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Published June 2019

Mad Joe

This interview is with permission of a friend of mine who has been involved with Bare Knuckle Boxing for sometime and is currently Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxings Media go to man, which is extremely handy. He uses all kinds of media and is a regular at both gloved and ungloved productions, also he can be found on radio and television, and just in case you are unaware he is also an accomplished author, actor and fairground bronco operator. Not really about the fairground but the rest is true. This is a bit of a rare treat as Stu usually films his interviews but treat or not, friend or not, I only use stuff I like by people I like, both boxes ticked so sit back with a beer and take a look at this and enjoy. Check out the links at the bottom of the page for further information.

Stu writes:

(Stu) Well first of all John massive congratulations on your UBKB Title #letsgochamp how does it feel to be the champ It must have been a double celebration winning your title at the same time as one of your closest friends also won a title, Will Cairns. You two must be the hardest working fighters on the circuit travelling the country together fighting, what did it mean to you that you both won?

(John) It meant a lot to me and Will we both spoke about it numerous times so when we both pulled it off it was a great feeling.

(Stu) You have involved in the Bare Knuckle scene for a number of years now, in fact I remember your first BKB back in the day against Kev Bennett, what is it you like about Bare Knuckle Boxing?

(John) I like the rawness of it, I like that every shot hurts and win lose or draw your going to feel some pain that's how a fight should be.

(Stu) How did you become a UBKB fighter, and why UBKB?

(John) I started fighting for UBKB because I like the way they do things they look after fighters and match proper fights instead of looking after ticket sellers.

(Stu) So only a few weeks off now and typical of you, your first title defence is coming up but if that wasn’t enoughJohn Spencer Fists your fighting for ‘Mad Joes’ title at the same time as defending your own. How does it feel that very soon you will either be a two weight British Bare Knuckle Champion or a former British Champion? It's kind of all or nothing, shit or bust I guess?

(John) It literally is all or nothing and I refuse to walk away with nothing I'm mentally and physically prepared to do whatever I have to to be the man with his arm raised.

(Stu) What would it mean to you to become a two weight UBKB Bare Knuckle Champion?

(John) It would mean the world mate honestly, it's all I can think about.

(Stu) I thought Joe looked well in his last bout against Peter Adam, upping his game, being more aggressive and he seemed to me, to be a lot faster, how do you think you will handle this?

(John) Joe did great in his last fight but I'm used to fighting the best so I wouldn't expect anything less gonna be a war.

(Stu) I was going to ask if you had a game plan, but I have known you to long, your not daft enough to make any game plan you have public, and second I think I know what it will it be if you do one, but would you like to share?

(John) Sometimes you can have a game plan and it all go out the window so for now it's just fight clever.

(Stu) Are you training any differently for this fight?

(John) Same as usual just making sure the engine can go for 5 rounds everything else will fall in place.

(Stu) Any predictions for the fight? Who wins? How do they win and when?

(John) Well I have to say I win obviously but I wouldn't like to make a prediction just don't blink.

 John Spencer vs Corey Keen  

(Stu) If you to take the win what’s next for you? Maybe go up in weight and challenge for the middleweight strap?

(John) I don't think I'd make middleweight but lightweight is a possibility.

(Stu) And the same question is Joe is victorious, what’s next Bare Knuckle wise for you?

(John) I can't answer that losing isn't an option right now.

(Stu) As I mentioned earlier Will Cairns also won a title when he took on Duane Keen for the middleweight belt on the same show, Will is also making his first title defence on July 6th against the vastly experienced ‘Scalp Snatcher’ aka Chris Wheeldon, how do you think this fight will go and any predictions?

(John) I believe Will is going to stop Chris in the later rounds mate.

(Stu) If you both take wins, you will have one more belt than him, will you enjoy winding him up about this, and could we see Will coming down in weight to try and liberate your belts?

(John) Defo bragging rights haha but I don't think we want to fight each other Bare Knuckle.

(Stu) If anyone wants to come along and support you on July 6th at the BEC Arena in Manchester how can they get tickets?

(John) That would be great if anyone wants to come along show support, and there in for a great night, they Inbox me on Facebook by clicking here , or use the online link link below with Eventbrite.

(Stu) If you could fight anyone in Bare Knuckle living or dead at their prime, who would it be and why?

(John) Hard question I think I'd like another crack at Kevin Bennett as he was my first BKB and have a lot of respect for him as a fighter. 

(Stu) Your nuts mate, I  felt those body shots from the other side of the room lol, and last but not least, do you have any message for Joe?

(John) Yes this my message for for Joe, "See you on the 6th mate and I am winning, because if I don't I'll cry lol."

(Stu) Haha don't cry mate, anyway thanks for your time mate as always and wishing both you and Joe a safe fight, and may the best man win on the night.

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