Jake Heasman


Published January 2018

UBKB Fighter

Since this interview with Jake Heasman was published we are sad to say that Jake has passed away. R.I.P. Jake you will be missed.

This time I will be talking to Jake Heasman who will be making his first appearance at Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing's Promotion on March 10th at The Bowlers Exhibition Centre. In fact this will be his first Bare Knuckle bout and he will be up against Duane Keen a popular fighter so we should be up for some serious action. I have know Jake for some time now due to my friend Andrew Juby who has written some pieces featured here on Cage Amateurs UK having taken him under his wing. Jake has fought on some of the more decent shows both in the South East and further afield and has always made a good showing and has a good attitude regardless of taking the win or having lost.

Hi Jake thanks for taking the time to speak to me lets get things started.

Jon P: This is your first trip into the Bare Knuckle world from gloved boxing. What has made you want to try B.K.B and do you think it will be a permanent change?


It's a good test as a fighter and I think it will suit my mentality. It's something I want to say I have done as it will compliment my journey and elevate my position in combat sports. I will fit it in with everything else I am doing.

Jon P: You have made a good impression on the shows you have fought on and received some very good comments from the likes of Pete Stoten who is a fighter of note, Fight trainer and promoter of probably on of the biggest shows in the South East . How does this make you feel?

Jake Heasman AttacksJake: 

It's really nice to be recognised by big players in the game, and I am grateful to them for the time and opportunities that they have given me.

Jon P: What people won't know about you is that when you first started out you would literally train on your own to a regime you have set up yourself. Andy Juby who I will call your manager, he won't like that but that is what he is going to get called lol, said to me he thinks you would be happy half way up a mountain somewhere on your own just training. Fair point or not? 

Jake: That would be my perfect training scenario ha ha, the more I study martial arts, the more it means to me. I make a lot of lifestyle sacrifices that many people wouldn't consider. I'm a maverick fighter and prefer to do things my way which will pay off in the end.

Jon P: Andy has arranged some more formal training for you. How do you think this has helped you improve? With respect doing your own thing will only take you so far?

Jake: Training with a professional boxing coach has hugely enhanced my game. My personal training mostly consists of strength and conditioning, as well as maintaining a high level of health and fitness. At the end of the day, you need a professional to point you in the right direction to do the sport right, because it ain't no street fight when you get in the ring.

Jon P: I personally have seen you fight on more than one occasion and you never let anyone down and will take a fight at short notice. Then you get in the ring against people who I will say are sometimes better than you and you never let yourself down and always impress win or lose. You have a totally relaxed attitude before a fight and never seem even slightly nervous. How do you stay so calm?

Jake: We all get nervous before a fight. To me, it's about doing the right mental gymnastics to get over it and be in the zone when you need to be. The fact that I know I am quite durable and have taken a lot of hits in my life that should have hurt me more than they did helps a lot.

Jon P: I'm going to speak to Andy Juby who has helped me pin Jake down to do this interview. Andy he has been so calm before one fight you had to give him a kick up the arse. Do you think this will be the same with the change to an unfamiliar type of fighting?

Andy: To be fair, I hardly knew Jake at that first fight. 10th December 2015. Now I do things the way he wants them, which includes a warm up, some light pads and a chill out. He doesn't really need a kick up the arse as long as he hasAndrew Juby focused. I do know that he is really looking forward to his first bare knuckle fight, and will work with him to help him prepare in whatever way he wants.

Jon P: I know you have a liking for Mixed Martial Arts. You had the chance to attend a seminar with Tim Hague, who has since sadly passed, U.F.C. fighter while he was in England. How did you find that and has that fuelled your ambition to do Mixed Martial Arts?

Jake: I really enjoyed my session with Tim, I had a lot of respect for him and was very sad to hear of his passing. For the record, Mixed Martial Arts is my passion. I feel I would do well in the cage, and right now I am building up as much experience as possible across the board as I can in preparation to excel in M.M.A.when I take it up.

Jon P: You are going to be fighting Duane Keen who is a tidy fighter and has a B.K.B edge on you having fought before. Have you been watching any bare knuckle fights and do you think the change in style will change your tactics?

Jake: I've always watched bare knuckle, I love it. My style will be similar to what it has been, but much more technical and effective, due to some time out that has enabled me to re-assess how I approach combat sports and how I train for it. I have a completely new insight - thanks to new trainers, I have better tools to work with.

Jon P: Who is your favourite fighter at this time. Any one from any combat sport is fine and why?

Jake: A famous Muay Thai fighter called Buakaw. He is aggressive and brutal. There is a video of him on YouTube of him kicking down a banana tree that I think is fucking brilliant. He has a vicious mentality about him that I would like to hone for myself in fights as I progress.

Jon P: What would your normal day of a fight consist of?

Jake: For one, it's usually loads of travelling! In future, I want to stay focused for the day of the fight, get in the zone as soon as possible. As you have already mentioned, I'm sometimes too relaxed before a fight.

Jon P: What do you think your hardest fight so far has been?

Jake: They've all been hard. But for the hardest, it has to be a tossup between my win against Jon Maloney, which was a non stop slugfest from the first bell to the last, and my war with Gavin Lissenden, which was my first loss and a step up into a completely different level. Both fights were for the Queensbury Boxing League. 

Jon P: Andy has there been any fights where Jake has really surprised you?

Andy: Yes, his second Pro K1 fight in Kent last year for Kings Promotions and the U.K.B.C. He fought one of the best fighters in the country, and nearly beat him. What nobody knew apart from Jake and myself is that he had badly twisted a knee and had an acute ACL injury. But he would not let the promoter or the other fighter down, and insisted on competing. What he did in that ring with a buggered leg almost left me speechless, and I cannot wait to see him fight pro K1 again. 

Jon P: What was is that attracted you to Jake as a fighter and how did this come about?

Jake Heasman Lands A BlowAndy: Tim Hague and his manager were staying with me for a few weeks when Tim was over here to promote a fight. Tim became very well known in my local town, and as a thank you to the support and welcome that they gave him, he did a seminar at a local gym and offered on to one sessions with some of the local lads. Jake attended, and when he was grappling with Tim ( who was three times his size ), there was no fear in his eyes, just determination. He listened to every word that Tim said, and learnt very quickly. But there was something about Jake that I've never seen in anybody else, I don't know what it is, maybe he is just crazy, to look at him, you would never guess he was a fighter. He asked me me if I could get him into boxing, and I told him if he trained for it for six months I would help him. That's how it started. I've got a lot of time and respect for Jake, he is like family to me, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. As well as a hard arsed fighter, he is a thoroughly decent and respectable human being. Until he gets in the ring...

Jon P: Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

Jake: More established in combat sports. I found the line before with what I had, I want to cross that line in a real serious way. I will be looking to get as far as I can and perhaps even become a full time professional fighter.

Jon P: What do you think of Jake's prediction?

Andy: I hope he makes me rich. I'm only in it for the money. 

Jon P: On that humorous last note Jake I thank you for allowing me to have this interview with you and thank you to Andy for helping with this one. One last thing to do. Is there anyone you wish to say Hi, Thanks or Bollocks too?

Jake: Obviously Andy for helping to get me started and supporting me throughout. Pete Stoten, Matt Simms, Wayne Morley, Giles Carter, David Wield, promoters that have all given me opportunity, and of course, your good self and Cage Amateurs UK for support and sponsorship. One last thing "Hi" to Wayne Peters in Canada, "Thanks for your support".

Jon P: Thanks guys catch you on the 10th. 

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