Grant Mitchell


Published August 2014

The Charity Wrestling Alliance are coming up for their third show at the Ice and Leisure Centre in Chelmsford in support of Diabetes UK, another good cause to add too the previous two. On the night the wrestlers will be trying to do each other some harm even trying the odd underhand move to gain advantage. There is another man in the ring who supports neither team but upholds the rules to ensure fair play. He is the unsung hero of the ring. It is not unusual for him to be attacked while going about his duties and keep in mind some of these wrestlers are big guys, that aside they can all cause damage.
So you need a man to stand up to the threats both verbal and physically to ensure things are right. This man is no shrinking violet he is 'The Authority' Mr Grant Mitchell.

Grant Mitchell
Hi Grant thanks for taking time out to speak to me. Here we go. Seconds Away Question One.

Hi Jon, good to talk to you.

Q You are part of the Charity Wrestling Alliance Team but more familiar to the public as Referee. Apart from refereeing what does your role involve in the CWA?

Promotion, talent scout, talent relations, I have a bit of a say on the booking as Karl handles that but we talk through everything and plan most of it together. I put up posters, hand out leaflets, drive wrestlers to and from the venues. That and help with the general set up of the show.

Q Have you ever wrestled yourself?

Not professionally in front of a crowd but I have been wrestling my whole life, in school, at home, round mates houses. I have trained at the Tokei martial arts club and Chigwell police club in amateur wrestling. I went to Hammerlock a few times when I was 9 when Karl trained there. Andre would let me throw a beating on guys in the ring and I learned how to work.  I did 4 sessions at Dropkixx training school last year which was a real wake up call. My movement knowledge and core strength was fine but fitness was another thing altogether. Credit to these guys and girls, they put in a lot of hard work and effort. It was a great experience at Dropkixx, Jon Ritchie is a great coach with a wealth of insight. I also trained with Danny Ells, Barry Ryan and Gary Lagden which was a pleasure these guys are very good.

Q How did you become involved in refereeing or did it seem like a good idea at the time?

Just seemed like a good idea at the time. There are times I'm not so sure, like when I'm getting dropped on my head on purpose by Tigerdor or speared accidentally by Lazer.

Q How do you feel when its time to enter the ring?

I get so nervous.  At the last show I was in there with Jonny Storm and Lazer Lagden, I was bricking it. I have had some fantastic moments as a ref and this match was one of them. It's always pure adrenaline until the show is over.

Q Are there any particular bouts that stick in your mind and why?

My first match at Wrestling For Heroes, just because it was the first. Lazer vs Jonny is very memorable as I learned a lot from that. The matches with Brad Beck which always show me something new.

Grant In The Ring
Referee Grant Mitchell Looks On In A Bout Between Tigerdor and Mountain Stew

Q What other shows do you particularly enjoy and why?

I go to a lot of different promotions, and there are a lot of promotions that are amazing that I don't get a chance to go to.  I've been to almost every Dropkixx show barring about 3 since October 2012, I always enjoy these shows.  They mostly put on training shows with the academy wrestlers and a mix of some seasoned pros. It's great to see  the trainees develop their wrestling style and character. I go to a lot of I.P.W.U.K. shows, never a bad match on the card and always a pleasure to watch. Rev Pro is always quality and a great night out, as I said there are so many great promotions about. If I spoke about them all I could be here all day.  If I'm gonna mark out for any show it is Bellatrix. This is one of my favourite promotions to watch. Very talented and skillful wrestlers that have put on some of the best shows I have seen in the last 2 years. Bellatrix is an all female show and proves female wrestlers can do their job just as good as the men.

Q It must be a struggle getting a show together one that all promoters experience. Do you think it is particularly difficult for wrestling shows?

Thankfully Julian handles all the finances, venue and ring hire, insurance and licences. Karl deals with the internet promotion and match booking so I don't have as much to deal with as they do in that department. It is difficult to promote wrestling shows for a number of reasons, wrestling is very territorial and competitive which can create problems. It also depends on the town and the venue, some places are bigger wrestling towns than others. British wrestling is doing great business right now with a huge amount of talent doing numerous shows week in and week out it can be difficult to pick a night for the show that doesn't clash with other shows.

Q Do you watch any TNA, WWE wrestling and if so what do you enjoy and if not why not?

Not really, I lost interest in the American scene about 10 years ago. T.N.A. was good for a while but lost it's way. I am all British wrestling now. I will happily watch older American matches and Japanese matches but for current wrestling it's all about British wrestling.The talent pool is so great now it's no surprise that W.W.E. and T.N.A. are taking so much of our talent.

Q When not refereeing what does normal life involve for you?
Same as most people, work and family. I've got two amazing children that both love wrestling, my daughter is five and comes to a lot of shows with me, she loves cheering and booing the wrestlers, I tell her who she should cheer or boo but she makes her own mind up about who she likes and who she doesn't.
Q The C.W.A. has some great talent on the show does this make it easier from your point as in if to stop the action or can you read the next move. That dead spot between the wrestlers due to inexperience can ruin a show. Do you agree with this statement?

It does get easier to read the more I work with people and learn their style but you never really know what's coming next and with talented wrestlers like these the moves can be very unpredictable. Yes inexperience can slow down or kill a match, not necessarily a show but definitely the match.
Grant Gets Burned
Referee Grant Mitchell Being Set Up For Some Punishment By Tigerdor

Q What do you think the future holds for British Wrestling and Promoters such as yourselves?

For British wrestling the future is big time.With so many hard working, talented and dedicated wrestlers and promoters giving it everything they have to make it great, there is no doubt it has a great future. As for C.W.A. only time will tell. We are earning our respect, paying our dues. We have had 2 very successful shows so far and are looking to make Takedown For Diabetes on September 6th at Riverside Ice and leisure centre in Chelmsford our best yet.
Thanks again Grant I look forward to seeing you at Takedown For Diabetes details can be seen by clicking that link. 

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