Published September 2012

We took a trip to Dropkixx University of Wrestling and spoke to main man Jon Ritchie and some of the guys and while we were there Dan even did a bit of wrestling. So impressed were we that a visit to a Dropkixx show was in order. We was not disappointed when we were lucky enough to grab some great wrestling action at their show in Brentwood. But first we drop in to The Bucket O Blood at Dropkixx University Of Wrestling

Dropkixx Wrestling Gym Run By Jon Ritchie

Jon Ritchie
Dropkixx University Of Wrestling was originally owned by Frank Rimer & Tony Scarlo until 2004 when respected wrestler Jon Ritchie, son of John Hall took the reigns in 2004 and is one of the most respected if not THE most respected gyms in the world.
Dropkixx is based at The Bucket O Blood Fight Club in East Tilbury Essex ( Gym Now at New Address )and apart from the obvious, Boxing, Wing Chung (Chinese Boxing) and Mauy Thai to name but a few are taught at the gym.

An impressive range of both fighting styles and fitness programs might make you think that corners may be cut on the standard of training as there are many different styles under one roof but you could not be further from the truth. If I tell you the Wing Chung is taught by Wayne Morrison a student of the art of some 15 plus years who spent the last 6 under Alan Orr head of European and Australasian Chu sai lei Wing Chun Kuen, teaching the Family Wing Chun of Robert Chu Sifu I think I need say no more about standards. 
Jon P and John Hall
For anyone reading this who doesn't already know. The name Bucket O Blood is from the eighteenth century when James Figg, thought to be the very first man to be classed as World Heavyweight Boxing champion, opened a gym above a pub in East London.

People are said to have walked by saying “he’ll make you sweat a bucket of blood in there”, this would then go on to become the gym’s nickname as a sign of respect.

When we arrived at the gym and walked in there was a great atmosphere with family members of the people who were training welcome to stay and watch or grab a cup of tea.

Veteran Shoot wrestler John Hall (To see the Interview we did with John Hall a while back Click HERE ) was putting some of the students through there paces in the full size ring which also accommodates the Boxing and M.M.A. when wrestling isn't in progress and despite having a knee which was giving him discomfort was getting stuck in launching then locking up guys a third of his age. I was once told by a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and M.M.A. student who I witnessed being locked by John that Johns Locks are to be avoided whenever possible as They hurt like hell. John can regularly be found at Lee Johnstone's Combat Sports Academy in Strood passing his knowledge onto such people as Lee Ambler. The Gym also boasts a matted area with an Olympic size mat area in the middle still leaving plenty of room for other people to continue there training. There really is no reason to stand around as there is plenty of room and equipment including a collection of bags and strike shields for the other striking and kicking arts available to use.

Kurt Angle At Dropkixx
Jon Ritchie also runs wrestling shows in which he as Jon The Don Ritchie and other wrestlers from the gym including Devin Byrne and Robert Rose go through there paces. Now for anyone thinking, but that's not real, let me assure you that this is a Shoot/Catch, Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling gym make no mistake, and at the Olympics recently Dropkixx had there name flashed on all the big screens in the Excel Wrestling Arena.
Past students of the University Include WWE’s Wade Barrett and TNA’s Brutus Magnus and the University even had a visit from Kurt Angle while he was visiting the UK who had good things to say about the gym and happily put on the Fight Club Tshirt he was given as a memento of his visit.

For anyone thinking of either learning one of the many styles of fighting available or just keeping fit Jon Ritchie told us "You can train at your own pace or join any of our highly experienced coach's in their regular weekly classes which include amateur and professional wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, B.J.J. M.M.A. self-defence, box-fit any many others. Dropkixx can be found at
While at The Bucket Of Blood we grabbed an interview with Kevin "Mad Dog" Richmond and spoke about the old days of The World of Sport and more recent things. John Hall can be seen in the back ground taking wrestlers through there paces.
We also spoke to Lewis and PJ who currently train at the Gym and can be seen at Dropkixx Wrestling Shows
We were then treated to two demonstrations of the kind of thing you will see if you go to one of the Dropkixx Shows.
Watching the last demonstration had a downside Dan decided he could be the next Kurt Angle and a bout was duly arranged. But don't worry too much Grapple Fans Dan WILL NOT be appearing at a Dropkixx Show near you anytime soon or hopefully in the foreseeable future. After a crash course in Wrestling Dan refused any more advice and entered the ring like a gladiator ready for battle. In fairness I used a bit of poetic licence there but he did get in the ring so its almost true.
Not content with leaving Cage Amateurs UK's reputation In tatters Dan was calling everyone out for a rematch at which point I swiftly moved him onto an interview with Tag Team "Team Perfection" before he collapsed.
To Finish the day we had one more Interview and that was with the man himself Jon Ritchie

A Great Night Out At A Recent Dropkixx Show In Brentford Essex

On a beautiful September evening we found ourselves heading to Brentwood in Essex to record a wrestling show being held by Dropkixx Wrestling AcademJon The Don Ritchiey at the charity run Brentwood Theatre. Despite heavy traffic we were in good spirit and on a personal level it was too be my first show of this kind. I don't know what I was expecting really but as it is normal to find us at Cage Fighting shows this was going to be a little different.The Theatre although small was fully kitted out and set up so every one had a good view, after speaking to staff this was also their first experience of hosting wrestling so from our point of view it was going to be a suck it and see event for us. I was a little worried at first as the wrestlers were there, we were there and the theatre crew were there but as time ticked on no punters were there.

