Jay Strickson


Published December 2014         

Since this piece was published Jay has passed away. RIP Jay Strickson - 2015

Joined by Andrew Juby who will now be teaming up with BBAD New Era writer Kris Megaw they track down Bare Knuckle man Jay Strickson for their first joint interview 

Jay Strickson

KM. I would first like to know how you got into Bare Knuckle Boxing?

JS. I've always done some kind of Martial Arts, and its always been full contact but it was never enough, then I was watching videos that came up on my face book and joined the group putting them, on which was B-BAD! 

I sent loads of messages to everyone that had BBAD in their name, and Andy Topliffe, as I didn't know what to do next, and got a message back from Joe saying he needed a fighter to fight Dave Radford!! Unfortunately, I was a bit too heavy at the time, so couldn't do it, but about a week before Bradford I saw they were looking for a fighter and I'd got down to weight and I’m always fight ready due to my job, so I messaged Ju, Joe and Aaron saying I'd like to do it and it went from there!

KM. You fighters train hard in the lead up to a fight, could you talk us through a days' training from start to finish?

JS. Depending on whether I’m at work or not my days can be very different, if I’m at work I'll do all my training there and get involved as much as I can whilst teaching the classes, and then I will have an hour at the end of sparring or doing bag work, if I’m not working, I'll usually have a jog in the morning, and then go in to work to do one of the day time classes like boxercise. I will then go back home until the evening until I train again, and that might be Boxing, M.M.A. or anything, I do a lot of different styles

KM. Where did you learn to fight?

JS. I’ve done Martial Arts since I was six and never had more than a six month break from it in all that time. I hold 3 Black Belts - one in Kick Boxing, one in Tang Soo Do, and one in Tae Kwon do so I've trained my whole life.

KM. If you could fight anyone on the planet, who would it be and why?

JS. It's a predictable one but it would have to be Maywether as he's good, but I'd love to punch him in the face!!!!!!

KM. When you go into a fight, are you looking to win your fight as quick as possible, or inflict as much pain as you can?

JS. Both mate, especially with some people. I wanna really hurt them, and really quickly to show them they're not all that!

KM. What goes through your head in the 24 hrs leading up to your fight?

JS. My opponent and fight plan, then that all goes out the window after you get that first punch that really hurts, especially if it's a body shot.

KM. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

JS. With a big shiny belt round me on 20 thousand a fight, or working in Asda!!!!!

B-BAD New EraKM. What has been your hardest fight to date?

JS. I lost an M.M.A. fight a few years ago and thought I'd be fine with no ground game.....I was wrong!!!! Very wrong!!!

KM. What other fighting have you done previous to B.K.B. for BBAD Promotions.

JS. Tang soo do, Tae kwon do, Pressure point fighting, G.K.R. Karate, Escrima, Kickboxing and Filipino Boxing oh and Knife Defence.

KM. Its been said that you are the man to watch in 2015. What plans do you have for the coming year?

JS. I can't give that away yet mate but watch this space!!!!

KM. I know you have a son, not sure what age he is, does he know about your fighting, and does he approve of daddy being a fighter?

JS. He's only three mate but he does love to copy his daddy!!!!

KM. Your first fight with BBAD was a win, what can we expect to see from Jay Strickson in 2015?

JS. Hopefully a lot more wins with a bit more style and hopefully a big fight coming up with someone we all know and respect.

AJ. Christian Evans, your opponent on 21st Feb, has said that hell is coming to Newcastle, and that he will not lose. What is your idea of hell, and how are you going to deal with it?

JS. Let him say he's ripped off quotes!!! My idea of hell is if he bottles this fight like he has the last, and if he comes, you'll see how I deal with it!!!!

AJ. Who will be in your corner on the night?

JS. The great Ju Midnite of course!!!!

AJ. Do you agree that once the fight starts you are on your own, or is the experience of your corner man going to help you win?

JS. I struggle to hear once I start scrapping but he's there to patch me up and shout support and hopefully I hear any good advice lol.

AJ. Do you actually need any help to win?

JS. I wouldn't be with BBAD without Ju!!! So.... Yep I need that man!!!!

KM. Would you change anything about your last fight?

JS. I'd have like to have shown a bit of my skill off but adrenaline got the better of me but a win is a win.

KM. Do you take part in any other sports?

JS. Nothing other than my Martial Arts and I like to do a bit of power lifting, and I like to swim but only for fun lol

Talking of fun, now here’s the bit I know you are dreading!

KM. I met you at Bradford and I have to say you are a proper young funny happy looking guy, I would say you look like one of the guys from McBusted, do you not worry that someone will ruin your boyish good looks.

JS. Not really, I'm beautiful no matter what!!! And what one from McBusted?

KM. I have no idea, he's so dreamy.

KM. With the earholes you wear your ears are stretched, is there not a chance that some monkey will rip them out, I personally would do something else with them.

JS. If someone's grabbing my ears I know they can't punch me but if it happens it happens!!!! And what exactly do you wanna do to my ears???

KM. Other than looking like the lad from Mc Busted, can you play music like him?

JS. I'm gunna lie and say yes, I'm better than Ed Sheeran on the guitar!!!!!

KM. Who do you think would win in a fight between Joe Bbad and Dot Cotton from Eastenders?

JS. Get me both their phone numbers. I'll call them both, take them for breakfast and sort this shit out!!!! Cough!!!!! Dot cotton!!!!

I asked Jay to write a paragraph about BBAD Promotions.

He had this to say:

“Other than my boy I have no family whatsoever, but since becoming part of BBAD, I feel like that's changed! I talk to people on a daily basis on Facebook and over the phone; I've never meet such a nice group of like minded people! All the fighters have nothing but respect for each other, and most of them are friends that have a tear up whenever they can! 

I can see massive things happening for BBAD and B.K.B. and I’m just happy to be part of it! Also can say a big thank you to Ju, Joe and Arron, you have changed my life for the better lads, thank you!

Can I also just thank Lee~Ann for her support and understanding and letting me knock her garage to turn into a gym! Love you lee xxxx”

We asked Ju Midnite to say a few words about the fighter he is cornering at Newcastle in February:

JM: I have known Jay for a short while; he is a genuine lad with an old school way of thinking , he loves his fighting and got into B.K.B. with a great enthusiasm and a good outlook. He proved himself in his first fight against Dean Byfield who is a hard lad, I look forward to being in his corner this coming year and watching him reach the top. We have our eyes on the World Title and won't fall short , TEAM STRICKSON 2015

As always Joe Bbad wanted a word:
“Jay is a very promising fighter!! His first fight in Bradford was very impressive to say the least. He came on his own does the business and since that night I have spoken to Jay many times. I can tell you all this guy is a true gentleman and top fighter!! 2015 and 2016 will see the rise of jay and remember I told you first hahaha”

As always I would like to thank you guys for all the continued support.

Thanks for the great interview Kris and well done to Andrew for his contribution to this excellent interview. Jon P


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