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Published March 2014

This is a story set on the dusty plains of America in a rundown gold mining town run by villains and roaming outlaw gangs. The only buffer between those citizens lawfully going about their business and those flouting the laws was the hard faced Sheriff and his trusty deputy.............  A bit of writers licence there but the rest of this piece is true all opinions being mine and mine alone.
Well what prompted me too write this after all this time since the American Eagle came to the UK back in March 2014?
I'm not sure what is going on but I noticed that Jason was no longer coming to fight on B-BAD's 21st Feb show in Newcastle, the why's when's and whatever's I don't know and in all honesty do not need to but it made me think about his last trip and the fact the few bits we did with him were lumped in on B-BAD 7's page and not on one of his own.
The first time the American Eagle landed in the UK was too fight James 'Gypsy Boy' McCrory at B-BAD 7 for the title belt. The venue was too be at Dave Courtney's house a venue B-BAD had used before and is a favourite of mine till this day. There had been talk about a USA/UK fight by Andy Topliffe for a while but there were no funds to do it. Then Louise Holloway, or Lou Lou, who was with Cage Amateurs UK at the time, out of the blue said she had a billion air miles or something and would use them to get a fighter over from the states. Then she also offered to give the fighter accommodation while he stayed and the stage was set.
Let me make this very clear Louise Holloway made that fight happen. You may have seen Lou Lou on Facebook and I am sure you will have an opinion on her it seems a lot of people do but.... love her or not it was she that generously paid for that fighter to come which resulted in one of the best nights I have had in the last three years of doing this stuff. A point of which has been lost in the sands of time.
Everything was set and Lou Lou and I headed off to London too meet Jason at the airport. There had been more than enough chat about the yank not coming and that he would bottle out and to be fair most of us in the Bare Knuckle world had heard it all before with people talking the talk. I confess that even I had doubts but there Lou and I were at the Airport waiting for Jason proving a whole lot of people wrong, me included.
The 'Eagle' had indeed landed.
Then the problems started when we heard the words 'Would Louise Holloway Contact Immigration. This started a wait of many many hours while UK immigration quiz the American why he was coming to the UK and was he being paid etc. They even went so far as to check the Cage Amateurs UK website of proof that this B-BAD Promotions Bare Knuckle Boxing show was taking place. Luckily we had information about other shows of Andy and Claire's showing that this was not just a made up thing.
I was listening in while Lou Lou was on the phone to immigration and to be honest there was a time it sounded grim and I was flapping so much we nearly had to contact air traffic control for permission to take off. Everything was on the line as Jason could have been put on the next flight home with no if ands or buts about it.
We were advised by immigration to go find somewhere more comfortable to wait as it may be sometime. Trust me it was some time. Eventually we got a call and headed back to the airport as Immigration had not only cleared him but had given him a few month extension on his visa.
Jason 'Machine Gun' Young was here. We drove home chatting and I arranged to go and meet him next day to have an interview with him.
While waiting we ended up with loads of film which I put togther about this part of the Jason Young comes to the UK fight story.

Jason Young The Eagle Has Landed by cageamateursuk
On the Sunday I went too meet Jason where he was staying and after getting lost and bumping into him by accident I did my first ever interview. I had already decided that I liked him his interview may or may not have done him any favours as he came across as cocky or depending on how you looked at confident. Personally I found him confident and pleasant and to be fair I would have to be bloody confident to travel all that way to fight James McCrory the guy certainly had not come here to loose and I suppose after shutting certain individuals up by not dropping out they had to find something else to go on about. I know that Jason had respect for James and did not think it would be an easy fight but as a fighter was confident he would win. Things continued prompting James McCrory to put a statement up on Facebook concerning the situation part of which I have put here.
James McCrory wrote:

I have 100% respect for Jason as a fighter and as a man. A lot of stuff has been wrote about Jason in the past week, and to be honest has been un called for. I've know Jason for a few years and we have talked many times before this was all arranged.

I'd like to ask people to stop with the 'bitching' and the bullshit they've been writing and let the man alone.
I did the interview with James, a clip of audio of which was used by Vice TV along with various clips of video I had filmed at previous B-BAD shows, and learned that he was going to go and meet up with Kung Fu master Samuel Kwok to train and prepare for the fight against James. Below is the interview I did with Jason before he began his preparation at Samuel Kwok's training camp.

Jon P Interviews Jason Young by cageamateursuk 
The night of the fight came and it was packed at the venue.  There were to be three other fights before the main event which took place and then the wait began. UK champion James McCrory had problems getting down to London leaving things well late with Jason hanging around which personally would have thought was unsettling. That aside James 'Gypsy Boy' McCrory and Jason 'Machine Gun' Young stepped into the pit made of hay bails and the battle began.
The rest is history but make no mistake he did come, he did fight, he did not win but he left with a damn sight more supporters than when he arrived. Anyone who makes me wrong is entitled to their opinion but to be honest your full of shit and as this is my site I get the last word Jon P

Bare Knuckle Boxing James McCrory v Jason Young by cageamateursuk 
Sorry with the bloody adverts the video is hosted on Dailymotion as YouTube pissed me off with their fucking copyright shit. Shame they are not so keen with my stuff. B-BAD 7 can be found  here
James McCroryJames Young and James McCrory
James Young and James McCroryJames Young and James McCrory
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