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Published March 2015

A little bit of a difference with this interview. Andy Juby and Anthony Henenessy first talk to Donald 'The Highlander' McPhee. Jon P
BBad Bulletin

Q: Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us Donald, let's start with the question on everybody's lips, how is your nose after your fight with Scott Midgley at Newcastle 'Legends will be Made' show on 21st February?
A:The nose is doing well it's healing faster than I thought it would. It was broke, but its healing well and is still a bit tender, probably take a few months to heal properly.
Q: It still won't be healed in time for you to fight at Nottingham will it? You must be gutted- although you can surely take some consolation in the fact that Joe won't let you fight until you are fully healed because his number one priority is fighter safety and good health?
A: Yes, I am gutted I cant fight at Nottingham, but it goes for any part of a fighter's body, be it the nose, eye bone, chin or even ribs, just to mention a few,- if they're not fully healed, especially if broken, you're at a disadvantage right away. And yes, I did still want to fight at Nottingham, but Joe thought it best to leave it to the event after, so I will be fully healed. You're right, its a great consolation knowing B-BAD's first priority is safety of the fighters, that is why I love B-BAD and definitely mate, I'm Just itching to get back in there to show exactly just how hard I have been training.
Q: Scott said after the fight that his game plan was to target the nose, which was still weak from your previous fight. Did you know that before you stepped into the ring? And would you had still fought knowing that it was all about your nose? 
A: Scott said afterwards his fight plan was to target the nose, as he knew it was broke in my last fight with Seth Jones, but I never really thought about his game plan, only thought about my own one to be honest or I would have protected it a bit better! I should have known what his fight plan was going to be ( I won't make that mistake again lol ) but I think I just got carried away with all my training. I felt very confident and over looked the matter. If i had of known what his game plan was going to be, I still would have fought him I would have just changed my game plan.
Q: Would the end result have been different if you hadn't been carrying an injury? 
A: I can't say the result would have been different if it wasn't for the nose, and I wouldn't make excuses as Scott is a very good fighter and it only takes one powerful hit sometimes to end a fight anyone can get caught quick- but I feel it would have been a better fight and I would have showed just how hard I trained.
Q: Are you back in training yet, and are you doing anything differently? Can you tell us a bit about the altitude mask that you sometimes use? 
A: Yes, I'm back in training since a week or two, but I wont ramp it up until am matched closer to the event after Nottingham, although even though now I still feel am in top fighting shape right now and that just shows how hard I trained. I know Scott as a friend, and my fight didn't last long- Scott caught me quick and it can happen to anyone, but it will surprise people how much I learned from it, and my training has changed a bit also too. The altitude mask simulates high altitude training, like when you train on top of a mountain where the air is thin. It is supposed to make more red blood cells that carry more oxygen to muscles, but to be honest, I think it just restricts air flow- less air with every setting, which makes your lungs work harder which makes you fitter faster.
Donald McPheeQ: Can we talk about Thailand? As most people will know, we set up a fund to help get you to Thailand to train and fight in July, but after a few days thinking, you very generously asked that Scott Midgley take your place. It looks like that fund raising will result in well over a thousand pounds towards the cost of the trip, and Scott is definatley going- do you have any regrets? 
A: I have no regrets at all about not going to Thailand, even though the training and the experience would have been awesome. I didn't expect the fund to take off so quickly, but that's good- it shows the B-BAD family can pull together and help each other which is great! I have my reasons for not going, also I thought the fund would be better going to a younger up and coming fighter, so I said to my self before our fight, if I win, then I will do my best to go no matter what, but if I loose, I will turn it over to Scott. I stand by my decision 100%, and there is no one I would rather see go in my place more than Scott. He's a great fighter, and I am sure he will do the UK and B-BAD fight team proud.
Q: At the moment, we don't know when the next show will be after Nottingham, but I'm sure Joe will get you on the next you have any idea who you would like to fight next on a B-BAD show? 
A: I'm not really sure who I would like to fight next on a B-BAD show next to be honest ! I'll leave that up to Joe or maybe have a look to see who is wanting to fight on it closer to the time, as am not really bothered - I will fight anyone.
Q: What about a rematch with Scott? 
A: I have talked to Scott about a rematch in the future, and he's a gent, and said if I ever want one it will be fine, when I start doing rematches I think I would rematch Seth first as I fought him before Scott, and by that time I will have a few more fights under my belt. I think Scott's pretty much tied up for the a while, but no one knows what the future holds.
Q: Ironically, by giving your Thailand place to Scott, he is going to be even more of a challenge surely? 
A: Yes you're right Andy- now Scott is going to Thailand, he will be even more of a challenge and he will probably come back the ultimate weapon and I think all fighters better look out!
