Dom Clark


Published September 2012
Dom Clark

Dom Clark is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter from Bournemouth. He fights out of Fight Science Gym along side the likes of Nick Chapman and Nigel Whitear. Dom recently competed at U.C.M.M.A. Here is what Dom had to say.
Name: Dom Clark
Age: 30
Home Town: Bournemouth
Trains @ Fight Science Gym/Prizefighters
Record: 5-6 pro
Q/ How did you first get into Martial Arts?

A/ In 2008 having a mate of mine start training I joined him and had my first fight 3 months later, tasted blood and fell in love with the sport.
Q/ When did you first realise you was good enough to compete at top level?

A/ I didn't I lost my first few fights due to lack of guidance and preparation. I had all the heart but limited ability to win. I learnt the hard way how important proper coaching and preparation and fair match up are in this sport. else you get hurt.
Q/ Who has helped your career progress the most?

A/ Being under the watchful eye of my close friend Nick Chapman and my previous coach Jimmy Johnstone for building self belief and work ethic in me.
Q/ Tell us about your previous fights and your last fight at U.C.M.M.A?

A/ My previous fights have gone in roundabouts as I constantly strive to step up each time and test my skills against credible opponents. I may not have the most attractive record but I've no padded record I fight tough guys and win in brutal fashion and in my previous fight on U.C.M.M.A. with Sean Carter even in a loss he had to work hard to beat me, we were credited fight of the night. I had an opportunity to pull out due to illness but having prepared for 11 weeks and not wanting to let my friends family, coaches down along with Dave O'Donnell & the U.C.M.M.A. fans and my opponent who himself like me had our opponents pull out on a week out of the show we where thrown each other last minute and we both proudly threw down leather in a blood bath battle that the fans loved.
Q/ You was not well in your last fight, but still competed. Did the last minute change of opponent affect you in anyway?

A/ Slightly as we had to adapt a different game plan but that's Mixed Martial Arts you adjust adapt and attempt to over come, it was a war and though I lost I loved that we stood and traded for the fans.
Q/ Is M.M.A. your full time job or do you have another means of income outside M.M.A?

A/ I train full time but am available doing fight training sessions along with conditioning for fitness. I work with various clients mostly with little interest in fighting but enjoy the training aspect of it
Q/ What do you think of the standard we now have in the UK?

A/ The standard of M.M.A. is varied some shows I go to the standard is poor. Too many now step into Pro level with no guidance or structure and become cannon fodder or whipping boys which isn't good for the image of the sport. Yet the UK holds some amazing talent on every promotion. U.C.M.M.A. is become one that the standard is becoming higher and higher every show.
Q/ Who was your hardest fight to date?

A/ My hardest fight to date was again Jeremy Petley being a seasoned B.A.M.M.A. fighter and a better record than mine yet the opportunity was there to fight him for a belt, I of course took it ha ha
Q/ What is next for you and what do you hope to achieve over the next couple of years?

A/ Next for me in preparation for my final fight of 2012 December 1st on U.C.M.M.A. Next couple of years I hope to develop my skills further, continue to build my profile as an athlete and my ultimate goal to capture the Light Weight U.C.M.M.A. Belt. I'm looking to gain further experience in coaching to start a franchise of Fight Science and Prizefighters in Bournemouth.
Q/ Who are your Sponsors?

A/ My faithful sponsors whom I forever grateful in the belief they have to take a punt on me in this journey. 


Harry Shaw Author of Confronting Demons (amazing eye opening book)
Q/ Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you get this far in your career?

A/ Many people from my dear friend and Coach Nick 'Head Hunter' Chapman, Sol Raja my Head Coach, Coaches my Team mates for kicking the hell out of me ha ha. My supporters whom always come a shout the Dominator! My Misses who puts up with a load of sacrifice and BS. My close friends and the UK fans for coming and supporting us else we wouldn't have a sport.

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