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Published April 2012

The John Hall Interviews Part One

In what we believe will be an on going story about John Hall the Wrestler from past days we talk to him about the old days of World of Sport and some of the characters involved in the sport and how he started out on his long and successful career. In this part we brush on the Modern W.W.E. Wrestlers Including Kurt Angle, Johns days of training with Combat Sports Academy's Lee Johnstone and Jon from Cage Amateurs UK asks were the old ladies often seen attacking the wrestlers with handbags or rolled up umbrellas just after a couple of minutes on the telly or mad as hell. An unexpected phone call also shows Johns sense of humour in what tuned out to be a cup of tea and a chat with John at his home in The Medway Towns.
The John Hall Interviews Part Two

Part Two of the Interviews we had with John Hall. This time we discuss the difference between now and then life on the road and the suplex. John also discusses life on the road and how interacting with the crowd has changed as so many things have over time. This is one for the people who remember back to the days of World of Sport and Saturday afternoon wrestling. Another great Interview with John, "Seconds Away, Round Two
The John Hall Interviews Part Three

Part three of the John Hall Interviews where Cage Amateurs UK talk to "Old School Wrestler" John Hall about pretty much everything from the days of Saturday afternoon World Of Sport Wrestling. John Talks about Kurt Angles visit to his sons Gym "Bucket of Blood", The Mechanics of a Technique and John gives Dan a more practical demonstration "Seconds Away, Round Three"
The John Hall Interviews Part Four

The Final Part from the series in which we talk to old school wrestler John Hall


We received an email from John Smyth, In fact a few of which I'm grateful as it was great to speak to someone else from those days. With John's permission I have put them here as this was the segment he wanted to make some points about.
So Thanks for the Input here's what John said
Thanks for the prompt reply to my comment - much appreciated. Yes, I did find the interviews interesting but I confess that I found some of the talk about pro wrestlers rather annoying. I know a number of these guys ; some of them [ indeed probably most of them ] are good wrestlers and worthy of respect for their achievements in the discipline, but everybody in the pro game freely admits that the fights are 'worked' - those that take part are actors pretending to be in real competition with each other - they have undoubted skills , the game is dangerous and if you're going to be slung all over the ring [and OUT of it ] you had better be a pretty tough guy and also a very competent stuntman or you'll be retiring earlier than you anticipated - good luck to them and I wish them well. But don't let's have talk that goes relatively unchallenged bout the hard move from amateur into pro and comparisons made with the transitions from amateur boxing to pro boxing, because everyone knows that amateur boxers moving up into pro status will be taking on another and usually better grade of fighter who is GENUINELY trying to tear their opponent a new botty.
As a matter of fact, the idea of the Medway Submission Wrestling club was dreamed up by me and and a bloke name of John Bromham after we had both [during different periods] been comprehensively battered for a couple of years at the dreaded Valhalla wrestling club in Charlton, where some great fighters trained- Terry Kilroy, Lee Bronson, John McQuinness, and John Hall among'st others. The only problem was that they were lovely fellas but they just rolled - no teaching at all, so me and John didn't LEARN anything.
So we started M.S.W.C. in order to train others in the basic techniques we'd managed to pick up [mainly with the help of Lee Bronson and Ron Weaver] . We met John Hall at a informal class that Terry Kilroy was running at Erith Technical college literally a few days after we'd taught our first lesson as 'wrestling club' instructors; immediately realising that John H. was a very knowledgeable wrestler we asked him if he'd become the head instructor and he readily agreed. John was a good instructor and within a very short while we transferred from the school hall where we were situated to The Medway gym; we trained and taught there for I guess about 5 or 6 years before John Bromham moved house to another area and John H. and I handed the club over to Lee Johnstone. John and I taught mainly beginners whilst Lee taught all grades.
Lee is an excellent instructor, very skilled and patient, and the club's membership [ which was already in respectable numbers ] made for a full mat. Handing over to Lee was a sensible and wise move and I 'm sure John and I have never regretted it. Eventually, daunted by about 8 years of travelling from south London to Medway,and knowing that the club was in good hands I finally packed my training bag and headed for pastures new. Lee Johnson eventually moved a short distance to start his own club and I imagine that, with his considerable skills it's a winner.
As for me, I'm still training as hard as 65 years and asthma allows - having real fun wrestling with my training partner 'Big Peter the Toad' [ ex of M.S.W.C. ], weight training [ heavy ] ,running [ feebly ] playing in various blues bands [ getting away with it ]. Perhaps because I came to it late in life, having devoted many years to Chinese martial arts, I've never been much of a wrestler BUT it's given me some reasonable skills, a stack of good times, lifelong friends, and I love the game. Good luck and best wishes to all you fighters out there - train hard, be patient with setbacks, compete above all, with YOUR OWN limitations before those of any opponent and ..most importantly..

HAVE FUN. John the Bandage
Recorded 10th April 2012

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