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Published March 2012

Having met Claudio Silva at the T.U.F.F. Tournament at Medway Park it was no real surprise when we found ourselves heading off to his Diesel 2 gym in Dockside London a couple of weeks later. Claudio an Instructor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts fighter was holding a seminar to raise funds for kids in Brazil and a project called Educar Jiu-Jitsu which is aimed at getting kids away from gangs and into martial arts. 

Claudio Silva Talks Educar Jiu Jitsu

Educar Jui-Jitsu Seminar

Seminar attendees helped to raise cash for disadvantaged children in Brazil

A SEMINAR has been held to raise cash for poor children living in slums in Brazil.

The charity event was organised and run by Claudio Silva, the W.F.C./E.F.C. champion and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and was held at the Diesel Gym 2, The Docklands, Canary Wharf, London, on Saturday, March 31st.
Called Educar Jiu-Jitsu, the charity was started by Claudio and a friend.

Dan said: "Being in South America it's commonly known that a lot of these countries have a serious issue with gangs, drugs and worst of all murder.

"It is generally the poor that sell drugs for bigger operations, but really they just get a pittance for it. And as this has spread across the Country the problem has increased crime and murder. Murder being one of the high statistics.Claudio Silva and Jon P

 "Educar Jui-Jitsu has been set up in order to get these children from the slums before they go down that route by teaching them Mixed Martial Arts. Its aim is to give them focus and steer them away from the life that inevitably awaits them. It is not a surprise that they end up doing this as most have no other means off surviving.
"The seminar lasted two hours and was a great thing to be part off. Claudio told us a bit about the lives that people lived in the slums and how his family struggled financially as he was growing up.

"The benefit system in England helps people who need money, although not much money, and at least we have this as our means to fall back on. These children do not have this. "He spoke about his Mixed Martial Arts career and how he learned his art in his home country of Brazil. Then he asked everyone to pair up and find a partner. The next forty five minutes we were shown many basic BJJ moves and watching as Claudio showed the techniques that he has

"Then whilst standing around he pulled a surprise out for one of his students. It was a blue belt for student Ryan McDonald. Then he presented Jeff and Geddi with their purple belts. Well done again guys. We know they worked hard because Claudio insists that until they hundred per cent ready it's not safe to hand these out.

"We carried on with a bit of BJJ then we got photos and chat with everyone. I thought the day had finished until I heard everyone cheering and that's when I found out about the tradition of whipping (Running The Gauntlet).

Claudio Silva Seminar In Aid Of EDUCAR JIU JITSU from Cage Amateurs UK on Vimeo.

Running The Gauntlet
"When these guys move up a belt all their friends get to stand in a row and whip the person who got the belt. And they did whip really hard and the noise was horrendous.
"Claudio raised a nice bit of money for the charity that day. If anyone can help you can donate anything you have that you do not need gloves, gi, mats, bags and anything usable in a Gym. These young kids you help could be thanking you one day with a U.F.C. title in their hand so if you can donate anything please call Claudio on 07741 782398 or email
Claudio is available to do seminars so get in touch via us or call Claudio direct it’s a great show and a good experience for all levels off competitor. And if you within Travelling distance of his Diesel Gym please get down and learn BJJ of the best.
The gym is located in The Docklands @ Canary Wharf, Tiller Leisure Centre, Tiller Road, Isle of Dogs, Docklands, London, E14 8PX.
Here's an Interview we did with Claudio while we were at the Educar Jiu-Jitsu Seminar
While we were there we got to speak to a couple of his younger students
To finish this up we have video of the seminar held by Claudio Silva

Recorded 31st March 2012

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