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Published 10th Feb 2019
Andy Topliffe was back to do his first show since the days of B-Bad way back when. Things do not always go as planned and two days before the show it all went to shit with accusations flying of all kind but either way it looked like the show was off. Until Thursday when a new venue had been arranged and it was back on bails and all. To be said it was a smaller event which reminded me of the early days and was a bit more on the up close and personal side. I personally like the bails but for obvious reasons most venues are not so keen on the idea. Unlike a boxing ring this ring made of large bails of hay was small, nowhere to run or hide which was going to result in fairly quick fights if I was not mistaken and I wasn't. I recognised a few faces from the past and was pleased to see Michael Ord back on the scene not having caught up with him for some time.
Anyway it was a shitty three and a half hour journey that took me too Leicester on a Friday afternoon for something a bit different and to be fair to Andy something that had been sorted out in a couple of days. Due to all of the confusion earlier in the weeks this was to be a very cut down version of what was planned but to be honest everyone there seem to enjoy themselves as much as I did.
Ok Justin Austin was on hand to do a few interviews with the fighters before their fights the first two being MIchael Ord followed by Jason Lock


And now for the first fight of the Evening Michael Ord v Jason Lock
Next up we have Adam Lee followed by Nathan J Dogg for a few words
Next Fight Adam Lee v Nathan J Dogg
So there we have it all that was needed was to get back in the car and head back home. It was nice to see some old faces and meet some new. Just to make things clear this was put together after the original show was halted for reasons beyond Andy's control but it did take me back to October 2012 when we rolled up to do our first BKB show with myself and my mate Dan thinking we was going to be up to our knees in cow shit with no electricity.
Thanks to Andy for having me along and thanks to Jamie Austin for doing the pre fight interviews.

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