, but I've trained hard, so if it does I'm ready to go!

BBB: Like I said, the fans will be going crazy....will that spur you, on or might it effect your concentration?

CA:I don't hear them when I'm in there- I listen to my corner, and that's it really- my head's on the fight, not the crowd! Sorry fans, not being rude to ya!

BBB: I do have a couple of questions from the fans....Bill Beardon would like to know if you could choose to fight anybody, who would it be and why?

CA: I've not really thought about it, but it would have to be someone well known like James Quinn, Dave Radford, or James Mc Crory, at least that way if I lost, it would be to good men ( and that don't mean I'm calling these guys out lol!).

BBB: And Joe Bbad wants to know, why is he so good looking?

CA: I got bad news for him lol, he ain't! 

BBB: You said that in the ring, the only thing you listen to is your corner. Who's in your corner on the night?

CA: My coach Mario and Pete Stoten. Mario is both a great coach and friend, he has so much experience, and Pete is my boxing promoter in UKBC, he is a great fighter and friend. I've known these men for years.

BBB: Is there anyone that you would like to thank or give a shout out to?

CA: Yeah, I wanna thank Mario and Pete, Rob Muir, Wayne Morley and both my daughters. I know my eldest doesn't like me fighting, but she will get a nice treat afterwards lol!

BBB: And finally, as they say- What would it mean to you to leave the ring on Saturday week with the UK Heavyweight Title belt around your waist?

CA: It would mean the world to me.....

BBB: Thanks for your time Craig....good luck on the night, and stay safe!

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