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Jake Bostwick

Jake Bostwick At The M.A.A.S.I.F.

Despite anything going wrong that could with cameras we managed to get this interview with Jake at The M.A.A.S.I.F. Summer Open held at Medway Park Leisure Centre in Gillingham Kent. Annoyingly we lost the end of this interview as by  now we were down to the camera on a mobile phone which then failed to save. More about the M.A.A.S.I.F. can be read over in  Traditional Martial Arts
While at The M.A.A.S.I.F Summer Open we caught up with Jake "Brutal" Bostwick. Despite a very dead main camera, flat batteries on the back up and then the last bit of the interview not saving when we were down to a camera phone we managed to get some footage and this is what he told us.
Recorded Sunday 29th July 2012 At The MAASIF Summer Open

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