Published August 2012
IPW:UK (International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom) were established in September 2004 in front of a small crowd of around 75 people, but right from the word go featured the top British wrestlers mixed with some of the finest from further afield, as our debut show featured both "Classic" Colt Cabana and Super Dragon from America.
Growing to feature attendances of 350-plus, IPW:UK expanded to feature in an 11-part series on the now defunct Wrestling Channel on Sky Digital, each week providing some of the fastest paced, hard hitting action on the channel. With this in mind, IPW:UK has been viewed in well over 20 countries around most of the continents of the world.
Live shows have expanded across the country, originally starting out running shows in Orpington, Kent, once every two months, to now running an average of a show a week in new venues across firstly, Essex, then across other parts of Kent, before moving into running shows in multiple venues across Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Sussex and the North.
Featuring cutting edge talent such as current and former W.W.E. stars Daniel Bryan, Al Snow, Scotty 2 Hotty, Drew McIntyre, Ultimo Dragon, Rhino, DH Smith and more, other big name stars such as W.C.W's Vampiro, E.C.W's Tracey Smothers, and T.N.A's Samoa Joe, IPW:UK will continue to feature such big names. We have also featured some of the top Japanese talent, who regularly perform in front of crowds of 30,000-plus in their home nation, such as Takeshi Morishima and many more.
In mid-2007 IPW:UK were contacted by Channel 4's Endemol regarding working with Big Brother's Little Brother and former Big Brother contestant Billi "Lightning" Bhatti. After successful training days, IPW:UK were featured heavily on the BBLB program and have continued to work with Billi ever since, featuring him on several of our live events.
Catering for children's parties almost every month, as well as pub evenings out and group outings for local sports teams and many more, IPW:UK have strong links to the local community and have been featured in several lead articles by local press.
IPW:UK also do "hired shows" in which other event promoters can hire an IPW:UK show cost-effectively to put on at their event, ensuring that they will get the best talent both from around Britain and internationally at their disposal. In addition, IPW:UK are always on the look out for new sponsors and offer competitive rates.
IPW:UK look forward to promoting shows in new venues across England in the coming 12 months, as well as continuing to establish ourselves as the number one form of professional wrestling in the UK that is looking to the future, not living in the past.
Q/ How did you first get into Wrestling?
A/ As a fan - watching wrestling when i was at school. I went to a live event in Sheffield in 1997/1998 and was immediately hooked and wanted more!
Q/ You run I.P.W. Wrestling. How did you start the company and why?
A/ We started in 2004, a friend of mine had been running shows with some success up in Blackburn and I sapped up as much information about what to do and what not to do from him. My mind said i could do it just as well (if not better) and i got really lucky by having a venue literally seconds from my house in The Orpington Halls. Anybody who came to one of our shows there will tell you that it was an excellent venue for regional wrestling, and we regularly sold out shows there until it was demolished in March 2008.
Q/ You have many big names on your shows. I see recently you have Finlay. How hard is it getting the big names and who else have you had over the years?
A/ As you mentioned we've had Finlay and also Chris Masters & Carlito this year alone. Al Snow, Scotty 2 Hotty, Ultimo Dragon, U-Gene and many more in past years, but we also featured Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne, DH Smith, Antonio Cesaro and Drew McIntyre before they were signed by the W.W.E. NOAH have blessed us with lots of their talent on tours as well, and two of our most prominent fixtures in Joel Redman and Martin Stone have just been signed and reported out to Florida, so hopefully in a couple of years time people will be asking what it was like working with them when they're world-famous!
Q/ When World Of Sport stopped broadcasting, it is known British wrestling has taken a slump. Do you believe that is slowly changing?
A/ What's great for me is when a wrestler who made their trade during the WoS era gets to take on a bright star from the current crop of great up and coming wrestlers. A couple of years ago we featured Chris Hero (currently Kassius Ohno on W.W.E's NXT) vs. Johnny Saint, and that was an excellent generation bridge and a great match.
IPW-UK PosterQ/ How many shows has I.P.W. put on and where are the next few shows?
A/ Hundreds and hundreds if you include our holiday camp shows (they're something quite like no other!). As for upcoming shows, we have 6 hall shows booked at the moment (Sittingbourne August, 2 in October and December, Swanley September and December), plus all of the aforementioned holiday camp shows this summer and hopefully a couple of "Future" shows featuring our main roster and our training school graduates mixing it up. Most interesting for me however is the September 16th debut of I.P.W. Uncensored Live at J J Whispers nightclub in Crawley, Surrey. It's an 18+ concept like our shows at the Tap 'n' Tin used to be, but in a £1 million+ refurbished nightclub with all the modern sound and light facilities. We're going to try and absolutely stack those shows and make them offer something our hall shows don't. All the details for all of our shows are always on
Q/ How do you think the female side of Brit Wrestling is progressing?
A/ It's improving, for sure! We've got a really good female trainee at the moment who's going to be excellent, and there's more faces out there for her to wrestle now. My gripe has always been that females make their way onto shows a lot quicker than they should because they're women and promoters are men. Call me cynical, but i could list you 10 names for every 1 who debuted in her proper time, so i can back up my opinion. Dan Read, Ricky Knight and i'm sure many others do a really good job with their female-only events, and long may it continue.
Q/ Has the recession affected I.P.W?
A/ Of course - live wrestling is an evening out, so we have to be affordable in the market place because there's not a lot of spare cash going around for johnny public. It's harder to convince people that we're a good way of spending your spare cash, but everybody needs to be entertained in some form of another, it's just our job to make them choose live wrestling.
Q/ How often are you training and organising the next show?
A/ We run wrestling training every Wednesday and Sunday now. Tom Chamberlain, who has been around the business and forgotten more than i'll ever learn, is our head trainer and does an excellent job. Full details are at
As for the next show, Andy Quildan takes care of all of the business for the Summer Camps and the Sittingbourne events, so he's hard at work now as they're creeping up, while I handle all of the Swanley, Crawley and Future events. My next deadline of shows is the September 15/16 weekend where we come back to Swanley and then we debut the Uncensored Live project in Crawley.
Come out and support us! Buy tickets in advance, too - fans don't know how much you scare promoters by wanting to always purchase on the night .
Thank you for your time Dan and what a great interview. This show is awesome and has many top stars on the bill so please get along and support the show.

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