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Published December 2012

A great fight night was had by all down on the coast in Hastings at Night Of Champions "Glory MMA" hosted by our friends Yasmin Edwards, Paul Saunders & Oli Thompson. Despite a couple of fighters dropping out at the last second things ran like clockwork as expected from the Zoo Fight Club show.
Things kicked off with some of the clubs youngsters joined by a young man from Canton Martial Arts showing us their skills in some quick demonstrations. Fast and furious as you would imagine from this group of enthusiastic young people. From what we have seen from here and the M.A.A.S.I.F. run by Leo Alderman and supported by some top clubs including Premier Martial Arts the future is looking bright in the world of Martial Arts with the talent coming through. 
The main event was between Joe Vidler fighting out of Evolution M.M.A. against opponent Vladamir (sorry I didn't get his last name) for the Welterweight Belt.
Joe VidlerBoth fighters came out swinging with a flurry of blows being exchanged between them forcing Vladimir back against the cage momentarily. Quickly grabbing Vidlers leg Vladimir took the advantage back by dumping Vidler to the ground. Despite being on the bottom with Vladimir attempting to rain blows down onto him Vidler managed to defend nicely not really taking any damage.The fight continued on the ground with both fighters attempting to gain the overall advantage for the next few minutes until Vidler somehow managed to reverse the situation while at the same point applying an arm bar on Vladimir gaining a submission and with it the fight. Vladimir looked shocked at his sudden change in circumstances only slightly more than I was at how Vidler had changed things so quickly. Nice.  Joe Vidler defeats Vladimir by Tapout
Also on the fight card was Lee Vidler fighting out of Evolution M.M.A., brother of Joe, against Garath Pettit.

Both fighters exchaged blows but it wasn't long before Vidler almost ended up chasing Pettit across the cage while unleashing a flurry of blows to his head. The referee stepped in to stop the fight giving Vidler the win. All in all a good night out for the Vidler Brothers. Lee Vidler Defeats Garath Pettit
I had some problems with the main camera and apologise in advance for any missing footage or fights but hope you enjoy the ones below.

Young fighters demonstrate their skills


Title Fight For The Welterweight Belt Joe Vidler vs Vlad


Kieran Brown vs Jim Bratton

Jay Oliver Speaks To Cage Amateurs UK at Zoo Fight Clubs

Previous Show Warriors Collide


Jay Oliver vs Chris Kennel

Joe Middleton vs Wayne Whitehouse


Jake Banford vs Ben Ford


Garath Pettit vs Lee Vidler



Matt Hyde vs Dan Edgar


David Cardoso vs Paul Cooper


Promo For Glory MMA Christmas Show


At the last Night Of The Champions we spoke to Oli Thompson here is what he had to say

Recorded 8th December 2012

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