Q: You have a reputation for travelling a long way, usually alone, for your fights....did this have any effect on your defeat at Newcastle, or was it all down to Scott going straight for your nose? 
A: The distance I travelled, or me travelling alone had, no reflection on me losing at Newcastle- in fact, I quite like travelling on my own its peaceful, I lost because Scott's game plan worked and mine didn't lol, EVERYONE HAS A PLAN UNTIL THEY GET PUNCHED IN THE FACE ( Mike Tyson ) I know the meaning of this saying by sheer personal experience now lol!
Q: Not everybody will realise this, but when you fought Jacko Jackson to victory at Dave Courtney's in London, you became the first Scotsman in 143 years to travel to an English BKB was your first fight for B-BAD, what made you do it? 
A: I travelled all the way to London,yes, the first Scotsman in over 143 years to travel to London and fight an Englishman in a Bare Knuckle fight in an event! I fought Jacko Jackson, who is a great guy. It was my first time in my life in London, first time on a plane, first time on the London underground tube, my first Bare Knuckle fight and my first time at Dave Courtney's! I think I did really well. I accomplished a lot that time lol! What made me do it ? I fancied the challenge against proper hardcore fighters to see how much I could improve from fight to fight, and to see where I end up with it all instead of just fighting in the pubs and on the street. I knew if I travelled all that way down and done the fight, win or lose, I would show the world that I mean business, and I would be taken seriously.
Q: There is talk of a smaller show taking place in Scotland at some point, what would it mean for The Highlander to fight on home turf? 
A: The Highlander fighting on a B-BAD event in Scotland, win or lose, it would pretty special to fight on home turf.
Q: So are you contracted to B-BAD, or would you fight anywhere, any time? 
A: Yes I am contracted to B-BAD and will only fight for B-BAD. I have had a few promotions offer me to fight for them but I always say no, I am B-BAD through and through and I am B-BAD 100%.
Q: You have had a few fights now for B-BAD, do you have a favourite memory of your Bare Knuckle career so far? 
A: My favourite memory of my BKB career so far is watching my son Dominic's face light up every time I'm matched with an opponent, and to see how excited he gets with it all, especially on the lead up to the events. Dom is B-BAD BKB through and through. Also, meeting all the fighters and fans and everyone else- they're all Great people.
Q: Well that's about it for now Donald. It's been an interesting insight into 'The Highlander', and we will be having a quick chat with your son Dominic now. Is there anything else that you would like to say before we finish? 
A: I would like to thank yourself Andy, and Anthony, at the B-BAD Bulletin for doing this interview, I would like to thank Joe and Aaron and everyone at B-BAD for having me as part of B-BAD, would like thank everyone who started and donated money in to the fund when I was going to Thailand, I am still overwhelmed by that Great gesture it means a lot, I also would like to thank the fans who support me and the ones who support B-BAD. If i have missed anyone thank you folks, and good night smile emoticon.
Many thanks to The Highlander- now we have a few questions for his biggest fan, son Dominic!
Q: Hello Dom, thanks for talking to us. Can you start by telling us how old you are? 
A: I am eleven years old and will be twelve on April 12th
Q: And apart from being a fight fan, what do you do in your spare time? 
A: I play football and rugby.
Team McPheeQ: Can you tell us what it's like to be the son of a well known Bare Knuckle fighter?
A: It's brilliant and exciting!
Q: How do you feel when your dad is fighting for B-BAD? 
A: I feel excited when he goes to a B-BAD show - I am happy when he wins, and gutted when he loses.
Q: Who would you like to see your dad fight next? 
A: I would like to see my dad fight Ross Chittock next.
Q: Your dad is already very well known, and a very popular man, do you like the idea of him becoming famous as he has more fights? 
A: It will be brilliant if my dad becomes famous!
Q: Do you have a preference, Bare Knuckle or gloved boxing, and why? 
A: I love Bare Knuckle cause its fast and furious fighting!
Q: We know that you are young, but do you box or train yourself? 
A: I box and train sometimes on my own, sometimes with my dad, but Dad said he's going to start training me proper soon in the summer school holidays
Q: Would you like to fight when you are older, and would it be gloved or Bare Knuckle? 
A: I would love to do Bare Knuckle fighting when I'm old enough- I am going to be a Bare Knuckle fighter!
Q: Your dad is known as the Highlander, what would your fight name be? 
A: My fight name is going to be Dom 'The Destroyer' Mcphee. Joe Bbad gave me my name, and I love it!
Q: That's a cool name Dom! Do you have any favourite Bare Knuckle or gloved fighters? 
A: Yes- my favourite Bare Knuckle fighter is James McCrory because he is tough and I watch all his fights, and my favourite gloved boxer is Muhamed Ali because he was fast and furious!
Q: Do u watch the B-BAD fights on the internet? What about gloved fights? Do you have a favourite fight? 
A: I watch all the fights when they get posted on the internet, the best Bare Knuckle one I've seen was the rematch between James McCrory v Dave Radford, and I can't wait to see the third one! The best gloved fight I've seen was the Bradford fight, between Billy Hawthorn v Nathan J-Dogg.
It's been good talking to you Dominic, before we finish, is there anything you would like to say to the fight fans?
My dad is going to go far in the BKB he trains the whole time and he's going to train me too! 
Thank you for the interview Andy.
It's been our pleasure! There you go fight fans, our first father and son interview

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