Published September 2012
 Fury MMA
At last the day came for and despite some concerns about the long fight card we headed off to the O2 on the banks of the River Thames in London looking forward to the show. When we got our breath back having seen the parking charges we were then hit with going through security which involved putting our equipment through an x-ray machine then having to walk through a metal detector to then have a pat down by security. The threat of terrorism is very real  but it is most unusual for suicide bombers to be carry what was £6000 of photographic equipment. Although my dubious beard did not help the situation I would hazard a guess. Rattling the front door of the wrong nightclub shortly after entering the O2 we were helped by a friendly security guard who pointed us in the right direction and what was too be the right nightclub. Entering Proud 2 my first thoughts were that it was going to be a little snug with a 1000 people but I looked up, and up, and up again. This was one huge bad boy of a club stretching up three floors. As it happened the fight card was shorter than thought with the organisers keeping things flowing nicely. This was probably the best show I have attended so far, I say so far. Adam Parrott our friend from was at the show and has kindly allowed us to use his as usual excellent review of events
Saturday 8th September –  Fury M.M.A.  took place at the O2’s Proud 2 nightclub in London with a stacked card featuring 17 thrilling M.M.A. and K1 bouts that resulted in 11 blistering first round stoppages.
The main event of the evening, Max Nunes extended his unbeaten run to 7-0 when he took on Brett Cole for the right to be crowned the first ever Fury M.M.A. Light Heavyweight Champion.

Max Nunes vs Bret Cole – For the FURY M.M.A. Light-Heavyweight Title

Nunes lands early with a 1-2 combo, Cole turns his back on his opponent and Nunes slams him to the canvas. In side control, Nunes gets to work smothering his opponent and raining down elbows. Cole is able to recover back to half guard, but Nunes is doing a good job of landing some big shots from the top. Nunes postures up and begins to bombard his opponent with heavy punches, each of them finding the target. Cole rolls on to his front, looking for a way to scramble free, but Nunes is relentless with his ground and pound, forcing the referee to step in and save Cole from any further damage.
Max Nunes Defeats Bret Cole via T.K.O. – Round 1 (2:50) to become 
The New FURY M.M.A. Light-Heavyweight 

Lloyd Clarkson vs. Earl Brown

Brown lands with a leg kick, but Clarkson pushes him back against the cage before taking him down to the ground and transitions nicely in side control. Brown, looking for a way to escape, gives up his back in the process. Clarkson has the leg hooks locked in and is punishing his opponent with a barrage of shots. Brown flips backwards, pinning Clarkson’s back against the canvas. Clarkson can’t quite sink the choke in, so switches to full-mount instead. Brown is able to escape and both fighters are back on their feet. Clarkson lands flush with a left hook and Brown replies with knee to the ribs. Clarkson secures the take down and latches on to Brown’s arm just as the buzzer sounds to end the round.
Brown shoots early in the second, Clarkson does well to stuff and immediately looks to take Brown’s arm. Brown escapes and winds up in half guard briefly, but Clarkson scrambles back to his feet briefly before losing his footing and tumbling back down to the canvas. Brown lunges at his opponent with a double hammer-fist strike. Both fighters back on their feet, with Clarkson pressing the action against the cage before securing the take down. From side control, Clarkson unleashes a clinical display of ground and pound from the top. Brown is bleeding heavily from above his right eye, and the referee decides he’s seen enough and calls a halt to the action.
Lloyd Clarkson Defeats Earl Brown via T.K.O. Round 2 (1:26)

Alex "Monty" Montigani vs. David Stone

Stone lands flush with a left hook. Montigani responds with a leg kick. Stone rushes his opponent, driving in low, and Montigani connects with a perfectly timed knee to his opponent’s jaw, dropping him to the mat. Montigani swarms on Stone, unleashing a brutal display of ground and pound. Stone covers up, but Montigani’s attack is relentless and forces the referee to intervene.
Alex "Monty" Montigani Defeats David Stone via T.K.O. Round 1 (0:17)

