Danny Draper


Published November 2012
Danny Draper and James Quinn
Danny Draper is a B.K.B. fighter. He will be taking on James McCrory in February for the B-BAD U.K. B.K.B. belt. In an exclusive interview with Cage Amateurs UK Danny talks Bare Knuckle Boxing and about his new gym he is opening where people will train to fight Bare Knuckle. He is up against a very worthy opponent in McCrory and it will be a battle not to be missed.
Name Danny Draper
Home Town Athal
Age 26
Trains@ Trojan Free Fighters
Danny thanks for doing the interview and here are the questions.
Q/ How did you first get into the fighting World?
A / Hello Daniel thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this interview, I have never not been involved in the fighting world. My father and Grandfather before me were fighters, listening to their stories growing up I was in awe of them and naturally wanted to follow in their footsteps. I joined a boxing gym at the age of 10 and never stopped competing until I was 18.
Q/ What does your average weekly training schedule involve?

A/ I have just stepped it up this week actually for my next fight. Weight training 3 times a week, boxing training 3 times a week, wrestling 3 times a week, with some running and cardio work in between.
Danny DraperQ/ You was the ref at B-BAD 2, is this something you do on a regular basis?
A/ That was the first time I have refereed actually, my fathers the man for that normally!

Q/ How does the fight you are training for in February compare to your last B-BAD fight against Dave Radford?
A/ The fight I had with Dave Radford I took it on two weeks notice, so I didn't really have time to train. My fight with James McCrory is a different story, I feel a lot more confident in myself and have a really solid camp with Trojan free fighters and James Quinn. I would actually say this is the fight of my life. Not just for the belt but the future of my role in this ancient yet brand new sport...B.K.B.

Q/ Tell us about the gym you are opening and what gave you the idea for it?
A/ I want to open a gym specifically for Bare Knuckle Boxing because as the sport develops you can't rely on boxing training and techniques. It's completely its own art, that's what gave me the idea actually. The closest you can train for B.K.B. in my opinion is stand-up Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing has far too many bad habits for the sport, the gloves make you protect yourself in a way that just wont work in B.K.B. As the sport grows in the future I can see that being thDanny Draper Referees At B-BAD 2e other way round, the best way to train for M.M.A. stand up is B.K.B!
Q/ Have you got any other fights coming up before B-BAD?

A/ No way, Ill be sparring hard for sure but I want nothing to come in the way between me and winning the belt!

Q/ Do you have a career outside fighting?

A/ I did have a career outside fighting but have took 3 months out to focus and train completely for my fight.

Q/ How big a part does your Dad, Ian Draper, play in your fighting career?

A/ My father has a massive part to play in my fighting career, he has been there for me since day 1 and will always be there. But more than that hes a very highly respected referee in the B.K.B. community so i can see him having a huge part to play in the future of B.K.B.

What a great interview and big thanks to Danny for his time. We wish you all the luck for your fight and we will see you at B-BAD 3. Guys Danny is on Facebook and a member of the group Bare Knuckles, Broken Knuckles and Dust Ups.

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