Daniel McStay


Published September 2012
Daniel "The-Ace" McStay is a fighter from Newcastle. He trains at Team Johnsons Boxing Gym. He is twenty years old and is booked to fight on the B-Bad show on October 27th. We caught up with Daniel to ask him about his training and views on Bare Knuckle Boxing.
Cage Amateurs U.K: "Hi Dan thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us"
Cage Amateurs UK: How did you first get into fighting?

Daniel McStay: As a child I was constantly in fights at school and home, so my parents decided to try combat sports to discipline me, so I could take my anger out somewhere else. At first I was trying karate at a very young age, but wasn't really my taste of combat and then I met a good friend who I still train with and also my sparring partner since the age of 7. He told me about his dad owning a boxing gym just around the corner from my house and it just went from there really.

Cage Amateurs: Tell us about your average weeks training?

DM: My averages weeks training starts on a Monday I wake up at 7am to go for a jog, then I go to the gym for strength training, doing a lot of free weights, finishing off with a swim for cardio, before relaxing for a little bit and heading off to Team Johnsons gym. I do these 5 days a week.
Cage Amateurs: Tell us about any previous fights you have had?

DM: I have had 9 fights in my Semi Professional career, up to scratch, won 7 lost 2, which were very close on a points loss. I don't quite agree I should have lost but sometimes that happens in boxing eh.
Cage Amateurs: Do you think Bare Knuckle Boxing should now go mainstream, like Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts?

DM: I would love to see Bare Knuckle Boxing go mainstream, but with the current laws I see it being a very hard struggle, which someone needs to put a lot of effort into making this possible. I look forward to see what the future holds for B.K.B. and B-BAD.
Cage Amateurs: Do you have a strict diet?

DM: My diet varies on making my weight for fights, I usually box at my natural weight of 60kg, so diet isn't always a problem, but I can't deny I love my food.

Cage Amateurs: What do you know about your opponent at B-BAD?

DM: I don't know a lot about my opponent, but at the same time I'm not the kind to ask questions, I just like to get the job done. I hope it makes out for a great fight and good luck to my opponent.
Cage Amateurs: Is there anyone you would like to thank for their support in your fight career?

DM: I would like to thank my coach Jimmy Johnson for all the training and support he has given me and helping me prep for fights over the years. I'd also like to thank my great and very loyal cousin Michael McStay who never fails to come support me and also comes to the gym and helps out with my strength training.
Daniel, thank you for your time and we will see you at the show.

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