I shouldn't have worried as it happens as when the door opened the stream of people spilled in pretty much filling the place. Show time. Things got off to a nice start with the audience obviously in the mood to interact with the wrestlers. The action looked good and convincing and I found my eyes drifting toward the bout and away from the view finder on the camera.

Tiger Kid and Honest ErnestThe first bout of this packed evening saw Honest Earnest Sterling up against the popular Tiger Kid. One could be forgiven for wondering how Mr Sterling got the Honest part of his name considering he is a member of Jon "The Don" Richie s "Beatings Are Us" security team?? Despite the obvious thoughts of a visit upon reading this the only way this writer can think that he ever got such a name was by stealing it. Moving on quickly. The Tiger Kid was an obvious favourite among the fans and took the bout despite the less than honest antics of Mr Sterling.

Josh Faulkner next up against Hugh Mungus. Josh is a strong looking lad but when Hugh entered the room, the man mountain he is, accompanied by Cayden Blade who was supposed to be fighting I felt Josh had his hands full especially with the somewhat dodgy looking Cayden at ring side. It turned out Hugh was Cayden's replacement due to him being injured and when the referee sent Cayden back to the changing rooms I personally felt Josh's chances had improved but left me worried if my car would still be where I left it when the show ended. Hugh is a big big man so Josh although a talented wrestler and crowd favourite was going to be in for a rough evening.
Brookie and Polly Ann Bryce
Bout three gave the ladies there chance and Armani Brookii Russell the current Ladies Title holder was up against challenger Polly Anne Bryce, who is probably one of my favourites with her in ring antics. Polly was being continually barracked by the crowd, not helped by her entrance to the ring when she probably did herself no favours, and her quick, sharp remarks left them returning the insults. The result being the bout in the ring was equalled by the verbal sparring. At one point Polly having slapped Brookii a couple of times raised her hands up into the air in a challenge to Brookii to lock fingers. Brookii being much smaller in stature and height could not reach leaving Polly still lower in the crowds opinion at this obvious poke at Brookii's height. To my shame I found myself chucking at this behaviour. But she didn't have it all her way with Brookii showing why she is the Ladies Champion and winning the bout over a rather angry Polly.

This took us too a break in the action and the chance for the audience to head to the bar for a quick drink before the second half of the show commenced.

Team Perfection
Back from the break and the second half of the evening commenced with a tag team match for the Title Belt between Team Perfection and current holders The Flying Scotsmen. The Flying Scotsmen were loved by the crowd and after watching Team Perfections getting a young attractive lady out of the audience to oil them up, only to be sent away because she had dry hands, it quickly became apparent that they was not bothered if the crowd were in love with them as they were clearly in love with themselves. 
I was wondering if I should have made that last statement but I am pretty sure that they are not in the slightest bit bothered about what you or I think anyway. The action was fast and furious with no team gaining the advantage. Team Perfection obviously spend a lot of time in the gym working out or checking themselves out in the mirrors and it was with little effort Picture Perfect lifted one of the Flying Scotsman above his head with ease then dropped him out of the ring to the floor below. For a split second I thought there was maybe a little remorse as Team Perfection leapt over the ropes but it was soon apparent it was only too land on there opponent, still on the floor, to cause more damage. Good always come through and the very talented Flying Scotsmen stole the match proving why they are the champions and Team Perfection are not.

Beatings R Us
On to the main event which pitted Jon "The Don" Ritchie up against Mountain Stew. The Don entered the ring side area with his security team of Freddie "The Vet" Cornell his nephew and new security team member T leaf and Honest Ernest Sterling. 
The crowd were less than friendly from the start but this meant very little to the Don who threatened to send the boys round. Mountain Stew was the total opposite with the crowd and was met with cheers from the crowd with his corner men keeping the atmosphere going encouraging the crowd unlike Beatings R US talking to the crowd threatening them with violence if they didn't stop drowning out what The Don was saying even though he had snatched the microphone off of the MC. 
Trouble from the start The Don argued about wearing his Championship Belt during the bout but the referee was having none of it and threatened to send him back to the changing room. Begrudgingly he complied and removed it. Next he questioned the referees credentials and insisted the nights MC, an experienced referee himself, officiate. In front of everyone the M.C. stood up quickly putting him in his place resulting in even more protests and stares from Beatings R Us. Hopefully the M.C. got home safely but as we haven't heard from him since the end of the show I think maybe we should check to see if he's OK. This was yet another great match up and Jon and the guys supplied a continuous stream of laughs. I will not say any-more about this bout just go and see for yourself.

Last but not least it was a Robert Rose vs Devin Byrne Yet again a  very high standard of wrestling with Byrne not adverse to every now and then poking his finger in Robs eye. As seen again and again during the evening cheats never prosper and Robert took the win..

So there you have it a family of four was £25. £6.25 for two hours of entertainment how could you go wrong. 
Go on treat yourself next time a Dropkixx show is in town...Jon P
We had a few problems with this but the video we have is available below
Gym Sequence 21st July 2012
Show Sequence 15th September 2012

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