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Published August 2012

In our opinion Dan is probably The Top Referee in the country and if not the top certainly up there. We have spoken to Dan many times, not always on video may I add we only have so much tape, but Dan can be found everywhere FURY M.M.A. The M.A.A.S.I.F. and Glory M.M.A. run by Zoo Fightclub to name a very small percentage of things he gets uDan Movehedip to. A man of many words here we have an interview we did at FURY M.M.A. 5 with Stephen Doran and then when we got him at The Night Of Champions 'Warriors Collide'. But first this is what he had to say to us at FURY M.M.A.
Most people will know Daniel Movahedi, either as a fighter, ref or Fury M.M.A. match maker. Daniel is a friend of ours and although we have done a video interview with him at Fury with Stephen “Playboy” Doran. I wanted to find out a bit more about him. He is a top ref and you only have to check out Facebook and see many photos of Daniel popping up all over the place working as a ref. He is fast becoming a top UK ref and to his credit, a very good M.M.A fighter. We need guys like Daniel  to take M.M.A. forward. He is dedicated to this sport and that shows. He is a great match maker and I think anyone who has been to a Fury fight night would agree. Take a look at Tomasz vs Paul Saunders, Dan had to stop that fight and as ever was bang on with the decision. He talks openly about the UK M.M.A. scene and who has helped him along the way...
Hello Dan thank you for letting us interview you again,
Q/ How did you first get interested in M.M.A?

A/  I started working at Wolf from Gladiators gym in South London and met a great bunch of people, from there and I started to train with Elite Fighting Systems run by U.C.M.M.A. owner Dave O Donnell. He taught me to respect the sport and my love of M.M.A. has grown from there.
Q/ I know you are not happy with your M.M.A. record, but you had some great fights. What would you change about your M.M.A. days if you could?

A/  I'm not sure some of the matching were right for me at the time and changing to train with Team Titan was a move I should have made earlier. There I worked with Brad Pickett, Jason Young, Mark Smith, Micky Pappas amongst others who gave me a training regime to follow that allowed me to concentrate on working on my game plan for a fight and researching my opponent.
Q/ How did you first become involved as an official?

A/ I first got involved in the official side of M.M.A. through Ashley Grimshaw. He knew I had a lot of experience and knowledge of the sport and he asked to referee at an event in London for him. I'm now involved in a number of M.M.A. events including U.K.O. London KO, CFC, W.C.M.M.A. and of course Fury M.M.A.
Steve Doran and Dan MovehediQ/  You are the match maker at Fury M.M.A. which is run by Stephen “Playboy” Doran, you also ref on the show. Do you like being a Fury official, considering the amount of other stuff you have to do on the night?

A/ I love it. Fury is my driving passion and I love being right there in the middle of the action and matching making great fights that the fans can talk about. Although it is hard work we have a strong team around us. I couldn't do it without my assistant referee Garth Harriman helping me out. And Steve Doran making sure I don’t stress out too much when pull outs happen lol. The excitement of the night, good match ups, dedicated fighters and the roar of the crowd always make it an amazing night.

Q/ To date what is your best moment as a ref? I am sure the Tomasz suplex will be up there.

A/ Yeah that is defiantly something people want to talk to me about at events, to be honest I just reacted. Part of being a referee is being able to react to those sorts of incidents. Every event and every fight is special in some way. You have to respect the fighters and one of the things I love about being in the cage with them is being in the centre of the action and knowing how they are feeling and what they are thinking. No two fights are ever the same and you always have to be on your toes.
Q/ How often are you working as a ref now? 

A/ It tends to vary, at the moment I'm involved in a M.M.A. event every weekend but on average every few weeks. There are some great events being held round the country and I feel thankful that people ask me to become involved in them. Fury M.M.A.takes up a lot of my time during the week. It’s important that we put on an event that people remember and want to come to again. A lot of ground work behind the scenes goes on to make the night a success.
Q/ I believe you are one of the top officials in the country, who else do you rate as a top ref?

A/ Grant Walterman is one of the best referees the UK has ever produced, Leon Smith from U.F.C. and Andy Sledge are also top referees. When I first began to referee they were all very supportive, giving good advice and guidance. I'm refereeing at a charity event on the 25th of August with a female U.F.C. referee. It’s an all female fight event in aid of Victim Support for Women and it’s an honour to be including in this.
Q/ I heard you are going to Leo Alderman's M.A.A.S.I.F. open to ref, is that true?

A/ This is an event I'm really excited to be involved in. It will be really interesting to see some of the up and coming fighters show case their talents. There are over 90 different categories, all ages and abilities, so something for everyone.

 Q/ What shows have you got coming up?
Dan Movehedi

A/ Fury M.M.A. have their next show Saturday 8th September at the O2 and another show there on the 11th November. They will both be massive. The September show already has a strong line up and tickets are selling fast. In the run up to these events I'm involved with an event for Fight Science Gym in Aldershot on the 21st July. M.A.A.S.I.F. on the 29th July with Leo Alderman and refereeing at a M.M.A. event in Cyprus at the end of August.. I am also doing Zoo fight club show in Hastings on September 15. The event is  WARRIORS COLLIDE.
Q/ Other than the obvious, what is your favourite UK M.M.A. show?

A/ Fury M.M.A. will always be number one to me, but U.C.M.M.A. and W.C.M.M.A. both put on excellent shows. There are plenty of good events out there; it’s all down to the fight cards and the action. On the night. 
Q/ Tell us some low profile fighters that you believe are going to the top?

A/ There are several good fighters out there at the moment but Bill and Micheal Beaumont from Team Titan look very promising. 
Q/ Who is your favourite M.M.A. fighter?

A/ I've had the pleasure to fight against, referee, judge, train and corner some excellent fighters over the years but for me Randy Couture and Chael Sonnen are both inspiration fighters. They are fighters I have looked up in in my M.M.A. career.
Q/ How did you find the work Cage Amateurs UK did at Fury 5?

A/ The interviews were good. It has helped to bring Fury M.M.A. to a wider audience and I thought the videos were very professional and showed a fair representation of the night. It’s always nice to hear that something you have worked so hard on is well received and a success and this was shown through the interviews with the fighters and the action captured by the Cage Amateurs UK team.
Thank you Daniel that is a great interview. I would  also like to add that if anyone wants to see some very young and I mean young M.M.A. fighters please get to the M.A.A.S.I.F. open. We saw some future stars at the last event and now Dan is a ref, what a place for all clubs to fight. Any people that want to become a ref, Match make or be a fighter should look at what Daniel has achieved and realise these dreams are possible. And he is a really nice guy, so if you see him about go have a chat and get some advice from a man who is a true ambassador for Brit M.M.A...

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