Joe Vidler


Published January 2013

Joe Vidler

Recently at The Night Of Champions "Glory MMA" show in Hastings run by the combined talents of Yasmin Edwards, Paul Saunders and Oli Thompson Joe fought for the Glory MMA title belt against Vladimir.
Joe Vidler fighting out of Evolution MMA in Maidstone won the bout by submission after escaping from Vladimir, who seemed to be in the more dominant position up till this point, whilst applying an armbar to his somewhat surprised opponent. Vladimir could only look on in dismay as Joe celebrated his win with his corner guys making him the shows Welterweight Champion.
Congratulations on the win Joe and thank you for agreeing to speak to me.
Q/ When did you start training in Martial Arts and why?

A/ A year and 5 months ago.
Q/ How did you find the team at Evolution?

A/ From one of my best mates Sam Morgan who was training there.
Q/ What would be a typical training session and how many times a week do you train?

A/ Um different every day but a week would be a rotation of Mixed Martial Arts & Wrestling, M.M.A. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, M.M.A., Kickboxing more M.M.A., Wrestling, Strong Man, BJJ and more Wrestling usually. ( Wore me out just writing it let alone doing it Jon P )Joe Vidler
Q/ What is your strongest skill stand up or on the ground?

A/ Cant say I'm better at any one in particular as I try to be a all round fighter.

Q/ I saw you fight at the Glory MMA show in Hastings against Vladimir. He put you on the ground quite quickly but you didn't seem bothered and ended up somehow escaping while putting an arm bar on him to win the fight. Did you feel the pressure during the fight or was you just waiting for your opponent to slip up?

A/  Just waiting I like to keep moving when I am on the floor so they cant commit to anything and when I'm certain it is time for me too move that's when I commit.
Q/ Your brother was also on the fight card at Glory. Do you guys train together and do you inspire each other to work harder?

A/ Ha ha um me and Lee cant train together as we fight a lot. Love him to pieces but just cant train together. But we are all ways trying to out do each other so its more a bit of "I'm better than you and want to go pro by the end of this year but would you like to ring master before I go pro"
Q/ Who has helped you the most in your M.M.A. career to date and is there anyone you wish to thank?

A/ All my coaches, Clive being my Head Coach, Simon my BJJ Coach, Lee my Boxing Coach and Buster my Wrestling Coach.
Well thanks again for talking to me Joe I look forward to catching up with you again in the near future. You can find Joe on Facebook
Joe Vidler in action at Glory MMA in Hastings back in December 2012

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