Marcus Paul vs. Tom Wincott

Paul fires off a 1-2 combo and drives his opponent against the fence, scoops him up, slams him to the mat and transitions nicely into full mount. Wincott is able to control his opponent’s posture, and after little activity the ref stands them up. Both fighters start swinging with bad intentions. Paul is able to tie his opponent up and drag him to the floor. Wincott looks for a Kimura, but there’s not enough time.
Wincott has a huge haematoma over his right eye, but starts the second with a huge Superman punch that just misses the target. Paul clinches and trips his opponent to the mat, but again the referee stands them up for lack of action on the ground. Paul lands with a looping left and presses his opponent up against the fence, but is unable to cause any damage before the round ends.
Wincott comes out throwing some big punches, and Paul just narrowly misses with a front kick to the face. Wincott secures the take down, which Paul is able to reverse, but again the referee stands both fighters up. Paul looks physically exhausted now and shoots on his opponent. Wincott stuffs, sinks in a tight guillotine choke and pulls guard, leaving Paul no option but to tap.
Tom Wincott Defeats Marcus Paul via Guillotine Choke Submission – Round 3 (4:40)

Vitor Silva vs. Steve Young

Silva catches young with a right hook and backs him into the fence. Young cinches and takes Silva down to the canvas. Silva is working well off of his back, utilising his Jiu-Jitsu, transitioning from a triangle attempt to almost securing the arm bar. Young unleashes with a series of hammer-strikes to his opponent’s face, followed by some vicious ground and pound. Silva is pressed up against the cage and just absorbing punishment, leaving the referee no choice but to step in and stop the fight.
Steve Young Defeats Vitor Silva via T.K.O.  Round 1 (1:47)

Jay Stone vs. Mike Nott

Stone drops low and drives Nott back against the cage. Nott catches Stone with a power right hand that drops his opponent to his knees. Nott looks to take Stone’s back, but he manages to scramble back to his feet, but looks visibly rocked. Nott charges forward, catches Stone and sends him back to knees. Following him down to the floor, Nott delivers a solid display of ground and pound, forcing the referee to call a stop to the action.
Mike Nott Defeats Jay Stone via T.K.O.  Round 1 (2:38)
Emma Ibrahim vs. Laura Clark – K1 Fight

Clark lands first with a flurry of shots that has Ibrahim on the back foot. Ibrahim lands with a straight right and does good job of circling away from her opponent, but Clark presses the action. Clark clips Ibrahim with a straight right and has her opponent wobbled, forcing a standing 8-count from the referee. Clark charges forward and lands with several crisp shots that Ibrahim can’t defend herself from. The referee decides he’s seen enough and steps in to save Ibrahim from any further damage
Laura Clark Defeats Emma Ibrahim via T.K.O.  Round 1 (1:40)

Full Fight Card

• Max Nunes Defeats Brett Cole via T.K.O. – Round 1 (2:50)
• Lloyd Clarkson Defeats Earl Brown via T.K.O. – Round 2 (1:26)
• Alex Montigani Defeats David Stone via T.K.O. – Round 1 (0:17)
• Tom Wincott Defeats Marcus Paul via Guillotine Choke Submission – Round 3 (4:40)
• Steve Young Defeats Vitor Silva via T.K.O. – Round 1 (1:47)
• Mike Nott Defeats Jay Stone via T.K.O. – Round 1(2:38)
• Laura Clark Defeats Emma Ibrahim via T.K.O. – Round 1 (1:40)
• Joe Cooper Defeats Leo Davis via R.N.C. Submission – Round 1 (3:47)
• Sol B. Mason Defeats James Ray via T.K.O. – Round 1 (3:45)
• Jay Tovee Defeats Neil Brazil by Unanimous Decision
• George Chase Defeats Jimmy Houghton via T.K.O. – Round 1 (1:35)
• Gary Duffy Defeats Jason Collins – Collins Retired Injured – Round 2 (2:02)
• Jack Driscoll Defeats Stephen Black via Submission – Round 1 (2:30)
• Duane Douglas Defeats William Emery-Wilbo via K.O. – Round 1 (0:07)
• Jason Black Defeats Dominic Camacho via T.K.O. – Round 1 (4:58)
• Ed Kelly Defeats Vinny Pearce by Unanimous Decision
Recorded Saturday 8th September at Proud 2 The O2 London

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