Darren Towler


Published September 2012

This Interview written by Sophie Hassen first appeared in the Martial News and was featured in Cage Amateurs UK in about September 2012. 
Darren Towler
GYM: Machine Team, Team Sure Grip and Spartan Performance
LOCAL AREA: Newcastle and Essex
JOB: MMA fighter and personal trainer
Pro Fights: 8 wins 6 losses 0 draws
Semi Pro: never fought as a Semi-Pro

SOFIA: Hello Darren, thank you for doing this interview...
Darren: Thank you for asking...

SH: Can you tell the readers how you became an Mixed Martial Arts fighter?

DT: Never fought at Semi Pro I just went straight in deep end ha ha ha. I got into M.M.A. through Ian "The Machine" Freeman. I just popped into his gym one day as my friend had started training there. So I started training and enjoyed it and stuck at it. I never went in with any thought about fighting just to train.

SH: What is your normal daily training?

DT: My normal training when not preparing for a fight is normally some strength and conditioning during day then some weights then Mixed Martial Arts class on a night.

SH: What do you do to prepare for fight?
Darren Towler
DT: My training steps up when am training for a fight its just all about living in the gym and my other life gets put on hold. I split my training between Machine M.M.A. and Team Sure Grip. I also step up my strength and conditioning training at Spartan Performance as well as squeezing in cardio circuits and running. The hardest part of getting ready for a fight would be sticking to the diet for me.

SH: Can you tell the readers about your first few fights?

DT: My first M.M.A.fight was on a North East show called Strike and Submit. I had only been training a few months and I won with a T.K.O. first round. I found it a scary experience as its not easy stepping into that cage, but the feeling you get when you walk out a winner can't be beat and is well worth it. My next fight I lost to a T.K.O. although the fighter I was against was a tough fighter I lost control and nerves got the better all my training went out the window.

SH: What was your most memorable fight?

DT: My most memorable fight would have to be U.C.M.M.A. against Ben Smith for the Heavyweight title.

Darren Towler
SH: What was your worst fight you remember?

DT: I haven't really got one worst fight - I hate watching all my early losses because I made so many mistakes in there through nerves and pressure. It took me a while to learn to control it and myself in the cage, but I learnt from those early losses and became a better fighter calmer fighter.

SH: What would you do differently if you had your time again?

DT: If I could do it all again I'd have a few Semi-Pro fights before jumping straight into Pro so I could get some experience fighting in front of crowds and to learn how to stay calm and think in the cage when under pressure and how to control my nerves which was always a major reason to my loses I feel. I have never done any other proper training other then when I started M.M.A.

SH: Who do you respect the most? And who is your hero?

DT: Personally I respect every M.M.A. fighter no matter what level as I know first hand what it takes to walk into that cage and face your opponent and the crowd.

SH: What does the future hold for Darren?
DT: What does the future hold? My main aim is to fight to keep the three titles I hold, keep training and learning and make my Coaches, Team Mates, Family, Friends, Girlfriend and Supporters proud and of course keep winning too...

SH: Thank you Darren for doing the interview.
DT: Thank you Sofi...
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