Published November 2012

Always like a FURY Show so despite being on my own and the prospect of a late night meaning that I would miss the last train I grabbed as much as I could and headed off to the Coronet Theatre in London.
After an eventful journey I arrived in time to get set up and take it easy for a while. To be honest it was strange because without Dan we had no interviews to do before recording the fights. Not too worry there was plenty of people that I recognised from previous shows so I was kept occupied catching up about what everyone has been up to since we last saw each other.
As everyone knows these shows never start on time and this one was too be no different starting an hour late at 5pm.
From this point everything moved at a roaring pace with the first three fights being over in less than 30 minutes despite one of the fighters from the second fight being out cold and needing attention from the fight medics.
The whole show went off well although very quickly which for me personally was a result as I had to get back home. All said and done was a good night. 

Full Card Results:

Alex Montagani Defeated Paul Edmonds by T.K.O. (ground and pound) – Round 1 (4:25)
Dan Lawal Defeated Jason Tyldesley by T.K.O – Round 1 (1:10) *Boxing bout
Brendan Cherry Defeated Jarvis Grey by TKO – Round 2 (1:00)
Sam Morgan Defeated Craig Cohen by T.K.O. – Round 1 (2:15) *Boxing bout
Cameron Else Defeated Garry Duffy by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) – Round 1 (0:40)
Paul Furrogita Defeated Joe Vidler by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Jason Kenny Defeated Ryan Woodford by T.K.O. (Ground and Pound) – Round 1 (1:48)
Ricky Moore Defeated Curtis Stilwell by T.K.O. (Ground and Pound) – Round 1 (0:20)
Alec Connolly Defeated Rayko Levitch by Submission (Armbar) – Round 2 (2:00)
Declan McDonough Defeated Matt Webb by T.K.O. – Round 1 (1:30) *Boxing
Nathan Shety Defeated Rob Collins by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) – Round 1 (2:33)
Dean Simmonds Defeated Jay Stone by Submission (Guillotine Choke) – Round 1 (0:30)


In the build up to FURY 7 "Bad Blood" we will be putting the latest information on this page. Call back regularly to keep up with events. So far we have the most recent fight card but we will amend it if things change. Then we have a video interview with Dan Modahevi followed by one with Tomasz's manager and owner of C.S.M.M.A. Gary Bond. Last but not least we have a written interview with both fighters involved in the headlining fight. Tomasz Czerwinski and Ian "The Monsta" Hawkins


Tomasz Czerwinski v Ian Hawkins
Alex Montigani v Paul Edmonds
Jordan Miller v Scott Jansen
Dan Lawal vs John 'Chopper' Painter
Jamie Reece v Curtis Stilwell
Charlie Jenning v Ricky Moore
Alec Connelly v George Grainer
Brendan Cherry v Jarvis Grey
Adam Randel v Martin Reece
Jay Stone v Dean Simmonds
Ed Kelly v Dan Aguste
75KG K1
Leo Davis v Jay Tovee
Marvin Cambell v Lee Brownford
TBA v Thomas Gilimin
Ryan Woodford v Kieron Doyle
Declan McDonough v Ryan Edinborough
Steve Young v Jack Lee
72KG K1
Fred Carvahlo v Andy Leonidou
As with all fight cards this could be subject to change Kicking things off Dan Movahedi talks to Cage Amateurs U.K. about FURY 7 while at Zoo Fight Clubs Warriors Collide followed by The Main Events Tomasz.

Gary Bond talks to Cage Amateurs U.K. about the fight between Tomasz Cwerinski and Ian Hawkins coming to FURY M.M.A. 7

Tomasz Cwerinski

Tomasz Cwerinski talks training and his three up and coming rematches. We recently caught up with Tomasz to chat about what has been happening since he became the Fury heavyweight Champion.
Tomasz is an M.M.A. fighter who is currently wiping out anyone in his path. He is the Fury and C.F.C champion; he will also be competing on U.C.M.M.A. for a K1 title next month. The Polish fighter lives in Bournemouth and works as a full time S.I.A. Door Man. In 2005 Tomasz suffered a life threatening heart attack.
Although Tomasz admits he was overweight and did not take care of his body, he says his heart was still that of a fighter, he looks back at his body then and is very proud of the weight he has lost . In a recent interview with C.A.U.K, Tomasz said " I have lost seven stone in the last two years and i am working hard still to improve my fitness"
It is no secret that the feud between Tomasz and Ian Hawkins stemmed from C.S.M.M.A. 2 when Sam Hammerstein KO'd Ian Hawkins , it was Hawkins first H.W. Boxing match. It is said that the fighter was changed late on and Hawkins says he did not know that Sam was that experienced and it was supposed to be white collar contest.
Tomasz is very clear on the fact that he told Hawkins how good Sam was, but Ian being a fighter took the fight anyway. Please check out the video if you have not already seen Tomasz win the Fury title.

