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Personal Trainer And Nutrition Expert At Raging Bull

Published June 2015
Crystal Kirkuppt
There has been a world of infighting and delusions of grandure emanating from various bare knuckle boxing promotions recently that can be no good for bare knuckle boxing, the fans, fighters or the promotions themselves. This has lead to a group of fans forming a facebook page with the sole purpose of getting people to go there and write whatever they wish in the hope that all the rubbish will then not spill onto the various promotions pages. ( Common sense has prevailed in some respects with Andy T and James Quinn doing a joint promotion and now a Raging Bull fighter is going to be on a B-Bad show RB having been approached by Joe Bbad. )

While this has been going on there has been one promotion and their fans who have kept out of the mess, resulting in a promotion with no raging, and that's no bull. Quietly arranging shows and planning on new ventures they have gone about doing what they do best. Headed up by Jay Wann a fighter who also owns the Raging Bull gym in Leicester, Mikie Barlow currently setting up a show in Wales and Kev Bull Eastwood who has a show coming up in October in Blackburn it was just a case who to talk to. I decided on Kev Eastwood as the Blackburn show is next on the list at this time and contacted him. He put me onto his business partner, Crystal Kirkuppt who is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor with professional skills including boxing, body building and Mauy Thai. 

I contacted this attractive lady involved in the male dominated world of bare knuckle boxing and after a good old chat on facebook I realised she could hold her own with any of the guys and this was going to be good. Better still she agreed to do the interview. 

So here it is a conversation about females in combat sport, bkb in general and Christmas presents.

Thank you Crystal for taking the time to do this. Here we go with the first question.

Q. First off what is the Raging Bull structure we have Jay, yourself, Bull and Mikie Barlow over there in Wales all doing your thing. Is this all Raging Bull proper or off shoots under the Raging Bull Banner?

A. Jay Wann is the Raging Bull daddy ...Raging Bull needed branching out and that's where me, Bull and Barlow came into play. Raging Bull is going to keep growing around England, we are planning future shows as we speak.

Q. You have the Blackburn show well and truly in hand, over in Wales Mikie Barlow hit a brick wall with problems from the venue at the last minute and has had to rearrange things. How many problems does this kind of last minute cancellation bring to the promoter of a show and what can be done to avoid it in the future if anything?

A. Mikie was unlucky to be honest, he had everything in hand but hit a last minute hitch which can can happen to anyone.  I think for future shows we must make sure all licences are in place and maybe some more homework done regarding premises.

Bull And Crystal

Q. At the moment Raging Bull have put on shows consisting of gloved and un-gloved fights but I see there are other formats coming up w

hich we will go into shortly. Will the main Raging Bull show be sticking to the format it is currently doing for the foreseeable future?
I think to grow in any business there's room to change format, I'm sure Jay will agree with me on this point. Raging Bull is of solid structure  ... the future for all fighters is Jays main aim. If the format changes it's to grow as a team and for the benefit of the Raging Bull fighters.

Q. I attended Battleground 2 which was my first Raging Bull show. Stevie Gold and Nel Nelders fought a blinding fight which personally I thought could have gone either way right up to the end of the final round. What did you think about that fight it was one of the best ones I have personally seen.

A. Gloves off to both fighters!! (me trying to be funny but yeah it was shit!! lol) seriously these guys turned that fight into a war ! They are both impressive fighters, both these guys are old school and leave there egos in the back room and put 100% into that battle ... it was a tough call ... biggest respect for both men.

Q. Raging Bull have some interesting stuff coming up especially the UK Prize Fighter Series where there is a thousand pound up for grabs. How did this come about and is this going to be a regular event?

A. It's going to be huge event and Jay gives the fans what they want and the fighters. It's been coming for a while, personally think it was perfect timing with all the new fighters coming on the scene. I'm not going to say it will separate the men from the boys because that's bollocks. It takes balls as big as steel to be a fighter and a certain type of quality. To all the guys taking part I wish them to be stay safe and good luck .

Q. Another one of your shows is The National White Collar Pit Fight. It is believed that when a man reaches the 40 years of age mark that they either grow a pony tail, buy a powerful motor bike or want to take part in a boxing match. Have you had much interest from pony tailed bikers aged forty something. Only joking no offence to pony tailed bikers who like a fight. Maybe a little to the ones that don’t fight, no seriously how much interest has that format received I do think that most men want to do a boxing match at least once in their lives?

A. Yes I have a feeling the Hells Angels may come and thank you for that good luck !! Seriously I think it's another opportunity for all ages to take part and most guys who fight over 40 will have some back ground in the game. It's brought a different league of gentlemen on to the show can't be bad.  See how I said gentlemen to save my own ass wink wink lol . ( Damn she's good Jon P)

WolfQ. I believe Raging Bull are sponsoring at least one fighter, is this a part of the Raging Bull way of thinking and working by using the promotions position to be able to help out up and coming fighters and other deserving causes?

A. There's some huge talent coming up and Raging Bull aims at doing the most any company can do to get these fighters where they want to be. These guys need support the training and commitment from these fighters is outstanding and if Raging Bull can help them along that's what its all about.

Now it has to be said that when I wrote the next set of questions the last thing I expected was to be asking a female them.This is always a question that if taken wrong and could get me a kicking from every female fighter I see in the foreseeable future.

