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Dave Driver Ring Announcer

Published On September 2013
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For the younger of our readers trust me in this case don't expect this M.C. too be busting any rhymes. Well not in the early part of the evening anyway. At the last show 10 minutes before the start we realised that,for want of a better word, we had no M.C. and he had decided to ignore our calls and didn't bother turning up. Well as luck would have it we didn't need this hapless piece of shite as out of the mayhem Dave who had loaned us some equipment popped in and offered to 'Have a go.' Have a go he did so in the run up to the next show he took time out too answer a few questions.

Q: Dave we thank you for what you did for us last time. You are are used to talking to big companies about subjects you are versed with. People think this sort of thing is easy but you was little out of your comfort zone. It's got to be better this time I hope. Are you good to go?

A: Well actually I enjoyed the challenge of being thrown in at the deep end and to be honest was really pleased to be able to help out. With no one else to do it I thought I would at least be better than nothing. I also thought it was a fairly small affair,until I walked in and saw 200 or so people waiting for someone to start the proceedings. I have to admit my arse went a bit at first but luckily it was actually pretty well organised and I was furnished with a set of fight cards which gave me some idea where to start. I just wanted to do a good job as I know how much effort goes into organising events. As for this show, I can’t promise to make many changes and I am looking forward to it. At least this time I am a little better prepared.

Q: It was a great audience. Medway gets a lot of bad press but they gave me a massive buzz how did you feel?

A: To be honest the crowd were amazing. They were very responsive and offered great support for the fighters. It was great to get their reaction when it all seemed to go a bit quiet. I hope we get the same reaction this time.

Q: Dave I brushed over briefly that you talk to big companies. On a day to day basis what is your normal line of business? (check that Dr Tom even slipped the company in feel free to be White Collar Fight Club Main Sponsors).

A: As Operations Director of the UK branch of the global S.T.I. Packaging and Display Group, you are right, I do speak to many people and large groups throughout the business. The difference is they are paid to be at work and effectively have no choice but to listen, unlike the fighters audience who have paid for a show. It is my understanding of the effort that goes into organising major events that lead me to offer some help and I have to say it was great to be just a small part of something I haven’t had to organise.

Q: Your not a total stranger to the microphone. I believe a few years back you was in a band so there must be some aspects you were familiar with?

A: 20 years ago, yes. I was lead singer in a local band. It was great fun for a couple of years but to be honest I wasn't that good. I thought it best to concentrate on my main job. I have to tell you though, whilst people may assume I am confident with a mic in my hand, I am always nervous. I hate getting things wrong so I put myself under pressure to get it right and maybe this is where the nerves come from. Nervous or not though, I always enjoy myself.

Q: Dave I am going to keep this interview short and sweet I just felt it would be good to give people an insight into a show such as this apart from the fighters points of view. Will you be making plans ahead of the show this time or are you just going to play by ear on the night?

A: I think long and hard about everything I do Jon, so hopefully I am better prepared. I will be relying on a good crowd and as they say “a good clean fight”. Cheers Jon.

Dave I thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you on the night.

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