Jon Chopper Stone


Published February  2015

This week Stu Armstrong interviews Mixed Martial Artist and Bare Knuckle Boxer Jon 'Chopper' Stone on his regular slot on Radio Northumberland. Every Wednesday night at 9pm Stu can be found talking to people from the world of Combat Sport including fighters, promoters, media types and others. Things have got off to a  nice start with Ken Shamrock who is due to make his debut in Bare Knuckle Boxing against James Quinn in April. Next up was Steve Cairney a newcomer in the Bare Knuckle game but is due to have his second fight at B-BAD Promotions in the near future.
This interview was longer on it's first broadcast but as it included four pieces of music I removed them to save any copyright problems. This interview is now approx 32 minutes long without the music choices but apart from removing them everything else remains the same


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