Q. There are some groups of people that feel the standard in female sport is not as high as in the men’s. I am not sure that can be said at the current time but moving on quickly I have attended Cage Fighting shows with female fighters on the card and to be honest they were just as good as the men. How do you think women’s boxing compares?

A. Nothing like trying to make me put my foot in my mouth is there ! I think like any sport improvements need to be made, the sexes differ, woman are more technical and men are more powerful. Saying that I have seen some powerful woman and technical men. Bollocks I'm out of this question ... I'm phoning them hairy bikers and giving them your address lol no comment.

Q. While we are on the subject of women’s boxing how do you feel about women fighting bare knuckle and would you have such a bout on a Raging Bull show. Personally I am not keen on the idea but that is just my thoughts on the subject.

A. ASK JAY .... I think if they are at a good level why not .. never say never .

Q. A couple a years ago I attended a Cage Fighting show that consisted of a totally female card. Would Raging Bull consider something like that in the future?

A. It's a possibility.

Q. Changing subject matter a little if I may lets concentrate on you personally rather than the company. How did you get into the whole Raging Bull and promotion side of things especially as a girl. There are of course females within the combat sport world but do you find you are treated differently or maybe not taken as seriously as you should and deserve to be?

A. I have worked in gyms my whole life body building, boxing gyms and I have never found it a problem. I'm not a feminist or trying to be a man, I'm just lucky enough to enjoy what i do and have been given the opportunity to work within these circles. Everybody who knows me knows I stick to my word, I'm honest and I want the best for the fighters. So no I think whether your a man or woman if you do your job you gain respect .

Q. How do you think non fighting a. Females view you when they find out what kind of job you do and then b. How non fighting males view you and are the two views different?

A. I seriously think whatever job I did people would love or hate me. I take others views on board but it goes over my head, I have thick skin .

Q. Have you fought at a competitive level yourself or if not would you like to?

A. Yes I have fought competitive and done well in boxing and Thai boxing, 6 fights 6 wins. I would love to come back, maybe I will I am thinking now lol. I'm a bit older now and I have a feeling it hurts more. I'm carrying a few knocks but mmmm I'm thinking.

Q. How would you like to see bare knuckle boxing progress. Personally I think we are in danger of some big American Fight Club rolling into town and taking over if we are not careful and not organised. Do you agree with that or do you feel they will stick to their side of the pond and leave our side alone.

A. I think America will try but its raw so maybe they will leave us alone for now.

Q. I read today that Joe Bbad is having one of Raging Bulls fighters on his show. This sort of inter promotion co-operation can only be good for the fans, fighters and the promotion. Without this sort of co-operation there would be a real danger of the same people fighting each other all the time. Was the Raging Bull team surprised at being approached by another promotion?

Jay WannA. No I think its the way forward. Different promoters work in different ways and I think this is a huge step forward for bkb . Joe who owns Bbad has built a solid company as has Jay Wann with Raging Bull. They both want the best for the fighters and the bkb has to go to a different level, respect to both these men. Craig Liptrot is the Raging Bull fighter to take the first step with corner man Bawler another outstanding fighter on bkb. Me and Joe have spoken about it and we are all on the same page, taking bkb higher.

Q. I see you have the Wolf helping out at the moment with training the ladies who are due to fight on your show. He is quiet a character. Hopefully he is not leaving hairs all over the place. Will we be seeing more of him at Raging Bull in the future and what part will he be playing?

A. Wolf is a great guy, I think his input will be interesting, put it this way he is never boring.

Q. Pit or ring a subject that the arguments will be raging for years to come. What do you think about the ring or should I say pit being constructed from hay bales. Personally I like it.  Do you like it, hate it and are there any plans to do the same at one of the Raging Bull Shows?

A. I like it, you cant beat a bit of tradition but I am unsure if we will, have to see for future shows.

Q. What are your thoughts on fighters being contracted to one promotion and do you think this approach makes it difficult to get two fighters from different promotions together? This question was written before the news this morning but I would be interested to know what you think on the subject?

A. Fighters to be contracted in a way makes sense to help them move forward. But to stop them fighting on other shows makes no sense at all. I think we are about to see a huge change on the 22nd of August and for future shows.

There is a world more I would like to ask but your a busy lady and I have taken plenty of your time already just to finish up a silly question but I am nosey.
Q.What was the worse Christmas present you ever received and did you pretend to like it where in reality you stuck it in a draw/cupboard.

A. Xmas presents? how hard is this lol. Maybe a bath bomb that was rather cheap and made me look like I had the plague or a pair of blow up dumbbells, a workman's jacket in case I got lost in the snow! The list is endless.

Anyone you would like to say thanks or hello too before we finish up?

I would like to say hello to my business partner Bull who is my partner in crime and Jay Wann for his support and letting a woman onto his team, feel like I'm getting a Oscar !!!! I'm not going on any more thank you for the drill .. as Charlie would say HERE'S TO LOONYOLOGY ..CHEERS              

Well there you have it thank you very much to Crystal for jumping in and doing this. If you have enjoyed this I am Jon P from Cage Amateurs UK if you are a Hells Angel after my blood I am Andy Juby from The BBAD BULLETIN.

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