I got a call off Tomasz and we asked
Q/ What have you been up to since Fury 5?
A/ I won the C.F.C. title shortly after Fury, I have had a busy time trying to get sponsors to cover the cost of training. The one on one sessions are a big part of my training, but very expensive. I am looking for new sponsors for my next five fights, if you can help please contact myself or Cage Amateurs UK who will pass the message on.
Q/ How is training going?
A/ I just finished a two hour session with Jordan Miller. It was hard. Last night I had two hours of Muay Thai which I think is a must in M.M.A. I am also working hard on my cardio.
Q/ I saw some photos of you on Facebook, you now have a six pack. How hard was it to get to that from your previous size?
A/ I work so hard with my cardio and stamina training. I train so hard you would not believe. I am also working very hard on my foot work with Boxing.
Q/ What diet are you using?
A/ I eat six or seven chicken breasts a day, plus peanut butter I use, as it contains protein. Mix that with a healthy mix of food and three protein shakes a day.
Q/ How do you feel about the Hawkins rematch now?
A/ Dan, you know I am respectful to my opponents, I do not trash talk. I am not as angry as I was when we first spoke about this. I am happy to fight Ian again. I am training for all of my up and coming fights. As I have a rematch with Paul Saunders, C.F.C. and U.C.M.M.A. all in the pipeline. I respect everyone and this is why I am giving rematches to all the guys who have asked. But Gary Bond has stated after this no more rematches.
Q/ How is your heart now?
A/ It is great now, obviously I have a different life style now. When I first had I went back to training but I could not push my cardio too far, now I push myself to the extreme and my heart is fully healthy. I also had bad hernia problems back then, but that is resolved now too.
Thanks Tomasz and good luck with your up and coming fights.
Thanks Dan, please could you say thanks to all my friends, training partners, Gary Bond, Jordan Miller M.M.A.Intelligent Nutrition, Bridge Dental Lab, Ippon Gym), Spearmint Rhino and Extreme Couture and all my fans. 

Thanks for your support guys.

Ian Hawkins
The rematch between Ian and Tomasz is on. We have spoken to Tomasz and it is now Ian’s turn. Ian is a Heavyweight M.M.A. fighter who needs no introduction. He has been around for a fair few years now and has been in the cage with the best heavyweights in the Country. His ability to take serious head shots and still fight on is incredible. He is a likeable fella and always has time for M.M.A. fans and the press.

We caught up with Ian and here is what he had to say

Hi Ian, thanks for taking time out to chat with Cage Amateurs UK
Q/ Tell us in your words, what started this feud regarding you and Tomasz?
A/ The feud between me and Tomasz started after his manager Gary Bond fucked me over on his show, it’s a story that has done the rounds and there is no point going over it again. I’m much calmer about it now, the fault is with Gary and not Tomasz, as I’ve said to Tomasz personally , if the roles were reversed, I would have tipped him off that he was getting fucked over, but he may well have thought I knew about who Sam was etc. So as we stand now, other than some slight disappointment that he didn’t just check with me, its water under the bridge. The fight is still very important to me though, as it was stopped stupidly early the first time (not Tomasz's fault obviously), I still want to settle that. So I am 100% focused on the fight.
Q/ Do you feel your last fight was stopped unfairly?
A/ The last fight was stopped by someone who has made dubious decisions on 3 of my fights, it was a stupid stoppage, made when I had fully recovered, Tomasz caught me with a great shot which did indeed wobble me,but I stayed standing and was covering up no problem, you can’t take a knee in M.M.A. so me covering is a way to just take 5 seconds out before I throw back again, I always do it, its actively defending myself because I am fully covered up and it lasts for a few seconds. I can take the amount of damage Tomasz did and then times that by 10 and I can still fight on.
Q/ Tell us about your training and diet?
My training is good. For the first time I am taking it seriously,I’m fighting out of a proper team, Gods of War,
for the first time in my career, when I used to fight a couple of my mates would be my corner men and I made it up as I went along. Diet wise it’s not bad, I follow a Paleo based diet,but do cheat, I have no interest in looking like a body builder, I just need to be fitter.
Q/ How do you feel the fight will go this time, considering you are training for this one?
I will win by Knock Out, first or second round. As long as the ref doesn’t panic if I get hit (as I expect him to) and I’m allowed to go to war as I like to. Looking forward to this fight mate, I am no less motivated. Now I and Tomasz have ironed out our differences I can concentrate on the job at hand. But I still want to settle the score from our last fight. I wish Tomasz well with his prep for his up and coming fights.
Q/ Will this be your last MMA fight, if so what will you do next?
It’s probably my last fight, but as I will have the belt who knows :-). I’m pencilled in to fight for the B.K.B. British belt in February, the promoters are looking to get Bare Knuckle Boxing more mainstream and it sounds like fun to me, after all I can’t get any prettier :-)
Cage Amateurs UK. “Thanks Ian and we will see you on the 18th of November”
IAN “Thanks mate please say thanks to all my training partners and monster fans”
Recorded Sunday 18th November 2012

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